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  1. I still have the set of 4 excellent condition center caps, the headlamps and the Amber turn lamp. The floor mats and set of 3 caps are sold pending payments.
  2. Yes they are available. Please message me with your mailing address and I’ll give you payment info thanks
  3. Anyone interested in NOS center caps in the package $150
  4. A 3D printer would be awesome. My little brother has been through a few of them however. He said they work great if you don’t max out the quality and speed. You could probably get a pretty decent set up for under $1000. The capability of printing prototypes would be huge for me. Right now I can only duplicate but having the ability to create would be awesome. I can think of 100 things I’d like to make if I had one.
  5. I use a rigid urethane casting resin and pour into a silicone mold. I’ve tried a few different products but I think redesigning the lever itself and strengthening the weak points should do the trick. I’d love to get into plastic injection molding but I’ve heard horror stories of diy setups exploding and causing serious injury. It also sounds very expensive. I’ve also recently got into metal casting. Built my own melting furnace and eventually I’ll try my hand at a green sand mold for casting.
  6. Just an update on the levers. I temporarily discontinued producing them because I’ve had to replace several broken levers that appear to fail in the same location as the originals. I now have a new prototype that is almost 2X thicker where they tend to fail (white lever on left). I’ll test it out for a few months and if successful I’ll make them available. Thanks!
  7. Top set of 4 in excellent condition $100 Bottom 3 a little faded some light scratches $20 a piece or $50 for all 3 Set of Ginger floor mats $100 Used Headlamps $100 each Left Amber turn lamp with sockets $100 has light spider cracking but definitely presentable.
  8. Would you like an ABS Harness? I have a complete ABS Harness. Pm me
  9. The TC is one of the most hated on cars. I’ve taken mine to a few shows any see people bust out laughing when they get to my car. I’ve even had people disrespect the car to my face but then my Chrysler minivan with a turbo or omni would draw swarms of people. So what makes the TC have the total opposite reaction. “Maserati” I wonder if Maserati dropped the ball by not throwing in a V8 and making it rwd. It would’ve had a very different stigma. Btw has anyone ever seen their Biturbo? That was a huge flop if you ask me. I’d take a TC over a Biturbo any day hands down.
  10. At this time I have a commitment to buy from Reaper1 and I’ll consider this to be sold.
  11. They came in only Shadows and Daytonas. 90-91 will be small spline 3.50 or 3.85 final drive. 92+ will be large spline 3.77 final drive. The 92 is the one you want if you can find it. They are close to extinct at this point. You’ll need J/K/Van shifter assembly and pedals. Also to note you might want to grab the SBEC as the tune is slightly different between manual and auto. If you use an auto cal with a manual trans the rpm will stay higher during shifting, and higher idle. Not the end of the world it’s still drivable I’ve had to run that way before.
  12. Sorry I forgot to mention in the listing. WI, 53146
  13. This is a rare opportunity to score a 5 speed manual transmission “case only” that can be mated to the 3.0 Mitsubishi engine found in the TC’s. The a543 uses the same internals as the 90-94 a523, a568 but the case bolts to a 3.0. I’ve always wanted to see this swap done to a TC as it would unleash tons of performance and reliability from a 3.0 TC. The case will be bare and cleaned in the coming days ahead. This is a very hard to find transmission and it won’t last long. Price $100 firm again it will be a bare case that will require a doner a523 or a568 for internal parts.
  14. Very nice van the TC wheels look great! I put GTC lace wheels on my 94 voyager that I 2.5 turbo 5 speed swapped. I miss this van it was my daily driver that I sold a year ago.
  15. The Sebring wheels are 16x6.5. There’s a few NOS polished sets on ebay a little pricey but they’d look very nice with all the chrome trim on a TC.
  16. Cool spot! I’ve been there a handful of times!
  17. Sorry, that it wasn’t yours. Triple black 16v’s seem to be the most desirable but as nice as yours is I don’t think you’ll have any problem selling.
  18. Wow Nile you’ve had your TC at Watkins Glen! I’ve been there before and that is a beautiful track! I never thought NY could have a picturesque country side until I saw it for myself. My uncle races spec Miata’s and frequently races their. I got to ride in his friends Porsche GT3 Cup from WI all the way to NY. Had an absolute blast!
  19. The only thing is if your cars a 16v with a Getrag 284 those axles are specific to the rare 501 produced. Like Hemi said most part stores carry them. Just make sure you get a replacement axle with the ABS toner ring. Save your old axles for parts. Your better off keeping them then getting the $10 core charge back.
  20. I like the factory wheels that came with the TC but hate cleaning them and don’t want to put wear and tear on them. I previously had Neon Srt-4 wheels on the car but I didn’t like the look and I thought 17’s were a touch too big. I like factory wheels so I found these 16” Chrysler Sebring wheels and had them powder coated. I’m really pleased with the look and fit. Good opportunity to flush the brake fluid while swapping wheels. I also decided to apply window tint over the reverse lamps and I think it looks great! Only 39 degrees in WI today but happy spring everyone!
  21. You never want to cap off the bov it will cause compressor surge and your turbo would fail very quickly. Yes you’d have to pay to play.
  22. A mechanical boost controller like a grainger valve is one way to raise the boost. Your other option is to buy a performance computer that has a modified cal to increase boost using your factory waste gate solenoid and vacuum routing. Like he already mentioned you’ll want to upgrade the BOV and with a stock 2 bar map sensor and overboost your limited to 14psi max.
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