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  1. Turbo Kane

    Fuel door levers for sale

    Temporarily unavailable...I’ll notify you when they are for sale again. Thanks!
  2. Turbo Kane

    parts looking for a good home

    I’ll take it! I’ll pm you
  3. I have an entire ABS harness I would be willing to sell. Private message me if interested.
  4. Turbo Kane

    Fuel door levers for sale

    I have around 10 left. I’ll be going away soon on military leave for roughly 6 months. Message me If you’d like one before I go.
  5. Turbo Kane

    Fuel door levers for sale

    Private message sent with payment options. Thanks for your interest!
  6. Turbo Kane

    Fuel door levers for sale

    Thank you for your support and feedback! I apprectiate you taking the time to do so! Looks great!
  7. I make replica fuel door levers. They’re $30 each shipped. I take Paypal, Apple pay or postal money order. Message me if you’d like one. I have about 15 of them ready to ship but can always make more.
  8. Turbo Kane

    16V Cam Cap nut torque

    Good info thanks!
  9. Turbo Kane

    A look at the potential future values of TCs

    The badge on the side comes on all the 16v Tc’s says “16V Intercooled”
  10. Turbo Kane

    A look at the potential future values of TCs

    I’m also optimistic their values will climb. One thing’s for sure there will continue to be less of them as time goes on. That’s good for appreciation!
  11. Turbo Kane

    Oil pressure issue

    I would start by getting a cheapo mechanical oil pressure gauge and set it somewhere you can watch while driving to see exactly what’s going on. Your low pressure light will come on it it falls under 5psi so until that happens I’d say it’s safe to run the engine to diagnose. My cars have all had excellent oil pressure but a rule of thumb is atleast 10psi per 1000 rpm (30psi@3000rpm). Idle the lowest you’d want to see is 7psi. A healthy engine you’ll see about 15psi at idle. I would save the oil filter on there now and cut it open to look for debris between the flaps in the filter. Also drain the oil into a clear tub and using a bright flashlight look for debris usually aluminum clunks would be a sign of bearing failure. Best of luck.
  12. Turbo Kane

    Hard brake issue, 89 vin 231

    If this is your baby and you want it absolutely original I have a good brake harness with good fuse/relay box. PM if interested and I can give you a price. Andrew
  13. Turbo Kane

    Good diagnostic post for 16 valve engines.

    NAJ has come to the rescue for many electrical problems. That dude knows his stuff!
  14. Turbo Kane

    TC restoration

    Check this out! Good deal on the name plate if you ask me! https://m.ebay.com/itm/1989-1991-Chrysler-TC-Maserati-Center-Dash-Trim-Front-Radio-Bezel-Black/122939145734?hash=item1c9fbe7e06:g:en0AAOSwzRFabp6V