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  1. Vendor or dealer needed.Call Jon Engle at 403-755-3645
  2. yes they sure do.I refer customers there for mounting grommets etc.They have a excellant pictured online catalogue as well for accurate matchups.
  3. How do you add a photo in this forum?
  4. Some guys got all the luck.Nice shop!!
  5. Now thats determination! A little illegal but looks like hes got his mind set.Good luck happy camper.
  6. Also check with customs regarding tax free topic as well! because the car is an antique item.Anything automotive over 30 years is considered an antique auto therefore making it tax exempt.In any country.
  7. My name is Jon Engle I have two and websites are mine.I am in business and have not gone out business guys. is definately out of business.
  8. you made me smile BJM.I dont do that to often. Thanks:)
  9. Not cheap!For serious car buffs
  10. thats where you get them done.
  11. Listen I restore running boards for a living.If you can build them yourself the same quality as mine and for cheaper than I will match your price.BELIEVE ME there is more than meets the eye in this type of restoration,gentlemen! Heres the skinny on how to start the proper way : 45.00 worth of cloth back sandpaper-countless hours detail sanding rubber to adhere properly. 195.00 of a two part epoxy industrial adhesive. 65.00 worth of instant industrial adhesive. 475.00 worth of rubber material. 175.00 irathane coating(mix to right proportions)this took me 1 week to get perfected. ______________________________ 955.00 then add your cost of labour. ps. keep track of your hours when you restore your running boards!at 1500 <img src="" alt="" /> for a set believe me your getting a deal. Kind regards Jon Engle of A.R.P.O. 1-877-556-6974
  12. here try this
  13. Check with the town of Moose Jaw Saskatchewan.This was Als main area for Import and export of alcohol to the U.S.during the prohibition period.He had underground tunnels built there for storage and underground night clubs.I do believe the car is in a museum in Moose Jaw.More info call me 1-877-556-6974.J.Engle