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  1. I saw a few older forms on cup holder ideas in the TC. Any ideas anyone have to add a cup holder to this vehicle? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the help I ended up just doing a coolant service on it. Next thing I just need to see why the radio doesn't work. I think mice decided to do something with it.
  3. Yeah it’s been in my family for awhile and I will be having a dealer work on it since I work at one. Just wanted to see what other owners think. Last 4 is 3037 the vehicle is in good condition it has under 30,000 miles don’t know for sure because odometer doesn’t work. I checked our records it looks like transmission fluid hasn’t been changed. And coolant service has been awhile.
  4. It’s a 1989 with the turbo engine I haven’t looked at the radiator or cap yet
  5. I have been thinking about maintenance on my TC I know some people say if there is older transmission fluid in a vehicle to not change it because it will wreck the transmission. Coolant service I’m for sure gonna do. Any other ideas? Any thoughts?
  6. Thanks for all the feedback I’m not that mechanically enclined so I may have to put it off for a bit.
  7. I have a 1989 TC and the odometer is not working and stuck on 22,xxx miles. The trip also doesn’t work, everything else on the dash works. Does anyone have any ideas on how this can be fixed? Thanks!
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