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  1. Bob, having done both the windshield and backglass on my '53 Super, I would highly suggest getting a helper. It is a bit of a pain in the butt, Lamar and I did it and I don't see how it would even remotely go smoothly with just one person. If I was up in your neck of the woods I would offer to come over and help you. We used the rope trick outlined in the manual.
  2. I concur with Chris, in my 13 years of fixing up my Buick I have never run into a problem finding parts. I have used Chevy suppliers to fit and retrofit some things for unnoticeable or "not-important-for-correctness-to-me" areas of my '53. 46-52. Smart choice to cut it off just before '53. I really love almost everything about a '53 but that hood is the bane of my existence. With those years you will still be in the straight-8, 6 volt era which I think they had pretty much perfected by '52. In your year range, I personally like the 49's and I think you would have a good chance of finding one. I totally agree with Mike in Colorado about the approach. Pick one that is your favorite and then decide on what either your hands/tools or your wallet can handle. and I second what Mike in TX says too.
  3. Ha! good call Lamar! Decorating Naomi for the wedding was such an awesome surprise. Ya'll are the best.
  4. Just saw this. No photo of the engine bay has me worried, but may be good for a project? Lamar, should we go take a look? http://atlanta.craigslist.org/wat/cto/4978339309.html
  5. Thanks Mike, that does make sense. My parts car had power steering and my project car had regular steering. I've got the two pulleys style, so it looks like I need go rummaging through my garage and find that other half spacer.
  6. Was wondering if anyone has a photo, exploded view or can explain the order of the radiator fan, spacers and pulleys to the water pump for cars equipped with power steering. I can't find anything in my manuals and the only exploded view in my parts book for this is for cars with regular steering (fan-spacer-pulley-pump). I have some multiple parts that I'm trying to figure out the order. I think it is fan-big spacer-pulley-little spacer-pulley-pump but then my bolts won't be long enough. Much appreciation for any help!
  7. Good call on the blanket, Lamar. No big trips planned just yet. I'm just excited that I got to actually drive her around town and planning for the future. We are planning a honeymoon, but I'm not sure we'll be taking the Buick. We're going to St. Augustine, Florida in June. Gas mileage aside, convince me I've put Naomi back together correctly and that we should take her instead of the Nissan Versa and I'll do it. I'm gonna give you a ring in just a moment. I want to come over and hang for a bit sometime soon. Maybe you could take her for a test drive?
  8. My wife Marie hanging with my mistress Naomi on our wedding day. Who would have thought? Decorations by Lamar and Rita.
  9. This is my '53 Super 56R, "Naomi". 13 years and still going. She's a little bit custom and little bit original. Rebuilt 322, Dynaflow, Front disc brakes and a purple/black two tone paint job (which will soon be just all black as it was my first attempt at a paint job and I don't care for the purple anymore) Just took her for my first real drive around Athens last week. I bought the first one in January of 2002 off of ebay from a guy in Florida for $1500. It was originally a Maryland car and had been in a junkyard since the 70's. 100% complete, but not running, half attempt at priming the body and soon found out that it was mostly bondo. Rocker panels, floors and drip rail all shot to heck. But I did a lot of mechanical work and the interior. After the first year of learning and working it came to my attention that I needed a second car for parts and preferably one with a solid body. I found another one for about the same price in Nebraska and that is the green one. My dad had some guys put in the rebuilt engine and transmission in the second one with the solid body. I painted her 2012-2013. Lamar and I got her running and he helped me re-install the windshield and backglass with new rubber back in 2013.
