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  1. Jim, I stopped making the keychains and fuel door levers. I might pick it back up again soon. The console arm rest is shot, the hood pads not too bad but has road salt on it. I can’t image how I could ship it. There delicate and huge. Fold it in half it would be destroyed. It’s located in WI 53146 if you can arrange a way to get it. $60 is all I want for it.
  2. I’ve been thinking about producing them again. There are currently none available. I’ll be sure to let you know if I do! Thanks for your interest!
  3. Sorry, I have no A/C lines. I have almost a whole car in my basement but no lines. See anything in this pile you’d like to buy just let me know. There’s more buried
  4. Full set of 89 ginger fuzzy grilles very nice $150 (2) 90-91 door grilles (2) dash grilles $80 all 4. 89 Steering wheel with adapter $100 Power side mirrors $80 for both Front grille $50 Pair head rests $50 Pair illuminated visors $20 3.0 front section of engine harness $40
  5. If it’s real I’ll take the red umbrella, set of floor mats, and an 89 steering wheel black or ginger
  6. Gpopshop.com is also a good source for a rebuilt unit.
  7. I have one I’d sell you. $60 plus shipping pm if interested.
  8. The 29th annual Shelby Dodge Auto Club meet is being held in South Eastern WI June 22-26th. You’ll never find a more welcoming group of like minded enthusiasts. I’ll be showing my 16v TC and turbo mini van! More details to come soon. Keep an eye on the event details at http://sdac.org/info/events.htm
  9. Thanks for your continued support Bob and I’m glad you enjoy them!
  10. Royalcab, no these are smaller but I could start to make those if there’s interest. I’ll see how well the keychains sell. I have about 30 made and only sold a few so far. I’ve put lots of hours in already and dont want to waste time and money on it if only a couple sell. In fact there are a lot of parts I planned to make. The problem is larger parts require $100 plus in mold making materials. Its tough to invest $100 or more into something and not know how the part will turn out and if you’ll sell any.