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  1. My 11B had a Dole primer setup, a pump like a tire air hand pump in operation which pumped gas to three fittings on the intake manifold. Have ask Bob Amon where it connects to the fuel supply system on Bertha. It was mounted behind the dashboard with a good sized chrome/nickle knob for your pull-push operating pleasure. Nothing like having gas leaking on the driver's left leg. Tried it once, didn't like it.
  2. 130 or 135 engine?
  3. Ed Granville lived in Vernon CT, where I live and go by his home frequently as it is about a mile from mine. Decades ago I bought something at a tag sale there not knowing at the time who was holding it and of course now don't remember what it was. He is listed in the '73 Roster and his car, an 11-B coupe, was yellow with black roof and is now in Oregon.
  4. MIne arrived today along with the new Roster/Register. Both are much welcomed, the typeface used for the R/R is very easy read.
  5. The filter on my 147 is a Purolator PER 1/2 which has the restriction on the outlet end.
  6. Looks complete is mobile but not running is in MN 35-191309L11 LKO J. Shoop in PA. https://www.vanderbrinkauctions.com/lot-item/22v-4/
  7. I used K&N P/N RU0690 on my 1930. The flange is rubber and is a force fit over the carb inlet. According to the flow charts it has plenty of capacity for our engines. Gordon
  8. Paul, what to do when the board is in bad shape?
  9. Are you thinking of the one that says Forges Forward under the Franklin? Joe Aronson did that one. Gordon Howard
  10. The factory engineered the adaption from Reo to Olympic for $5000. Just so you know. Gordon
  11. ebay #264637957953 wood is rotten, some pieces missing. opening bid is $2600 G.H.
  12. auction # 184132562839 poorly placed listing G. Howard
  13. How about the pliers, what did you do with those?
  14. They act like a vertical tubular shock turned horizontal. Spring compresses - shock moves easily. Spring extends - shock is stiff to control rebound. Sort of a liquid Stabilator. GH
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