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  1. I guess the demand was enough that Old Air Products started re popping them. I was just looking for something else for a friends car and came across them. Wish they were available when I fixed the AC system on my Riv. https://www.oldairproducts.com/product/23-5950-actuator-for-stv-
  2. I did try the razor knife method on it also and made the shallowest of cuts its like the grey outer layer wasn't properly attached to the underlying cardboard on the kit I got. It wanted to just peel off in a sheet in the area I did that. I honestly wonder if I got some from a bad batch of the source cardboard. Regardless the way the folds are set up to do on the Clarks vs the CARS is way better its set up for a 2 part fold like the original which makes it so the bend works well on the 90 degree folds. You can see the picture of the new vs old how accurate the kit is.
  3. Just thought I would post the end to my trunk cardboard saga. I bought the CARS cardboard kit for the car and the templates were spot on unfortunately the cardboard it self was junk. It is so brittle heat, steam, straight edges and anything else I could think of would'nt make the cardboard bend with out the grey outer layer cracking and falling off. I have called multiple times and they tell me to e-mail but seem to not be getting a response at this point. I guess I'm out the hundred for the kit. In the meantime I looked at the catalog for Clark's again and realized they only sell a pow
  4. Nick57

    A/C Help

    It is so smooth unless you are really looking and listening for it you wont hear it. I can only notice it when the switch itself clicks, under the hood you can barely tell unless you are watching the compressor clutch waiting for it. I mounted my switch on the bottom of the evaporator box using an existing screw hole so there's no extra holes drilled you can hear the click inside the car. I would probably eliminate the muffler if its giving you trouble. I notice no noises that are loud from the system and have had 3 other cars with A6 compressors with no mufflers that worked just fine.
  5. Nick57

    A/C Help

    I have that same expansion valve sitting on my work bench never to be used. Old air products in Texas has the correct expansion valve its triple the price but it works with with no adapters needed. I personally bought two after my first brand new compressor was junk out of the box and filled my system with metal shavings. I included the link below for the the STV update switch. I have a new Alma compressor in my car and I talked to an engineer at Alma and he said the clutch they use would be fine for cycling. I have not noticed any issues with mine so far. Biggest pain about installing t
  6. I saw that listing but my cardboard is a light grey. That’s why when I saw that Clark’s had different color options I was going to go with them.
  7. I have been doing some interior work on my car and put a power trunk set up off my parts car in. My question is where can I get a cardboard set for power trunk? I called Clark's because they had color options that may match my original stuff but they don't do power trunk cardboard. On e-bay they are black and I don't want that and was hoping not do cover in vinyl. Does anybody have any other sources I'm missing? A really nice used on would work for me also I really hate to replace any of what's in my trunk because its so nice and original. Thanks, Nick
  8. I do, that's where I saw the illustration.
  9. So I took my dash and console apart to fix my heater core and AC and when I was assembling everything I cant remember if there is a bracket to help support the HVAC controls. It seems that its a bit heavy for just the plastic tabs on the console to support but I don't seem to have any brackets except the one at the bottom of the ash tray that is shaped like a U. The manual just shows connection to the plastic tabs but those illustrations seem to be missing things sometimes. Any help or pictures would be appreciated. -Nick
  10. I just bought an new alma compressor off of rock auto for my Riv. It was a four seasons brand. I believe Alma is the only producer of a new A6 any one that is labeled new is going to be from them.
  11. Who rebuilds ball joints somewhat cheap. The only prices I have been able to find are Kanter and classic buicks. I know there must be some way to get a ball joint for less than 300 bucks. Thanks, Nick
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