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  1. I'd like to touch on something that I haven't seen mentioned yet, the welding on the chassis and body work as well as the bead rolled work and what I think is some wheeling machine work on the sheet metal looks phenomenal! I would bet that this thing will handle like it's on rails when it's finished.
  2. I'm sold! When do I make my first monthly payment? lol
  3. Found this on the cowl behind the antenna access panel and just thought I'd share. Thought it was cool that it lasted so long since it looks like China marker. For those that don't know, marks like these are for quality control in the factories. It was this persons job to check something like the antenna wire was routed correctly or that it was connected before the cover was bolted on. Just a guess on that but seems feasible. These marks are still used but not initials anymore but dots of paint marker or a line. The closer the car gets to the finish line in a factory, more line workers have quality checks that they do and paint markers are the chosen medium because they aren't as easy to wipe off and won't leave a lasting mark on plastic when they are cleaned off at the dealer. Cheers Mark
  4. Thanks all for the info and tips! This is why I like this forum. A bunch of great people always willing to give advice and tips. Cheers Mark
  5. That's what I figured it would be, hard to find equals expensive. Lol Cheers Mark
  6. Anyone had their windshield replaced? Or have a good source for a new windshield? Mine has two cracks in it that were there when I bought the car. Cheers Mark
  7. I was looking up door skin adjustment and happened on that page, just thought to share. Cheers Mark
  8. was very interesting, just figured to pass it on in case any wondered. Cheers Mark
  9. I needed one as well, Talked to Larry Daisy out of Arizona and he called them lower light pods. His email address is: Great guy and a walking encyclopedia of first gen rivieras, if he doesn't have the part he will look for it. This is his website: Cheers Mark
  10. Interesting, I really got a George Barris vibe from it. Thanks for the link. Cheers Mark
  11. I find the custom accents on this car interesting, I'm curious who did the work and if they used other car parts or if it was all hand fabricated? Cheers Mark
  12. I'll take the AC condenser Glove box map clip Washer bottle clip Thank you!
  13. My '64 has the opticlean bracket installed near the horns on the passenger side as well.
  14. Not sure if this has been posted before, but for those looking to remove rust on small parts, tools or maybe bigger parts if you have a large enough tote to soak them in. There's a product out called Evapo-rust that works really well and cleans up with just water. It's non toxic and reusable. Has worked really well for me on small parts, some old tools and engine parts so far all with the same gallon I bought over a year ago. cheers Mark
  15. For those looking at buying a car of your dreams or just a new classic. Always inspect your chrome trim for paint overspray. It will tell you loads about the quality of work that was performed on a new paint job. If there's overspray or gobs of paint on the moldings, especially around the windows then it was either a cheap paint job or somebody was too lazy to spend an extra bit of time to remove the trim and do a proper job on the paint and if they cut corners there then where else did they cut corners? It's hard to gauge on those cars with painted trim from the late 80's to the 90's because the European look was the thing back then but the cars with chrome or stainless trim use a flashlight if needed to look at the edges and the rolled edge of the trim for paint overspray. Could save you from a bondo buggy that someone is trying to pawn as a restoration. The chrome, door handles, bumpers and any other trim that's bolted on are all prime examples of areas to look for overspray. Only a quality decent paint job done buy a professional who takes pride in their work will take off the trim and will refuse to paint a car any other way. I will always go the extra step for a quality job, if that means I don't get the job so be it because my name and reputation as well as pride in my work goes with that vehicle. Hope this helps cheers Mark