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  1. I can't begin to imagine the tremendous pressure that the Hershey Region and the National HQ office have been under in these trying times. I applaud the courage they have demonstrated to make the tough decisions that they had to make. It must be very frustrating to have to operate in such a fluid situation with so many unknowns. Having said that, I had a few less critical, secondary items I thought could be addressed at some point. The events insert with the Antique Automobile magazine that arrived this week is still offering flea market spots for the 2020 fall meet..."Apply now"... potentially confusing. I would suggest some (interim) status info on the Hershey meet is needed in the next issue of the magazine as not all of our colleagues use the internet or forums. Finally, for those of us who have already paid to renew our Hershey flea market spots back in the spring, I have not heard anything about refunds or if the payment will be automatically applied to 2021 (which I would be perfectly OK with). These comments are only intended as suggestions to potentially help improve communications. Having organized a few local car shows myself, I remain in awe of the organizational and logistical effort that must be behind the Hershey Fall meet that agets even better with every passing year. Thank you.
  2. Tim is having a little trouble logging in so asked me to post this on his behalf: The #11 with the 2 guys in it also appears in a photo on David Greenlees' web site, "Old Motor". It's an action shot clearly showing the radiator with that distinctive 11 on it. Much dust, and a big tree right next to the track. No ID as to when or where. I think I have seen a small image of this scene in a book, cannot find it now. The car clearly is a 1911 Raceabout. ID features of the 11's are the longer spring shackles on the front of the rear springs, and the flat spokes in the steering wheel. These spokes were reinforced with a rib on the bottom starting (probably) with the 1912 cars. I say "probably" because Mercer made many running changes in their cars in the early years. The car has Continental rims, and cowl light brackets. Both indicate a stock car. A special race car would have quick-detachable rims and no lights. I wish I could read the license plate on the front axle! I have the photo of the 2 guys in the car, have no idea who or when. I do know that Wishart first drove a Mercer when he was hired by Mercer at Elgin in August 1912. He was assigned to a 1912 Raceabout. The surviving photographs of Mercer race cars show that they never ran last years Raceabouts The had new ones every year. As for the Laviolette photo, the only record I have found shows him setting a new lap record at Springfield MA on 25 July 1914 in a Raceabout. He also won a 3-mile race there that day. The Raceabout #11 in that photo is a 1911. The Continental rims, flat steering wheel spokes, and cowl light brackets all indicate a stock 1911 car. And isn't that motorcycle an Excelsior twin?
  3. Contacted Tim Kuser, he will be signing into the forum with some additional info.
  4. Seems to me the best source to answer this question would be Fred Hoch at Schaeffer & Long in Magnolia NJ. He does not do email or internet.
  5. I will forward a link to Tim Kuser.
  6. Last year had front end shimmy problem at a discrete speed in one of our antiques (not Buick). In our case it turned out to be non-OEM sized wheel bearing on front passenger side was loosening up (slightly). Unfortunately OEM size bearings are no longer available so stuck with the cobbled solution; just need to keep an eye on them now that they stay "tight". Agree with comment above that could be any number of things are slightly loose and/or out of alignment.
  7. Relative to the discussion on roller lifters, on our '15 C-25 project the originals were worn out. We ordered hardened drill guides custom made to order (ID, OD and width) for the rollers and off-the-shelf drill rod for the roller axles, both from McMaster-Carr. First shot shows grinding down the ends of the roller axles, second shot the shows the new parts ready for intallation.
  8. Mr Hammer - The Marvel Carb arrived today. I appreciate the careful packaging. It is exactly as you described. Pleasure doing business with you. THANK YOU!!!
  9. I've been running a NAPA 7212 6V commercial battery in my cars and very happy with both the perfomance and longevity. I keep them in heated space over the winter.
  10. KLF - Front/side views from a few years ago. Cosmetically she is a bit rough with a poorly applied paint job guessing from 60+ years ago and has original leather seat backs and cushions in the back, but she runs great so gets used often. Our Raceabout may come out of hibernation this weekend.
  11. Gotta love it when your 100 yrs old car fires up on the first attempt after it's long winter sleep. Took a ride yesterday to hunt down some essential local provisions. Traffic very light as all the beaches and hotels here remain closed.
  12. One option would be to look into Fastenal as a cheaper alternative for shipping rather than say UPS. Fastenal uses their empty trucks returning from making deliveries to their store network to daisy chain shipments for hire. Container has to be firmly secured to a pallet. Weight limit is something like 1500lbs. Pickup and delivery is at your local store on each end. I used them to ship my engine to Harkin-Arcola in Minnesota from Maine and back. Good luck and stay healthy.
  13. Or modify a HSS lathe cutter with a dremel cutoff wheel and make a series of concentric rings in a piece of cast iron rod after first turning and tapping the other end.
  14. Terry - Does Mr. Furstnow specialize in repairing speedo drives? I am looking to get a Warner unit fixed, has worn out gears. Thanks Rick Hayford