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  1. You sir, are correct! Upon further examination. I discovered the number W0360 stamped on the lock body AND THEN noticed on the BASCO key switch also has W3060 stamped on it! Can you tell what year or so? In digging around in the shed where I got this I found the tattered remains of a black spare wheel cover with a bit of a logo starting with WI You guys are so helpful! Brad
  2. title pretty much explains, what is it for does the switch go thru the dash and coil live under dash? Thanks
  3. I got the opportunity to help recover a 41 Ford sedan that had been sitting since the seventies. The shed had alot of funky old stuff ( brooder house,wood stove,wincharger etc,)about which the automotive stuff got to take along. Found the remains of a skinny tire cover with a shield that started with WI so it musta been Willys. also got a water pump and a coil with an ignition switch on it's bottom. pictures coming. there also was an head gasket with the number Victor 1717. any idears????
  4. A friend of mine bought this mag. to put on his 2 ton Cat. I believe it is the wrong one. A right church wrong pew kinda thing. do you fellas know what she is for and what model it is????????? Thanks Brad
  5. Thanks for the info. The engine design would not allow me to turn the engine over from under the hood and didn't have a 1/2 inch bar to stick into the roundy thing with a square hole in front of the radiator. so it might be tight.
  6. What do you fellows think? he want 8k apiece. I offered 4K for the touring and passed on the sedan any ideas??????? Thanks Brad
  7. Two shots of a 24? Dodge bros. touring??? nice tin no upholstery or top very clean might of been a 60's clean up don't know if the engine is tight with clean title. and 34 Chrysler/Dodge bros 6 cylinder dual side mount 4 dr, nice body but coons got the interior outside sweaty wet from leaky trailer what are they worth
  8. Have this oddity of a Hi-way mower that has a Ford O-head valve six in it. I found out it built in the 1952 to 54 range. I pulled the fuel pump to get a replacement as years ago an electric pump had been installed . When I pulled the pump,there was no pump finger or what ever the dinkus that rubs against the cam is called. There seems to be no need of a rod rod inside and the cam is close enough soas I can stick my little finger in and feel the camshaft turn when I turn the engine over. The pump that was on it is an A/C with a number of 236X40957. I've looked on Evil-bay and have seen numerous types of pumps for sale that supposedly fit my engine but don't look like mine Mine has no sediment bulb and such. Do numerous types of pumps fit or ????? Thanks Brad
  9. thanks for the replys if'ns someone want to deal with the guy PM me for his number Brad
  10. spent the last 50 or so years filling a silo as a power unit. Was told it was a Packard. I said to the man didn't know they made a O-head engine but the Junkman insisted. Rule no. 1 never argue with someone you want to buy things from. What do you guys think? Thinking Hudson? F-head
  11. Hi was just looking thru and old 70's book called motoring by L.T.C. Rolt and there was drawing of E.J. jumping a chasm aka Evil Kneival with his machine. ,,,,sure,,,,,,,, anywho I was wondering if anyone researched this sharpie and I found a number of pages about him in a book called " Wisconsin Cars & Trucks a centenary "ISBN: 0-9664804-0-6 Seems he was in S.E. Wisconsin bilking monies outta the poor fellers down there.
  12. took this pic today inna construction salvage yard really complete even the spiderweb taillights!
  13. like the title says,,,,,,,,, it says USN 104272 on the hood and USN Bomb Service truck Mark II and model II on the tag. Also a Burma jeep maybe? I'll never get my Topeka Hi-way mower done.........is this worth the effort? Thanks
  14. I've known of this machine for some time and now find it is for sale. as you can see Lord knows how many Wisconsin winters have had it's way with the truck. so I assume one should expect the worst ,,Hardwateritis included. anyone know what type of engine and availability of parts tires spokes et-al
  15. Fellas, would like this string to remain on subject or am I missing something here...... is this the only "existing" AMERICAN made steam truck/bus in the world !!!! I know of the existing Stanley mountain wagons but these are slightly altered automobile chassis' and this was an attempt to manufacture a a medium to a heavy truck chassis running on steam....
  16. found this on the net! Maybe this is the bus? Stewart Archive - Cruban Machine & Steel Company
  17. the lites say STOPRAY on top of lens and guidex in script on the bottom
  18. shoulda listed this before the sign but kinda anti-climatic but what do they fit??? Thanks all
  19. yep has a Yale lock and it says ST420 Thanks for the interest! now to find someone who needs it......Again All Thanks
  20. whew! went out on a limb on this!!!!!!!!!! had to save from the scrap-man's trailer.......and he whacked me for it! but had to save it as it is cool. note casting numbers and the main case is aluminum??? 3 spd./reverse any ideas???
  21. I went looking for rear axles from Fords of the era. I found a 56 1 ton that had a different style of spring hangers and a 46 that has a similar set up but heavier i.e. wider springs. anyone got a 52 to 54 ford truck to look at the rear axle??????? I've contacted the Yahoo group and the old tractor forum...Brad
  22. got a pic of the spring hanger and a shot with axle removed distance tween hangers is 44 inches with room for a 2 inch spring
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