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  1. My 38 looks somewhat similar to the Stoustrup Lincoln, although I made it from a coupe. Sorry about cutting up a coupe.
  2. Looks like rear inner fender gravel shield that goes behind rear tire, but not 37,38 or 39.
  3. There was an article in WOTZ in the 90's about making your own running board trim from solid aluminum that has almost the same profile as original. I made my own for 4 zephyrs I've done and was happy the way they turned out. Not original, but most people can't tell the difference. I got the aluminum from Extrude-A-Trim.
  4. Do you know why they went back to original?
  5. Thanks for advice guys. My car has been on the road for 4 years after I restored it. I am considering the dual master for safety. The car stops pretty well now. No real issues, just thinking of safety. The mustang has 1" bore and I think my 39 might be 1 1/16. Not sure, can't remember.
  6. Thanks for the info Ray, I'll check out Speedway.
  7. Has anyone converted their 39 zephyr to dual master cylinder? If so, did you use a 67 mustang manual drum/drum master?
  8. Has anyone converted their 39 zephyr to a dual master cylinder? Did you use 67 mustang master for manual drum/drum system? Thanks Dave
  9. A friend found this at an antique store and gave it to me. We don't know what it is. Any ideas? Key fob? About 3 inches long.
  10. Well done, classy looking trophy for a classy looking car.
  11. I made the chassis, grills, folding top and all mods and repairs to the car body. A friend of mine made all the interior metal work. He is the really skilled one.
  12. 3" chop, 2 seater, air ride
  13. Finally done, so I can drive the 39 original, or the 38, not so original.
  14. Does anyone know what the deal is with 37 zephyr hubcaps. Some are steel with stainless, some are totally stainless and some are stainless spider. Aftermarket, dealer option or ? I have a few steel with stainless and two totally stainless caps. Thanks in advance for replies.
  15. I don't know if you are going for authenticity, but you can make your own out of aluminum that almost matches the original look. This trim is used in the boat industry. I have used this on 4 zephyrs I have built. I drilled and tapped the trim, then added 10/32 bolts. The heads were then cut off, so now you have studs. Trim was bent on a wood buck.
  16. This engine is still for sale located outside of Toronto.
  17. I don't know, but apparently she has a lot of documentation for the engine. I think it was going to be installed in one of his Bonneville cars.
  18. A friend of mine would like to sell the cherished Lincoln zephyr V12 of her late husband. He was an avid Lincoln collector and Bonneville racer. It is a supercharged V12 that was built with the best of everything. It has been dinoed and now is on an engine stand where it has run. The engine never got the chance to be installed in a car. This is one of a kind, you'll never see another one. Call Laura at 705 440 6160
  19. First pic with the larger cooling fins and wide five is 38 zephyr
  20. Beltfed, If you end up buying the correct plastic handles, I will buy your chrome handles for my 39 glove boxes doors. Thanks Dave
  21. Looking for glove box handles and upper headlight lens retainer clips for 39 zephyr. Any help appreciated. Thanks Dave
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