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  1. Cool spot! I’ve been there a handful of times!
  2. Sorry, that it wasn’t yours. Triple black 16v’s seem to be the most desirable but as nice as yours is I don’t think you’ll have any problem selling.
  3. Wow Nile you’ve had your TC at Watkins Glen! I’ve been there before and that is a beautiful track! I never thought NY could have a picturesque country side until I saw it for myself. My uncle races spec Miata’s and frequently races their. I got to ride in his friends Porsche GT3 Cup from WI all the way to NY. Had an absolute blast!
  4. The only thing is if your cars a 16v with a Getrag 284 those axles are specific to the rare 501 produced. Like Hemi said most part stores carry them. Just make sure you get a replacement axle with the ABS toner ring. Save your old axles for parts. Your better off keeping them then getting the $10 core charge back.
  5. I like the factory wheels that came with the TC but hate cleaning them and don’t want to put wear and tear on them. I previously had Neon Srt-4 wheels on the car but I didn’t like the look and I thought 17’s were a touch too big. I like factory wheels so I found these 16” Chrysler Sebring wheels and had them powder coated. I’m really pleased with the look and fit. Good opportunity to flush the brake fluid while swapping wheels. I also decided to apply window tint over the reverse lamps and I think it looks great! Only 39 degrees in WI today but happy spring everyone!
  6. You never want to cap off the bov it will cause compressor surge and your turbo would fail very quickly. Yes you’d have to pay to play.
  7. A mechanical boost controller like a grainger valve is one way to raise the boost. Your other option is to buy a performance computer that has a modified cal to increase boost using your factory waste gate solenoid and vacuum routing. Like he already mentioned you’ll want to upgrade the BOV and with a stock 2 bar map sensor and overboost your limited to 14psi max.
  8. I’ve known Rick a long time and yes I appreciate his services and wealth of knowledge. He’s also a good friend to have.
  9. I am glad you clarified it for me. I have no problems with you or the TCA club. As an enthusiast and someone who appreciates owning a TC I know how important it is to have people willing to provide resources to keep these cars alive. With that being said I’m sorry if what I said came off wrong. I believe club member or not that someone who wants to own a TC should be able to get the help their looking for here. And I’m not saying that you don’t already do that because you reply to almost every thread on here.
  10. Why only do business with club members? Kind of a bad representation of “the club” if you ask me. If any TC owner needed help regardless of if they’ve paid their dues or not came to me I’d help them. If owning a TC means you have to be part of a club to have the resources to fix or enjoy conversation about these cars then why would anybody want to own one? I’m not anti-club because I’m a member of the Shelby Dodge Auto Club but when you pay dues it goes to putting on an annual event that anyone’s welcome to go to and also receive news letters sent to members probably similar to yours. As for p
  11. Common block 2.5L tensioner with a spacer. I took measurements from my old tensioner and used some washers to get proper alinement. I prefer the plastic version with a good bearing. Gates are good.
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