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  1. f147pu

    Oil cooler?

    And even better with the wood frame rails. In the '60s I took Bertha (11-B) to a local meet in some rural location. It was decided to go somewhere else so off we went over rural town roads, I with four women in the car. One of them in the backseat said "this is just like riding in a modern car!". I believe her regular ride was a mid-twenties large touring, probably the worst riding thing of those days.Those Franklins hold the road incredibly well.
  2. f147pu

    1923 Franklin on ebay

    There is one listed in "other American automobile ads"section, sedan, $10K, in Henderson NV. Gordon
  3. f147pu

    Stabilator straps

    I have just a few of these left. Prospects are very good for a new supply which will be treated the same as the originals. Gordon
  4. f147pu

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    I went to print a legible copy of these instructions and for some reason got 7 extra copies. Contact me if you would like one mailed to you. Gordon Howard
  5. f147pu

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    Atlas Rim Tool Instructions according to Atlas: Google Atlas rim tool, click IMAGES, on the second row of images is an image of the factory instructions. The tool needs a couple of different placements for all the operations. Gordon Howard
  6. I believe the results will be announced at the TREK.
  7. f147pu

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    I put Custom Classics on the rear of my truck back in the sixties when Bob Green was selling them. They were worn out in7500 miles. Bob said that the rubber was compounded for long term appearance properties rather than tread life. There is nothing special about that tire, the Lee mold was the only 6.50x19 in existence back then and there are photos from the thirties with them on cars (as well as other brands) so bingo, Lees are the only correct tire. Baloney.
  8. f147pu

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    I totally agree on the Custom Classic tires. Best thing I did on the truck was to get away from them. Now have 6.50x19 Lesters on the front with much less front wheel hunting by steering that has a mind of its' own.
  9. f147pu

    11B Franklin Expert Wanted:

    Henry (Hank) Manwell is in Liverpool
  10. f147pu

    Carb and Vaporizer Question

    Do not worry about the vaporizer. If you ever have one do NOT use it. They have been responsible for many fires in Franklins. The choke is all you need.
  11. f147pu

    145 Oil Filter Conversion

  12. f147pu


    You really should have this done professionally. They do excellent work, quickly and very reasonable price. I can't remember the name but it has been in other posts.
  13. f147pu

    Watson webbing on 26 franklin

    Email me @ cchoward@snet.net
  14. f147pu

    Oxford Sedan?

    I think you mean what is different in the Oxford. They have leather upholstery.
  15. f147pu

    Franklin Trek 1978 Item Information Sought

    It is a memento of the 25th Trek, 5.5" high. The same thing was done in copper for the 10th Trek. Gordon Howard