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  1. Jacks, moved to Florida from Oregon 4 years ago. Brought my '64 Monza conv. with me thinking in Fl. I would never have to put the top up again. WRONG. Decided I needed a car with air and looked into a TC as I admired one in Or. Got a '90 black w/ ginger and a V6. It's my daily driver and except for finding someone to fix my driver's power seat no unsolvable issues. Lots of comments on it. Just turned 55000 orig. miles. Go for it.
  2. Bob, I see my old TC is still on your list. It was totaled 01/13/2018. Unless it was repaired it should be removed. Vin is (was) 207458, replaced by a identical 90 and it is correctly listed.--Art Dalby, Melbourne, Florida
  3. Marty, if you still have a '90 parts book let me know and how to pay for it. Recently bought a speaker from you (I think) and had a problem with paypal although they eventually got you the $ and I got the speaker. -Art Dalby--(503) 997-4427. I think Pay Pal will work OK now.
  4. From Viera, Fl. Had same problem, my TC is a 90 and when it became an antique in Fla. (30 years old) my allstate agent. was able to get me insured with Hagarty. -Art
  5. Yes, but you are right there for a refund or another type of blade.
  6. most FLAPS (friendly auto parts store) will install the ones you buy from them for free.
  7. Zagato, Had same problem. found 2 very thin tubes running from the vacume tank on top of the engine down to the bottom of the firewall in front of where the hvac controls are behind there. I just touched one and it crumbled, touched the other and it did also. Didn't want to fight running lines through the firewall so I broke off the lines, leaving an inch or two coming out. Took a piece of the broken line to O'Reillys and got two pieces of rubber hose to fit over the ends I left stick out, slipped them on and have had air ever since.--Art Dalby, Viera, Fl.
  8. Just checked 207458 is still listed but was totaled last January. I replaced it with 206453. both black/ginger but 453 has a tan top.-Art Dalby Oh, it is listed but no top color.
  9. Art, Needed a transmission control module for my '90 and got it from O'reillys. Ordered before 2pm.and was in store at 9:30 next morning. Of course it was $20.00 extra for 1 day shipping but my mechanic thought it was a good price anyway. Art Dalby, VieraFlorida
  10. Would like to help, but totaled my 01 with a beautiful black top and replaced it with a 90 with a tan top and like the tan top much better. Would hope to meet sometime as we live in Melbourne and have relatives in Boca and Coral Springs.---Art and Suzanne Dalby
  11. would like to purchase a cover. How do I go about it? I,m on paypal. Art Dalby, Viera,Fl. (321)735-4899
  12. On Jan 13th I totaled my 91-207458 replaced it a week later with a 90-206453. Both are black with ginger. Art Dalby, Viera, Fl.
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