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  1. The 29th annual Shelby Dodge Auto Club meet is being held in South Eastern WI June 22-26th. You’ll never find a more welcoming group of like minded enthusiasts. I’ll be showing my 16v TC and turbo mini van! More details to come soon. Keep an eye on the event details at http://sdac.org/info/events.htm
  2. Thanks for your continued support Bob and I’m glad you enjoy them!
  3. Royalcab, no these are smaller but I could start to make those if there’s interest. I’ll see how well the keychains sell. I have about 30 made and only sold a few so far. I’ve put lots of hours in already and dont want to waste time and money on it if only a couple sell. In fact there are a lot of parts I planned to make. The problem is larger parts require $100 plus in mold making materials. Its tough to invest $100 or more into something and not know how the part will turn out and if you’ll sell any.
  4. Thanks for the feedback Hemi! Glad you like it!
  5. BLACK EDITION! Only $12 each or 2 for $20 Shipping included! These cost less than the crystal clear version because they take a fraction of the time to cure. Message me if you’d like one! Thanks
  6. Art and Hemi, I have 2 left but unfortunately I can’t find the gas pump stamp anywhere. I must have misplaced it when I packed everything up for the winter. If you don’t mind the symbol missing you may purchase them. I’m not sure if I’ll continue making them. I’m bummed my mold broke after making approximately 30-40 of them. Check your PM’s I’ll send you price and payment info. Thanks for your interest and understanding.
  7. You can read more about the differences in turbo and non turbo heads and the different casting. Look under turbo database on thedodgegarage.com website. Gary Donovan and others have put together a lot of good information reguarding the 8v turbo cars. You’ll want a swirl head #782 casting with TS “tapered shroud” engraved on the drivers side of the head. Theyll also have higher nickel content in the valves you can verify with a magnet they’ll be less magnetic than nonturbo valves. Some turbo valves will have a “T” stamped on them. Most likely if the cylinder head has the “TS” engraving it will have turbo valves. Try to stay away for year 87 casted 782 heads they’ve been known to drop valve seats. If you find a Mexican cast 782 years 88-92 those are typically the best. Always be sure to look it over good and make sure it’s straight before you waste time, energy and money on it. Good luck with your project!
  8. Temporarily unavailable...I’ll notify you when they are for sale again. Thanks!
  9. I have an entire ABS harness I would be willing to sell. Private message me if interested.
  10. I have around 10 left. I’ll be going away soon on military leave for roughly 6 months. Message me If you’d like one before I go.
  11. Private message sent with payment options. Thanks for your interest!
  12. Thank you for your support and feedback! I apprectiate you taking the time to do so! Looks great!