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  1. I had a fellow Buick guy who is very familiar with 66-67 Buicks go take a look at the car and send me pictures and video. I made an offer based on that information and the seller declined. I paid the guy $100 to check out the car for me and saved 6 times that by not taking a day off work and driving out there for the same result.
  2. The car is 6 hours from me but unfortunately it's extremely difficult for me to get away right now due to work
  3. first and foremost is the car as represented in the advertisement. I would expect them to provide pictures that dont hide flaws. in fact with this particular car i'm not even concerned about how well it runs and drives.
  4. more than happy to pay for an inspection. after being burned once by somebody I thought was a friend and the most widely known guy for that particular model in the country i'm just a tad gun shy. https://spokane.craigslist.org/cto/d/post-falls-1966-buick-special/7341697004.html
  5. i'm looking at a car in the Spokane/Post Falls area and wondering how I would go about finding somebody to do a vehicle inspection and report back with their findings and pictures?
  6. Ted, it's a 1972 800 cfm Q-jet with a 67 throttle linkage arm grafted to the 72 shaft
  7. Carburetor is finished. since this is a stock appearing type deal the only acceptable Carburetor is a Quadrajet. I sent this one off and had it completely redone and calibrated for the engine combination. there's something unusual about it. see if you can figure out what it is.
  8. (2) Marketplace - 1938 Chrysler Royal · Delux | Facebook theres one on facebook marketplace right now. $14,500
  9. installed new fuels tank pad, pick up and tank this weekend. the original tank straps were in great shape with no rust and still galvanized.
  10. for me this makes all the effort and sore back muscles worth while. started test fitting front fenders and core support to get a baseline of shims needed
  11. I ran the last two brake lines needed to complete the brake system. Since these are visible anytime the hood is open they had to be just right. A certain member of the AACA forums has a 38 Century for sale and I'd love to replace this car with that Century Hint Hint..lol
  12. I got motivated Saturday and put the body back on the rolling chassis. all new body mounts and hardware. I put a bolted body mount in place of the rubber puck puck to give the car a little stiffer chassis. Still a lot more work to be done but every step is progress.
  13. started painting the underside last weekend. body will be back on the rolling chassis soon.
  14. This car has been a dream with no rust and corrosion .
  15. going on the 3rd month of having my block at the machine shop for cleaning and sonic checking. I can't imagine how long it will take for actual machine work based on the time frame thus far. I do have a complete running 66 GS Nailhead setup I could put in the car instead.
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