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  1. Mine were the same. Getting easier to shut the doors everytime. Leaving them shut for a good week or so helped. I also did some slight window adjustment.
  2. Thats a hell of a Riv. Your bro reminds me of Dee Snider. Cool dude
  3. Hi all needing to replace the rear glass / windshield on my 63. It has the green tint , A/C car. I am in New Zealand, although I can arrange shipping from L.A if that was a problem. Hope someone can help, driver quality is all it needs to be. Thanks 👍 Matt
  4. Wank means something else entirely where I'm from
  5. Rare color combo? I love it! https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/d/mesa-1963-buick-riviera/6798913083.html
  6. Thanks guys for the comments and suggestions. I didn't even consider the bracket for aluminum covers being made for the 2x4 manifold rather than a 1x4. I've modified my stock bracket which now looks a lot like the Clarks one and fits perfectly. On to the next mission!
  7. Hi guys. Doing some engine bay detailing and tried fitting some aluminum finned valve covers on my 63. Of course the a/c bracket is different. Is a bracket going to be tricky to find? Can anyone help? I don't want to be out of action for long looking.. but they sure look cool! Thanks guys Matt
  8. Just doing rust repairs on my 63 rear screen area. Scott - can you recommend the screws and clips you used? thanks Matt
  9. Thanks guys, was wondering if they were really even needed.. kinda answered that question too
  10. http://www.oldbuickparts.com/cart/bumper-filler-1963-65-riviera-rear-p-7718.html
  11. Hi all the rubber fillers behind the rear bumper for a 63 - anyone replaced the clips that hold them on? Broke several taking them off and cant seem to find replacements thanks, Matt
  12. Great info guys, I too have some electrical gremlins in my recently bought 63. I have no turn signals at all, not even on the dash, can't feel clicking or engaging in anyway with the switch on the column. I have a large do-do list on this car and this job is getting closer. Sounds like I have the common fault During a quick look under the dash I also appear to be missing the bulb holder behind the ignition switch, with two cut wires - black/white stripe and white/black stripe. I guess these came from that?