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  1. Zagato, Had same problem. found 2 very thin tubes running from the vacume tank on top of the engine down to the bottom of the firewall in front of where the hvac controls are behind there. I just touched one and it crumbled, touched the other and it did also. Didn't want to fight running lines through the firewall so I broke off the lines, leaving an inch or two coming out. Took a piece of the broken line to O'Reillys and got two pieces of rubber hose to fit over the ends I left stick out, slipped them on and have had air ever since.--Art Dalby, Viera, Fl.
  2. Just checked 207458 is still listed but was totaled last January. I replaced it with 206453. both black/ginger but 453 has a tan top.-Art Dalby Oh, it is listed but no top color.
  3. Art, Needed a transmission control module for my '90 and got it from O'reillys. Ordered before 2pm.and was in store at 9:30 next morning. Of course it was $20.00 extra for 1 day shipping but my mechanic thought it was a good price anyway. Art Dalby, VieraFlorida
  4. Would like to help, but totaled my 01 with a beautiful black top and replaced it with a 90 with a tan top and like the tan top much better. Would hope to meet sometime as we live in Melbourne and have relatives in Boca and Coral Springs.---Art and Suzanne Dalby
  5. would like to purchase a cover. How do I go about it? I,m on paypal. Art Dalby, Viera,Fl. (321)735-4899
  6. On Jan 13th I totaled my 91-207458 replaced it a week later with a 90-206453. Both are black with ginger. Art Dalby, Viera, Fl.