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  1. I'm in Pennsylvania and had not trouble registering my car as a Maserati. From previous posts, (or maybe a club newsletter) I remember that the VIN sequence changed and later built cars were shown as being manufactured by Chrysler.
  2. Hemi, Thanks for your input - I'll be with Club members at Carlisle this weekend, so I see if any of them may have a source. Tom
  3. The driver side hinge on my tonneau cover broke right at the elbow where it leaves the trunk. Is it possible to remove this hinge and have it welded together or should I be looking for another hinge to replace the original one? Tom
  4. Hemi, Thanks for the advice - I am retaining this whole thread for future reference. I also have the rear caliper adjustment sequence filed and usually let my mechanic have any and all pertinent info I have available. Again - Thanks Tom
  5. Finally got my car back – Degerb, you were right on with the parking brake problem: my right rear caliper was hanging up. They lubed it heavily, and I will keep driving it hoping that the caliper will loosen up, if not, then I guess I will need to replace both rears. As for the brake lights staying on – it turns out that the fixture that holds the brake light switch failed, allowing the switch to move back into the holder so that the striker plate could not make contact. My mechanic reused the old switch and made up a “spacer” which keeps the switch in the proper position, so now the brake
  6. Marty, Thanks for the switch number - my mechanic got one but it wasn't the right one. This should be a big help. Tom
  7. Marty, My mechanic only mentioned the switch - I'll ask him tomorrow if he needs the striker also. Thanks Tom
  8. Degerb, Thanks for the input - I will have my mechanic check your possible problem points on Monday, but he did tell me that the "return spring" on the parking brake was broken. I don't really see any of this in my service manual, and I have not crawled under the dash to look, so I am depending on his input. His shop is the one that converted my brakes, however, the mechanic that did the work was involved in a serious accident several months ago, and has not returned to work yet. Tom
  9. Hello all, I have an '89 8- valve with automatic trans - I am in need of the brake light switch and the parking brake ratchet - are these standard Chrysler parts? BTW, my braking system has been changed over to the LeBaron system per Hemi's article on Allpar. Don't believe that that should change the parts that I am after. (Reason - brake lights won't go off, can't adjust switch so lights will go off; parking brake warning light stays on unless I lift the foot pedal with my foot) Tom
  10. Hemi, My registration cost $36.00. Same charge for my Subaru and Plymouth.
  11. My PA registration shows YR/MAKE: 1989 Maserati TYPE: Conv
  12. Hemi, Thanks for your quick reply - I kind of suspected that was the situation and appreciate your confirmation. Had hoped that a "new" proportioning valve could be obtained, but won't waste time on that approach any longer. Thanks again
  13. After losing my brakes four times (fuses once, accumulator twice, who knows this time), I've decided to convert my brakes per Hemi's article on Allpar. I've asked my mechanic to use new parts, but he is having trouble finding the proportioning valve. All of the sources I've tried tell me that an '89 Lebaron does not have a proportioning valve. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  14. What is the procedure to access the rear quarter window regulators?
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