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  1. In 1928 my grandfather met Al Capone and worked on his 1928 Cadillac in his Father's Chicago garage. Together they performed some of the modifications that made the car famous and gave it a final coat of paint when all the modifications were completed. My grandfather is 88 years old and is still in great shape - so much so that he still works everyday. We are trying to track the current location of the car. The last published reports show the car being sold in Arizona to a buyer in California. We had unofficially heard that the car had been sold again to a buyer in Indiana but we have not been able to track the vehicle. My grandfather's personal knowledge and stories of the car would make a great addition to the vehicle and it's owner since he is probalaby the last person still alive that worked on the car when it was new. If anyone has any information as to the location or owner of this vehicle please contact us as soon as possible at or at (414) 442-4111. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Sincerely, Richard Capstran