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  1. (2) Marketplace - 1938 Chrysler Royal · Delux | Facebook theres one on facebook marketplace right now. $14,500
  2. installed new fuels tank pad, pick up and tank this weekend. the original tank straps were in great shape with no rust and still galvanized.
  3. for me this makes all the effort and sore back muscles worth while. started test fitting front fenders and core support to get a baseline of shims needed
  4. I ran the last two brake lines needed to complete the brake system. Since these are visible anytime the hood is open they had to be just right. A certain member of the AACA forums has a 38 Century for sale and I'd love to replace this car with that Century Hint Hint..lol
  5. I got motivated Saturday and put the body back on the rolling chassis. all new body mounts and hardware. I put a bolted body mount in place of the rubber puck puck to give the car a little stiffer chassis. Still a lot more work to be done but every step is progress.
  6. started painting the underside last weekend. body will be back on the rolling chassis soon.
  7. This car has been a dream with no rust and corrosion .
  8. going on the 3rd month of having my block at the machine shop for cleaning and sonic checking. I can't imagine how long it will take for actual machine work based on the time frame thus far. I do have a complete running 66 GS Nailhead setup I could put in the car instead.
  9. now that the chassis is completed I started on the body. The underside didnt have any factory undercoating and just a light coating of road grime and oil from the 55 years of use. sprayed it down with brake cleaner to dry out the oil and then went over the bottom of the car with a wire wheel on a drill. next i degreased it with ZEP505 and rinsed with hot water.
  10. oh I'm aware. there are NO shortcuts being taken with this project.
  11. moved the body into the garage and up on saw horses so i can store the finished rolling chassis under it when not working on it. engine is in machine shop and things are moving right along now.
  12. some parts have arrived for the new engine. things have begun to get out of hand a bit. (dont tell my wife) drilled and tapped holes for the oil baffle in lifter galley, it eliminates the need to use the bath tub style intake gasket. wanted this done before the block goes to the machine shop so i'm not creating metal filings after final cleaning. notice how much lighter the new piston and rod are compared to the original parts. 136 grams is a decent reduction and the new pistons are forged and larger.
  13. took a look at the fuel tank and didnt like what i was seeing. Ordered a replacement and proceeded to remove fill neck from old tank and install on new tank. the pickup assy didnt look any better so I ordered a new improved version with larger feed and return connections.
  14. after giving it much consideration and going back and forth I decided that i didnt want to remake the brake lines and relocate the combination valve. I pulled the mockup 401 engine and installed the mockup Buick 455 and st400 transmission. everything clears just as if it's made for it. had to relocate the crossmember about 4" back. now other than the driveshaft the rolling chassis is complete and it's time to send the engine in to the machine shop and to move the body in to the garage for the next phase
  15. then i dropped the mock up engine in place to make sure there were no fitment issues. the combination valve interferes with the drivers exhaust manifold position. not enough clearance
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