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  1. about 2 ft. tall and 6 in. around 20 ish lbs 200$ SE Wisconsin
  2. Was on the front of my 1933 Chevy 1 1/2 ton but working on a more proper one and will sell this. Nice to know what it fits though
  3. What does it fit? Has a Ford oval on headlamp bucket?? Thanks.
  4. Got this rather large water pump off a farm where it had been re-purposed, mounted to a board and run with an electric motor. Thinking it is off a large multi cylinder engine of some sort . Anyone recognize it? it is about a foot long and 5 " impeller?
  5. I'm thinking it is an 1914 Kissel-Kar from gap in hood louvers and all weather top. taken in Kewaskum Wisc. side door Remmel Mfg. were the cement mixer was made
  6. These came along in a bucket with my 33. I'm thinking modern Mopar these are all numbers found 31 176930350b7 l82zf
  7. I was going to use these on my 33 Chev truck but came across some NOS rims to complete my tire needs 3 are sand blasted 2 gray ones are primed 4 lock rings. going to need welding but SUPER hard to find 100$ for all
  8. fog light clamps? fender spare brkts? Ideers?
  9. Did you ever try to correct the spinning of a top or the rolling of a tire by tapping on it and just made it worst? I've had a few projects like that and I think this is an example of someone's great idea gone bad.
  10. Okay, new tires/painted-rims mounted.... now also with brakes that work, Went for a bit of a ride. AND made it home under it's own power!! (always a plus) Now on to removing box blast and paint. thinking the bloctch of green shown on box for color and red rim color on side boards oh durn it ,,, moderator please help
  11. Now that my 1933 Chevrolet 1.5 ton dump truck tires issue might be behind me , it is time to consider what I should put on the sides of it that would be period for it. Gonna need something appropriate for the era and use of truck does anyone have a collection or website of door/box/tailgate logos from the early thirties? The photos I sent are from my Gr. Grandfather's 37 Dodge Bros. he trading in two Ford Model A pup's on it and it was used by the company into the 1970's ending up life as an Ice-fishing shack on Lake Winnebago considering those are 100 pound LP bottles, overload wasn't a question back then
  12. Those resto Gods they do work in mysterious ways,,, 4 NOS rims shined down upon me,,,,, should be enough now.....
  13. Thought the resto Gods smiled down on me as yesterday standing in a neighbor's cow yard, I noticed a trailer with 10 hole wheels. upon closed inspection I found out they would work into my rim guest. I inspect the locking rim area and they look nice. Oh,,,,, the Resto God is a trickster as upon taking the rims to the tire guy I find out that I must inspect the area where the rivets hold the inner piece of to the outside rim circle. My scrap buddy is happy though and I at least have 4 rims to put the truck on the ground. Hopefully...
  14. Was at a museum this weekend and noticed this 35 Chevy 1.5 ton truck with different style wheels front to rear. The tire size was the same so they must b e different manufacturers?
  15. I did not know that,,,, locking verses split rim, Also Budd verses stud piloted was new to me. Guess old dog new tricks is true, Which leads to other thoughts, Would locking rims from drier portions of the country ie Arizona or New Mexico be in better condition? What years did GM use the 5" locking rims
  16. I thought the split rims on my 33 Chevy 1.5 ton were in good shape so I bought the tires 6.00x20 Firestone tubes and flaps only to find 3 maybe 4 of the rims are no good What year GM trucks use the Budd type? stud piloted rims that will fit the 6.00x20 tube tire? See my ad in parts wanted
  17. add to your list tin knockers that know how to solder
  18. Over the years I've seen many local community pictures taken and made into post cards. Many have in the shot, a roadster sitting somewhere. I figure it's the photographer's car, bur it is always so far away to identify. Maybe someone could figure out what it is with this front shot The town is Fredonia Wisc. heading east
  19. Spicoli: " Relax, all right? My old man is a television repairman, he's got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it. " Fast Times at Ridgemount High"
  20. looking this over I see I didn't show a pic of the Ford part number the part number is 48-18541-B one MIRROR and CLOCK
  21. Hello all, I got this rear view mirror/clock and it's box, instructions, and such at a rummage sale to sell online. Funny though, the more I futs around trying to put the mirror/clock into box, its doesn't seem to fit? Then I got to thinking maybe it's the wrong box for this mirror clock? Like sometime in the past someone replaced this mirror/clock with another one and thru the old one in the new ones box ? What you guys think?
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