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  1. considering buying a Checker 4door or Station wagon would like the six standard version but what you got? Thanks
  2. is this for an Overland touring andifso what year???Thanks
  3. Thanks all for help. seems top half is a lil more generic than bottom. The hole in crankcase changes . I got parts from Mr Marx and rebuilt what I had which is the type with no access door to hook up to camshaft bell-crank to the diaphragm shaft. Fun fun fun
  4. Elementary Dr Watson I believe you are correct! Side panels for a oil heater or some such appliance. Shoulda known better but there were Ham steam engine lights lying about and my mind was racing, when I spied them. THANKS
  5. I've been struggling of late with a usable fuel-pump for my 33 1 1/2 ton Chevrolet truck. Just looking for a usable one. What years fit what? they made six's for 70 some years gotta be some cross over from other marques or make? Thanks
  6. I was on a pick today by a fella with a 32 Chevy coach. We didn't come to terms on it. I did bring home though these side panels. I thought they were for a Chev but my 33 and 30 have way more than 8 louvers and the stiffening recessed panel is less. they measure 36x22 inches They also seem to have boltholes to attach to hood tops
  7. I got this pop-out ignition switch along with a bunch of left over parts from a 32 Chevrolet resto-rod project. I could use a few parts, I believe. one contact, springs etc. I looked in my chev owners/shop manual, Page's Chev. book and online books and can't find a display of part numbers and such. anyone repop this stuff and ALSO does this actually used on a 33 Chev. truck Thinking this might of been used across the GM line which is why I put it here. THANKS
  8. Recently a picker buddy of mine, listed this as a marine searchlight. I told is was also an automotive brass headlamp and could be more valuable listing as such. He said he didn't want to bother so, I gave him his 10 bucks and took it home to sell. Upon thinking more about it, I decided to mount it on my 1920 Hart Parr tractor. I already have a old nickle plated Prest-o-lite bottle and don't plan on using it just as a period accessory. Does any one have a beat up back or broken reflector or lens for this marine searchlight? Unless someone needs this for a set and has a similer light instead ?
  9. Hello all, I was by a fella the other day, who made a resto-rod out of a 1932 Chevrolet sedan. I was there to buy up his left over parts. When he pulled the dash parts out, he snipped the water temp and oil pressure gauge lines , sigh. Does anyone repair these? the gauges look in nice shape. I have both ends. I did get an original armored ignition switch/cable so it wasn't a total lost...
  10. I came across a little stash of 30's Chevy parts, looks like it will fit my 1933 Chevrolet truck pn 1523353 by the plugged outlets it looks a little generic but not greasy might be NOS though stored poorly
  11. oh COOL, didn't see that recessed cowl lights,, streamline begins
  12. yeah didn't think so. My Gr. aunt probably said that to shut me up. BTW she is sitting in the backseat of the earlier touring car
  13. Sorry for my delay in replying. I agree with the coil is usually no good. It's kinda neat looking and It’s hard to throw somethings away sometimes . Kinda like saving burnt fuses on top of electric panel, hoping they will heal themselves or maybe, Jeez I just paid $1.98 for a new coil maybe it will fix it self like a dead battery or a broke fan belt or bald tire or rotten tube or the other trinkets we find in old sheds .....maybe somebody would want it for a shelf pet... thanks for replying
  14. 1st shot is of power coming thru rural Wisconsin . 29 Chevy??? 2nd picture of head on was told a Dodge Bros. and a Jeffery? and 3rd snap is my Gruncle Al WW1 silver-star winner who use to scare me about rats in the trenches of France could someone confirm the cars for me?? Thank you All
  15. Okay Mr. Tinindian, I'm confused,,,, the picture of the coils you sent don't seem to be similar to what I have. Wouls like this to get to the right resto,
  16. Found this unique coil the other day and been curious about it ever since. Anyone know? Automotive industrial stationary engine? Thanks
  17. the most complete unmolested cars I ever found from original owners Putting them under cover really helps! Not Miss Belvidere or a sunken Bugatti so parts they will be
  18. Found this speedometer wheel drive gear. is it an aftermarket? What does it fit THANKS
  19. some kind of compressed air or spring starter below radiator and running board jump seat ......shotgun!!! 😝 LOL
  20. Hello all, Where does the body to chassis ground, ( if it's suppose to have on...) go on a 1933 Chevrolet 1.5 tonner???? also the battery ground goes to frame now or should it go to transmission?
  21. No part numbers seen kinda heavy and quality for aftermarket???
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