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  1. thanks johno,<BR>i found only 3 wires on the the ignition switch. looking from behind the dash, one on the left, one big one in the middle and one on the left that splits into two they also tested fine. the battery is brand new. i took a look at the solenoid and it's all rusted. could this be the problem? when i turn the key i don't even get a click or anything. nothing. it's like i might as well be turning the key in mid-air. <P>thanks again in advance,<P>will
  2. what's up with no one having any thing to do with '53's or older? 1 A starts at '54. '53 was only the anniversary year! it's seems like they would supply for this year. to my understanding '53 was as popular as the '54 if not more popular. anyways just comment. sorry if i sound mad, i'm just trying to find sources for my own '53. i'd like that royal purple but they said they can't get it for '53. i wonder if anybody sells carpet buy the yard? i'm think of just piecing my carpet instead of trying to find a molded that may or may not "quite fit" <BR>what do you guys think?<P>thanks
  3. well my baby is a 6 and needs a complete restoration. so it's definitely a project car. so i don't mind redoing all the wiring. i think i am going to go with rhode island. once i get the money. anyways, thanks for help.<P>will
  4. key turns, no clicks, no crank. nadda.<BR>battery is good - headlights work, horn and radio work.<P>how do i get to the ignition?<BR>i've gotten under the dash but there's a metal plate blocking the igniiton with two weird screws that i can't unscrew. <P>any suggestions?<P>thanks in advance,<BR>will
  5. you could try hampton coach, kanter, pro antique auto parts. good luck!<P>-will
  6. one last question before i leave to install a home theatre system:<P>i'm trying to remove the passenger's side front quarter panel. i've got it almost off except around the front there seems to be one more bolt to the bumper. but i can't find it? do i need to remove the whole bumper and grille to get to it?<P>thanks again in advance,<P>will e.<P>p.s. i got the battery from kanter, bought out 3 different advance auto supply stores of their battery acid. charged it up and voila i've got two headlights and one tail light! i've got power. sorry, just kind of moment when i finally did something right, now the next step i guess is to rewire so i get all lights working and various other things as well...
  7. thanks radionut,<P>it didn't have a cover, but i removed a nut and it almost comes off except at this one point towards the drivers side. i don't see a screw or bolt or anything. and i looked underneath and there isn't any fastener there either. any other suggestions?<BR>also i guess it is fairly safe to have the heater right under a seat? i.e. fabric, cotten, etc is flammable? <P>thanks again in advance,<P>will
  8. does anyone know how to remove the heater from the passenger side under the seat on '53 super. (i'm assumming it's the heater) it looks exactly like an electric heater except in round shape.<P>thanks,<BR>will
  9. thanks lotsabuick!<BR>is there a way to make the back seat more secure or do the hooks work fairly well?<P>thanks
  10. does anybody know how the back bench seat attaches to the interior? when i gutted it, the seat and back just sort of came off. no bolts or anything. <BR>thanks,<BR>it's a '53 super 56r<P>-will<P>also there is a big glass jar under the hood on the driver's side. its got a casing for it and everything. anybody know what this is?<P>thanks again
  11. woah! i bought some cheap chisel set at walmart and some simply green and fabulous b'uster. man, i got to work under my baby and that 50 year old crusted dirt and gunk came off like a charm, revealing a beautiful matte black coating. i'm so excited! thanks guys!
