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  1. I’m asking $10,000 for the car or $11,000 with all my spare tc parts. Easily several thousand dollars worth. I’m open to any offers. It’s a beautiful car and and anyone looking for a 16v tc would be very pleased with this one.
  2. Wisconsin 53146. I’m the second owner, bought it with 27k now at 32k and have owned it for the past 6 years. I have every single original part for the car as well as many many spare parts. It’s had ALL the maintenance upkeep and it runs and drives perfectly. There are some tasteful mods that can be put back to original if desired. It has had paint work but it was done professionally and it looks amazing! Premium urethane paint that will last forever without worry. I will gladly take some recent pics of the car but this is what I have from over the years. It’s only garage kept and summer driven. Not a speck of rust anywhere! If your interested message me and we can talk price. I’m willing to sell it to an enthusiast for a great deal.
  3. I will be posting a for sale add soon. Decided to sell mine because I really want a 3000gt VR4 or Stealth RT Twin turbo. Mines royal cab 16v 32k miles. Needs nothing but to be driven.
  4. Hope everyone has a happy 4th of July!
  5. Word of caution the 284 is apparently spring loaded and dangerous to take apart. As for the flywheel you’d need to swap in a 568 go to rockauto.com and purchase a new luk replacement for $50. Look up any 90-94 dodge daytona/Lebaron/ect 5 speed flywheel. Grab some daytona axles too. If you want equal length passenger side I have one from a daytona that you could purchase from me. I’m located in WI.
  6. Good deal! I can’t imagine they’ll last long
  7. I still have the set of 4 excellent condition center caps, the headlamps and the Amber turn lamp. The floor mats and set of 3 caps are sold pending payments.
  8. Yes they are available. Please message me with your mailing address and I’ll give you payment info thanks
  9. Anyone interested in NOS center caps in the package $150
  10. A 3D printer would be awesome. My little brother has been through a few of them however. He said they work great if you don’t max out the quality and speed. You could probably get a pretty decent set up for under $1000. The capability of printing prototypes would be huge for me. Right now I can only duplicate but having the ability to create would be awesome. I can think of 100 things I’d like to make if I had one.
  11. I use a rigid urethane casting resin and pour into a silicone mold. I’ve tried a few different products but I think redesigning the lever itself and strengthening the weak points should do the trick. I’d love to get into plastic injection molding but I’ve heard horror stories of diy setups exploding and causing serious injury. It also sounds very expensive. I’ve also recently got into metal casting. Built my own melting furnace and eventually I’ll try my hand at a green sand mold for casting.
  12. Just an update on the levers. I temporarily discontinued producing them because I’ve had to replace several broken levers that appear to fail in the same location as the originals. I now have a new prototype that is almost 2X thicker where they tend to fail (white lever on left). I’ll test it out for a few months and if successful I’ll make them available. Thanks!
  13. Top set of 4 in excellent condition $100 Bottom 3 a little faded some light scratches $20 a piece or $50 for all 3 Set of Ginger floor mats $100 Used Headlamps $100 each Left Amber turn lamp with sockets $100 has light spider cracking but definitely presentable.
  14. Would you like an ABS Harness? I have a complete ABS Harness. Pm me
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