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  1. auction # 184132562839 poorly placed listing G. Howard
  2. How about the pliers, what did you do with those?
  3. They act like a vertical tubular shock turned horizontal. Spring compresses - shock moves easily. Spring extends - shock is stiff to control rebound. Sort of a liquid Stabilator. GH
  4. Each shock position on a car had a unique part number. Try to match them up with locations on the car to identify which ones you have. GH
  5. I looked at SMS also. All theirs is 50s and up patterns except for broadcloth for 49 Packard in what is dark blue or black solid color. GH
  6. To find the true color of your upholstery look in a place which has not been exposed to light such as underside of a seat cushion. I saved such a piece from my 11B and it looks the same as yours which is brown and black stripe on the outer surface and solid brown on the backside. This is called "bedford cord" which is a "double cloth" woolen fabric which has brown yarns which weave in both layers and black yarns weaving only in one layer. It was made specifically for upholstery use. It is basically NLA. Not even Bill Hirsch shows any available and he was supplied by English mills. Gordon Howard
  7. f147pu

    1928 value

    I believe the intake is aluminum. Again, years since I have had an intimate relationship with one. GH
  8. f147pu

    1928 value

    Geez, I wish I still had my 11 parts book. That's what happens when you get old and haven't messed with a car for for years. GH
  9. f147pu

    1928 value

    You are missing the metal piece that goes over the top of all the intake and exhaust pipes to fill the space between the top cover and that around the cylinders. Don't run without it.
  10. I am no longer in the strap biz, which is now in the hands of member John Strawway. He has the stock of the latest production run. Contact him thru his info on the HHFC website or your Membership Roster. Gordon
  11. I have retired from supplying these and they are now available from HHFC member John Strawway. The latest production is of excellent quality.
  12. The best way to adjust the oiler is to empty the reservoir and hand oil as needed. Gordon Howard
  13. If the brake hose is deteriorated externally it is quite likely swollen inside. You can push fluid thru to the cylinder but there is not enough pressure from the spring on the brake shoes to push the fluid back to the master cylinder. Hose sets are available. Gordon Howard
  14. It is a '31 153 sedan, looks good for 10K. Gordon Howard
  15. The wheelbase stretching was written up in ACN #8 pg.1 and #55 pg.21 so anyone having one of those issues would be aware of it. Gordon Howard