  12. sorry to post another topic on the same day. i searched for this topic but only found a heated debate on the "hyped up" idea that single drum brakes are unsafe.<P>i'm not trying to win any awards. i want to drive this car and enjoy it. take my girl out on the town. that kind of thing. i want to convert it to dual master cylinder with disc brakes on front and rear. (if this is possible)<P>are their any kit conversions out there? i looked at kanter but i think all they had were drum overhaul kits.<P>also is dual master brakes the same as power brakes? if not what is the difference?<P>thanks again i advance,<P>i promise once i learn some stuff i'll hopefully be able to give good advice. i'm a newbie-please bare with me!<P>will
  13. hello,<BR>i just bought a '53 buick super and i was trying to get to the venitport portholes to take 'em off to get replated and i got under the car and all underneath the car there's this caked grey crud (almost like concrete) and i don't know how to get it off. (there were a couple of dirt dobber nests underneath also) i can barely make out the nuts and bolts for the venti ports and such. i've got a wire brush for my drill and it takes off some of it but very very slowly. i was wondering if there is some kind of chemical or solution i could use to get this stuff off or if anyone might even have an idea of what it is. it might just be dirt caked up real good. it's all underneath the car and on the frame too.<P>thanks in advance. <BR>and thanks for all the replies to my previous post. i really appreciate it, this is my first restoration so please excuse me if i post a billion topics or sound stupid.<P>will eskridge
  14. another question,<BR>anybody know of any sources for wiring harnesses? i found rhode island wiring services, but i thought there price for my car was a little hight ($626) and that was just for under the dash not including headlights or tail lights, etc.<P>thanks again in advance.<P>will
  15. thanks guys,<BR>i also found that these guys carry new batteries for old cars: <A HREF="http://www.buick-parts.com/" TARGET=_blank>http://www.buick-parts.com/</A> <P>-will
  16. anybody know any manufacturers of older style batteries? my shop manual tells me i need a 12 volt storage battery number 3EE 70 W with 6 cells with 11 plates per cell. i need it for a '53 super riviera 56r.<P>thanks in advance.<P><BR>-will
  17. does anybody know where i can get replacement panels for a '53 super riviera 56r? the interior is completely shot and i don't even have the original ones to make my own new ones. if i did decide to make my own what is the material? is it cardboard or masonite or what?<BR>one other thing does anybody have pics of their interior? like i said the interior in mine is shot so i don't have anything to go on to restore it. i don't have an idea of what is generally "supposed" to look like. i don't mean patterns i mean physical things like lining, armrests, door handles, panels, etc. <P>thanks a billion in advance,<P>will e.<BR>1953 Super Riviera 56r (my first project)
  18. thanks for help.<BR>i need something for 110 - my "garage" is not equipped for 220v. <BR>sears has a craftsman 25 gallon 6 hp with 8.7 cfm at 40 psi for 389.99. is this a good deal? <BR>campbell hausfeld has a factory serviced 6.5hp 60 gallon 10.2 cfm at 90 psi for 375 shipped. what do you guys think?<P>thanks again<P>will
  19. i know this is a little off subject, BUT i am restoring a '53 super riviera 56r.<BR>i'm still setting up shop and i don't have a compressor yet. i don't have a lot of money, so i was wondering what kind of air compressor i should get. i want to do some abrasive blasting, and run other basic pneumatic tools, and possibly a paint sprayer. i know i need at least 7 cfm and 5 horsepower but i don't know any brands besides campbell hauseld and porter-cable. are there any other brands that are good and inexpensive? <P>thanks in advance!<P>will e.
  20. first i'd like to thank all who helped with me on ideas for towing my recently purchased '53 buick super 56r.<P>now i need help on getting an upholstery kit/molded carpet and panels for my buick. like i said it's a 1953 Super 56r.<P>I can't find anything. hampton doesn't have anything, year one doesn't have anything. fryer's has some stuff, but i want to have mix between custom and original. i want the interior to be a dark purple scheme and paint the body black with very subtle dark purple flames and i want to do it myself. <P>anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks.<P>oh and i decided to go with trans-sonic auto transport out of glendale california. $395 from orlando to charleston - not to shabby i thought.<P>will
  21. i need some advice on towing a 1953 buick super riviera 56r 2 dr from orlando, fl to charleston, sc. Ozark quoted $695, i'd rather use that money on doing stuff to the car itsefl. i have a friend who has an SUV and we were talking about doing a road trip anyways. could anybody give me some advice on how to get this american beauty back up the coast safely. i went to uhaul to see about tow dollys and they said that the buick wouldn't fit on a tow dolly. (they also said that there's no such thing as a 1953 buick, i had to type in "1956 super") Please help!<BR>i'm very new to all of this so i'm sorry if this sounds stupid, this is my first purchase (classic) and it's all new to me.<P>thanks,<P>will eskridge
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