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  1. Hi, Do you have a good head for a 1935 Super Eight? Thanks, Myron myronw@cableone.net
  2. I guess he changed his mind... I'm working on building a roadster pickup from a super eight and thought I could modify his irons to fit somehow. Otherwise, I'll probably build a Carson style removable top. Myron
  3. Hi Guys, The one I can't stand is the B. J. guy with the sunglasses and the goofy bowling shirts who thinks he's such a big gob of wonderful... As soon as he opens his mouth, I thank my lucky stars for DVR. Keep smiling, Myron
  4. Hi Shop Rat, What part of Idaho? I live in Rigby, which is in the southeast part. About an hour west of Jackson Hole and two hours south of Yellowstone. Myron
  5. Hi Jim, I don't know about ANY paint and auto body supply store; but the one that I frequent does this. They can put any paint they mix in aerosol cans, except the catalyzed ones, of course. I had them mix some paint for the interior on my GTO and it worked out just great. When you're only using a small amount, it sure beats having someone spray it with a gun. Good luck, Myron
  6. Hi Dave, It's a 1935 Super 8 basket case that I've been scrounging part for for the last ten years or so. It's never going to be a show car; but it should be fun to take for a ride around the block. Myron
  7. Hi Guys, Santa brought me a door lock mechanism for my old Packard and a fuel guage sending unit for the old GTO. Oh, and some chrome trim strips I hope to make use of on the interior of the Packard. Keep smiling, Myron
  8. Hi Owen! Thanks for the information. I had a hunch that was right; but wanted to make sure. I hope that all of your projects are going well. Myron
  9. Hi Ozstatman, They show the same thing as my wiring diagram out of the Packard service manual... But they don't show which of the terminals the wire goes to. Thanks, Myron
  10. Hi Guys, I'm still working on my 1935 Super 8 basket case... I have got the wiring loom installed, which was a bit of a struggle because the colors of several of the wires did not match the colors in my wiring diagram. I can't figure out on thing, though. My generator has a voltage regulator / cut-out with two tabs sticking out of it. One tab is labeled "bat" and the other is labeled "gen". Which tab does the large wire from the ammeter belong on? Thanks for any assistance, Myron
  11. Hi, I'm not sure... I think the threads on the shaft measure three quarters on the high side and twenty threads per inch. It has been cut down on a lathe, so that it has a shoulder about half way up, so it's definitely not a standard fastener that you could get from fastenal. Myron
  12. Hi Guys, I'm in need of one of the nuts that holds the steering wheel onto the column on a 1935 Super 8 Packard. Any help would be appreciated. My email is myronw@cableone.net Thanks, Myron
  13. Hi Guys, I'm in need of one of the nuts that holds the steering wheel onto the shaft on a 1935 Super 8 Packard. Any help would be appreciated. My email is myronw@cableone.net Thanks, Myron
  14. Hi Pistoncollector, I couldn't outsmart the personal message thing; but I would be interested if you think they'll fit a 1935 Super 8. How much were you asking for them? You can reach me at myronw@cableone.net or 208.745.7015 . Thanks, Myron
  15. Hi Guys, Thanks for the imput. I'm leaning toward the fifty dollar mirrors from Mac's... I'll keep my eyes peeled for something with more flair later. Thanks again, Myron
  16. Hi bkazmer, The car I'm working on is a 1935 Packard. I bought it as a too far gone basket case and am just fixing it up enough to be presentable and drive around a bit. I don't plan to restore it to it's former glory and hate to spend five or six hundred dollars on gorgeous mirrors that would look out of place on a less than gorgeous car. Thanks again, Myron
  17. Hi bkazmer, I need the ones that just strap to the tire without a cover. Myron
  18. Hi Guys, Thanks for the suggestions! I'll check all of them out. Myron
  19. Hi Guys, Does anyone know a good source for side mount or tire mount mirrors? I need a pair for the car I'm working on; but I'm more interested in serviceability than anything else. I'd like them to look good; but am more worried about them working good and holding up to use. The only ones I found on the internet were from Speedway Motors for forty bucks and I can't help but think they're probably plastic at that price. Thanks in advance, Myron
  20. Hi Guys, Thanks for all of the friendly advice. The car in question is a 1935 Super 8 Packard that I've been bringing back from the dead. The fellow I bought it from bought new tires and never got the old beast running. I've probably only put five or six miles on it since I did and probably won't drive it a hundred miles a year. I hated to spend a thousand dollars on tires; but I guess I better Keep smiling, Myron
  21. HI guys, I'm resurrecting an old 1935 Packard from the dead and it has six brand new twenty year old whitewalls that have been neglected their whole lives. I am thinking of putting the whitewalls on the inside if I can somehow paint or dye them black. Do any of you have any experience with any kind of paint or dye that would be suitable for the job? Thanks in advance for any suggestions, Myron
  22. Hi Restorer32, Are you looking for the acorn nuts that hold the head on a Packard? I don't know what size they are; but I have extras that came with my 35 Super 8. I'll try to remember to measure them tomorrow. Myron
  23. Hi Peter, Thanks for the suggestions. I have checked for heat buildup and know the transmission and rearend are both full. The last time I drove the car, it only went one and a half blocks before it stopped. When it does, you have to back up a foot or two to release it and then it will move again. I have contacted the only local restoration shop and he's going to come and get it when he gets caught up with the projects in line ahead of me. I don't know, but I suspect that the pinion gear is somehow riding up on the ring gear and binding up. I'll let you guys know whenever the restoration shop gets it torn down to see what the problem is. Thanks again, Myron
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