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  1. Hey all Looking for first gen rear quarter window Drivers side green tint International shipping required Thanks!
  2. I'm tackling this job at the moment with a kit from CARS Inc. So far rear quarter ones seem to make sense, with correct holes.. door ones seem way off.
  3. I did. Couple of times it cracked in different places. The most frustrating job I've tackled on this Riv. That and the turn signal..
  4. Great job. Looks really good. I did virtually the same on my 63. My problems were re installing it. The manipulation required to get it back in place kept breaking the tabs. I repaired and painted the damn thing so many times I lost count. I won in the end, but its a miracle the whole console wasn't thrown down my driveway then run over. It was a nightmare!! As for paint reacting over factory paint - a lot of the time its caused when paint is applied too wet. Lighter initial coats can help stop that.
  5. Thanks Bill thats the idea I had too just wanna get the angle of the cut right. I am checking and planning and measuring etc before I make that cut! These strips are pretty damn pricey once you add shipping to New Zealand. I'll check out your write up in the Riview and let you know if I need more help Thank's again Matt
  6. Hey Bill just been doing this job today on my 63. The little end cap that screws into the top of the division post - last pic... How did you cut the division post channel rubber to fit?? On an angle or just a straight chop? Mine seems to be an ugly fit. CARS Inc kit. Cant quite make it out on your pic. Would you mind showing it looking straight on? Cheers Matt
  7. Silver 63 or 4 in the new Tarantino film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
  8. Hi John My console was barely attached when I bought my 63. Both of the top mounting tabs on the console were broken, the remains of which I found under it when it was removed. I repaired and painted the console, then tried to fit it. Trying to line it up and secure it in position broke the repaired tabs. So I re- repaired the console and tried it again. And again. And again. And again. The only way I could get it to fit was to remove those black brackets you mentioned. Then, and only then I got it to fit. The amount of manipulation required while they were still there was too much for the brittle console. Not only did it keep breaking the top tabs, but I was concerned it would also break elsewhere. It seems extremely sturdy without them and actually lines up nicely. Everytime I see an interior picture of a 63-5 I look at the console. They often appear ill fitting, a bit like the notorious glove box door! Matt
  9. Hi all I am about to reinstall my rear windshield after sorting the usual rusted area. On the back of the surrounding stainless trim there were these plastic pieces, about 8 in total. Should I have one for each screwed on trim clip? More like twice that amount? Its difficult to know what was supposed to be there - the windshield was held in with plumbers silicone, the bottom channel and trim clips rusted out. The screen and trim pulled out by hand with very little effort. Thanks guys Matt
  10. Hi all. I have been offered a good deal on a aluminum radiator 28 1/2"x 19". Says generic GM on box. Needs brackets added but thats no problem. When doing a rough measurement that seems a little high. Trouble is the hood for my car is at another location where I paint. I need to know how far the top of the radiator can be above the radiator support panel. Hard to tell exactly how much clearance I have without being able to fit the hood. Hope some of you guys can help. Cheers, Matt
  11. Mine were the same. Getting easier to shut the doors everytime. Leaving them shut for a good week or so helped. I also did some slight window adjustment.
  12. Thats a hell of a Riv. Your bro reminds me of Dee Snider. Cool dude