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  1. Gonna toss this out into the fray,,, Way back during Millwright schooling,I was told the normal operating range on gauges should point up so-as to see from a distance and middle of mechanical gauge's range gives the most accurate reading. So what spins at 30 ???? paper making machinery turns slow,,,,, you say the gauge face-plate has a covered up ratio speed which add to the mystery,,,, A use where rpm's would be unknown to operator but number 30 would???
  2. Picture of a roadster I found,,,,Betcha it was a girl's car
  3. got a better pic I think.... I'm guessing by the clothing the guys are wearing the this truck was already a old oddity when this picture was taken. When did people start wearing baseball caps when not on a baseball field?
  4. Found this pic at a rummage with many items from WW2 note rifle scabbard and baseball caps on the guys Thinking a truck the yanks came across during the second war to end all wars
  5. Gray & Davis model 106 anyone know what that it fits by the brackets or ???? also a presto-light tank came with it. Saw online that Cadillac used them but where there's is stamped mine has no marks.
  6. I've been watching Foyle's War and have noticed something about English cars of the pre-WW2 I remember seeing in the All Creatures Great and Small series years ago and then had no-one to ask but Thanks to the Web I can. I noticed the enclosed cars of that era have an upper strip of glass (vent?) that overlaps the window when rolled up. How bad does that leak air/water and do they rattle and break easy? Just wondering Foyle drives a Wolseley ?
  7. Found this postcard lately of a car flopped on her side. I bet like the pipe smoking guy dressed mostly in black with the watch fob was the driver . Looks half in the bag to me. A-lot going on in the picture. Plate is a Wisconsin 1914 49098 Don't ya just wanna keep driving down the road to see whats over the next hill?
  8. A little town near me. notice the trans axle any ideas what kind of car?
  9. Drove a-lot of Chevy's of this era guessing a Ford product? Thanks
  10. A Kalamazoo direct to you was a slogan for a Michigan state coal/wood stove concern. You fellas think this is a promo tire tool for the company?
  11. 5 wheels ,front and rear axles misc parts. was told for late 20's early 30's Aurburn. will trade for Hit miss engines, or 1000.00 Brad 920 933 0571 phone or text.
  12. Okay I dun dood it! Took my wife along for moral support and meybe lift a few times... Tanks Heiknee. Gonna list em here see what shakes out note front and rear axles
  13. Ok so i drive the 30 or so miles to this old lady's place, battle the burr docks jack em out off mud, cut off the junk rims and spokes off and pay to get rid rubber tires and end up with 4 caps, 4 hubs, 4 spindles nuts small etc. whats it worth??? there is some work involved in this .
  14. ok the wagon is long gone but the axles are there it was 14 degrees here today so they are froze in now but suppose to be in the 50's next week will retrieve what I can and will let you guys know. Brad
  15. i endeed up with 4 of the bottom left and working on Auburn caps see other question
  16. found these 4 hubcaps on junk wire wheels on a farm flat rack What year are they and are they worth removing??? Thanks Brad
  17. the title tells it all this is so I get these where they belong is the upper left for a 36 Chev? was in the trunck of one 35 years to late for the car though
  18. kinda a shiny shot bet you guys can figure it out A Lyons-Knight wow huh?
  19. repurposed hard rubber wheels and axles on a Case threshing machine. The woodspoked wheels on the rear have a brake drums but no sprocket to be seen any clues??? the cast spoke on the sreering axle is rather light for a truck and no brakes to seen could they be from an International? Thanks
  20. A automobile chassis found in the Harlem brownstone of Homer and Langley Collyer in when cleaned out in 1947 The bros. were hoarders before it was fashionable;) Is there enough for someone to id?
  21. my brother in laws wife's ancestor's auto south central Ill. Chrysler Prod.?
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