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  1. 25K in a shop for a QUALITY paint job. I could give you a $2500 paint job even easier. I just painted my Riv in my carport over Easter. Waited for a wind free day and wet the floor. It'll do for now. It's a driver. I guess I was ball parking your average old car with usual issues getting a QUALITY body and paint job paying shop hours. All depends what you want and what the car is like to start with. How long's a piece of string
  2. Quite the nightmare in my experience. The rubber is no real problem, but the repro felts / fuzzies are terrible. If yours are even half decent I'd leave them alone
  3. 25K easy on a quality paint job on a 50 plus year old car. Easy
  4. 53 Special Riviera (hardtop) A nice one too!
  5. Great stuff. That's a dream car and color combo for me
  6. Centre stud is the adjustment screw. Loosen the locking nut then use a small flathead to adjust screw. I lubed and lightly loosened all my adj screws, put window in up position. Used some card board pieces to wedge the window fore and aft where needed, then adjusted screws and tightened lock nuts. Repeated a few times, swore plenty, but got there. Hope that helps Matt
  7. I agree. My 63 is silver with the standard silver interior. I like it a lot. Tempted to paint it teal mist or one of the greens. That with silver interior would be very cool
  8. My point was - stock, mild, kustom... whatever way you go what a great looking car the 53 hardtop is I'd go mild custom with a 60's nailhead myself.
  9. That's a great design the 53 2dr HT. What a awesome kustom this would make...
  10. 215 75 15 all good on mine.
  11. Not an Aussie Holden... looks more Aussie Ford - but pretty sure it's not that either. We got these in NZ too
  12. After checking with several auto electricians and local old car guys, I put an MSD Blaster coil in my 63 when overhauling the ignition side of things. No resistors at first because I was told these cars had resistance wires. Burning smell and red hot wiring harness straight away. Same result with resistors. Ordered a new "stock" coil - no problem
  13. What as shame but still a great donor. That really is a striking color scheme
  14. Wow. What a beautiful combo. Is it rusty beyond repair?
  15. Correct Century dual exhaust bumper Rear seats should have X and button Back of front seats correct / original
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