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  1. I went with the Detroit Diesel Green for my second round of painting.
  2. I refurbished my four way switch a few years ago, the switches themselves are held into the housing with pins and they can be easily removed for cleaning and adding a bit of grease. My switches that were next to each other would move together and the back window ones barely moved at all, but after cleaning and polishing the contacts and the chrome finish work very well and look about as good as possible for fifty plus year old chrome (stainless?) can. The contacts can be sanded lightly to remove oxidation with some fine emery cloth and after I would lightly coat the contacts with dielectric grease to help stop any new oxidation. The circuit boards are a little more difficult as mine were okay I didn't have to do much to them other then clean the contacts. Good luck on replacement wiring connectors for them though, I've found them to be next to impossible to find.
  3. Buick 5x5 bolt pattern rims on craigslist. No connection to seller. https://kansascity.craigslist.org/pts/d/mission-15-inch-buick-wheels/7345628547.html
  4. Thank you for the responses! Looks like some good info filled with pics and great detailed description of the work ahead. My car was an original AC car but the only stuff left are the controls, whole heater box with blower motor, wiring and one hard line. I'm still busy with my front end rebuild but have the car interior completely gutted and think this is the best time to do the AC install. From the pics and descriptions of the work sounds like now would be a good time to do it. Mark
  5. This pic is after trimming and you can see they are much closer in length now. I trimmed the ends with a portable band saw so that it didn’t heat up the metal and ruin the temper. Then just ran the fresh edge on my grinding wheel to clean it up and shot some fresh paint on the ends.
  6. I was having an issue with the new tie rod adjusting sleeve limiting me on how much adjustment I had so I trimmed about half an inch off the thread of both tie rod ends and that has done the trick. Still plenty of threads left for adjustment. First pic was before trimming and it was as tight as they would go.
  7. More progress on the front end. Still have to remove the sway bar and refinish it, also need to refinish the center link but making forward progress!
  8. Thank you for the link, my search maybe wasn't clear enough to find this.
  9. I've got experience servicing AC systems and in my opinion most of the wear items like compressors and soft parts like hoses and even condensers you are probably better off buying new. I think you avoid a lot of possible issues with leaks and parts near the end of their life span and then your right back to replacing parts dealing with charging the system again and can quickly snowball on you. I appreciate the offer of used parts though and don't want to seem ungrateful for the offer. I'm more interested in maybe an under dash kit or just buying all new components so I'm doing the job just one time.
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