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  1. I saw that listing but my cardboard is a light grey. That’s why when I saw that Clark’s had different color options I was going to go with them.
  2. I have been doing some interior work on my car and put a power trunk set up off my parts car in. My question is where can I get a cardboard set for power trunk? I called Clark's because they had color options that may match my original stuff but they don't do power trunk cardboard. On e-bay they are black and I don't want that and was hoping not do cover in vinyl. Does anybody have any other sources I'm missing? A really nice used on would work for me also I really hate to replace any of what's in my trunk because its so nice and original. Thanks, Nick
  3. So I took my dash and console apart to fix my heater core and AC and when I was assembling everything I cant remember if there is a bracket to help support the HVAC controls. It seems that its a bit heavy for just the plastic tabs on the console to support but I don't seem to have any brackets except the one at the bottom of the ash tray that is shaped like a U. The manual just shows connection to the plastic tabs but those illustrations seem to be missing things sometimes. Any help or pictures would be appreciated. -Nick
  4. I just bought an new alma compressor off of rock auto for my Riv. It was a four seasons brand. I believe Alma is the only producer of a new A6 any one that is labeled new is going to be from them.
  5. Who rebuilds ball joints somewhat cheap. The only prices I have been able to find are Kanter and classic buicks. I know there must be some way to get a ball joint for less than 300 bucks. Thanks, Nick