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  1. I love skirts. Just not on a 50's Buick. It's the full rear wheel opening that sets them apart
  2. Very interesting. Digging thru old threads and other forums seems Chev/GMC used them 56-57 then buses only 58-59. So my engine may have been built 55 then installed 56-59?? Thanks for the help so far! Matt
  3. Disregard the color Keith. It was yellow with chromed covers when I got it. Seems to have different stuff on it, but its an early one. Casting #'s don't seem to narrow it down enough and that # is unlike any I can find. Matt
  4. Hi all Can anyone help identify this engine? This number is from the drivers side of the block between exhaust manifold It's got me stumped!! Thanks
  5. Two pieces I am unsure of on my 63 - the V shape piece at the very front of the hood, and the large 'striped' piece under the rear screen I'm sure what holds mine on are not original..
  6. Hi all Looking for PASSENGER SIDE rear quarter piece. The piece closest to the RH door, leading to the bottom of the RH wheel arch. Roughly 22 inches long 1955 or 1956 CENTURY 66R or SPECIAL 46R 2 door hardtop (54??) Will consider any of the side trim pieces for this model. Thanks!!!
  7. Hi all after a nightmare ordeal buying and replacing the rubbers and window sweepers on a Riviera, I'm about to attempt the same on my 56 Century 2 dr HT. Has any one had any experience with this job? I need everything and would like to buy a full kit. Any suggestions or advice would be great. A kit that fits properly would also be great! Thanks
  8. And get your damn ball outta my front yard while you're at it ya pesky kids
  9. Hi all Digging up old threads on window problems and adjustments.. seems I've found the reason for so much play in my drivers glass when up. My complete lack of this piece. Does anyone have a lead on one or are we all in the same boat? Thanks, Matt
  10. Hi all can someone point me in the direction of door glass adjustment instructions? I'm sure its been discussed before but after a lot of searching and reading I've only found rear quarter glass info. Installing new rubbers and things are tight.. shutting doors with that frameless glass gives me the shits. Thanks 👍
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