  10. On my '53 I have a total of 4 with the black brick shown in your photo. One goes to the fuel tank sending unit, one to the license plate light and the other two, as Chris mentioned, go to the rear back up lights on the bumper. As far as what they accomplish within themselves, I think they are just connectors to make for easier disconnect in the event you need to change the sockets or the fuel tank sending wire (rather than having to rewire an entire circuit)
  11. As always, excellent info! Thank you everyone. My trepidation comes from me second guessing my own mechanical abilities since I have taken every screw, bolt, gasket, hose, etc. and put it back together. My baby has been completely stripped down and assembled 85% by me. I am handy, but not a mechanic and certainly not in the company of the people that original put these sweet rides together in the 50's. I definitely have no question about the reliability of the machines. Having the wheel pop off (totally my error, of course) the other day just got me second guessing myself and thinking about things to have on hand in the event of "easily" fixable emergencies. Shy of towing a complete '53 behind my '53, I just want to be prepared. Because in my life it's never a matter of if, it's a matter of when. Willie, your point is taken to heart. I didn't even think about the simple fact of not being able to get a certain part on the road. They aren't exactly making '53 fuel pumps anymore. I've got a list started based on everyone's suggestion. Lamar, I laughed out loud at your post! Paul, very cool idea about the vintage style suitcase. I actually have a couple that currently carry some music gear and all my receipts of Buick purchases. I think I can consolidate and free up one for a travel kit. Roadmaster75, I'm with you, I'm a bit superstitious too! I'd rather have it and not need than need it and not have it.
  12. Oh wow! The timing of this thread is perfect. I'm just about to rebuild my power steering pump and have no original hoses to go by. I was going to ask for specifications and photos and once again this forum comes through. Thanks for specs Al!
  13. I'm know, once I'm "done" with Naomi I'm going to be hunting for a '54 Super. Thanks Keith! I've got a honey-do list a mile long today, but hopefully will get some pics of me driving her tomorrow.
  14. As I anticipate trips down the road with my '53, I'm starting to compile a list for an emergency bag of sorts in case of break downs. I would love to hear everyone's input on this and maybe it will help others?
  15. It crossed my mind the other day when I was driving her around town, but then that wheel popped off and I got gun shy. I'm gonna tune her up tomorrow and maybe swing by on Sunday. You gonna be around?
  16. I promise, it was intimidation and not that I didn't trust your's and Willie's suggestion to throw that thing in the trash! We need to hang together soon.
  17. I finally drove my '53 Super 56R two door yesterday for the first time all over town! I've been waiting years to post in this thread, lol!
  18. Thanks 95Cardinal! I'm now in the no-Pertronix club officially with Willie and Chris and others. I agree, I took the pertronix out and took my time to set the points. It was not nearly as hard as I made it up to be in my head. And I honestly can't tell a difference in her starting up either way - however, I did drive her around town for the first time ever with points and condenser and NOT with the Pertronix :cool: Just sayin...
  19. alright, I'll put my big boy pants on and give it some torque. Hopefully my scrawny butt and get 'em on tight enough. I'll take it around the block a few times and keep checking the bolts.
  20. Thanks fellers! How important is the guide pin? Since mine broke off, is just a guide pin for lining up the wheel bolt holes correctly or does it assist in helping wheels not fall off? If it is vital, where in the heck do I get one?
  21. Ha-Ha! That dang Lamar! What is the correct torque for lug nuts? I couldn't find any info in either my '53 or '52 manual.
  22. So I was taking my '53 Super for a cruise after addressing some engine woes. She was doing awesome and driving superb until I almost got home and noticed some play in the steering wheel and then I heard a wobble in one of the back wheels. As I was pulling of the side of the road, I was just about stopped and the back driver's side wheel fell off. The rear fender caught the wheel and help break the fall. Unfortunately the hubcap is crinkled too. When I pulled the hubcap off, all the lugs were out and having a party in the hubcap. The lugs were not broken, but were very hot and some of the threads were marred towards the tips. Not really stripped, but marred to where I couldn't get a couple even started. I jacked the car up and managed to get three lugs in to limp her home. Upon further inspection I notice the guide pin had broken off as well. Any idea what could have caused this? Could I have adjusted the rear drums too tight? Could I have tightened the lugs too much?
  23. When I get the wobble wheel addressed, I'm gonna have my wife take some video of me flying by!
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