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  1. Beautiful car, wish it was closer to me.
  2. Beautiful Club Sedan, but a little high on price, I paid just under 25k for my 1931 Lasalle and with a restoration needed including needing all new glass, here are a few pics just as it sits when I purchased it, I haven't been able to find another one and still looking, the Cadillacs and Lasalles from this era are getting harder to find.
  3. What is the lens diameter?, how wide? Thank You
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm searching for a pair of fender lights for a 1929 to 1933 Cadillac or Buick.
  5. Sorry Tom, maybe it was someone else.
  6. How much did you pay to have the radiator shroud chrome plated if I may ask?
  7. Nice Packard Tom, I think I spoke to you about this car a couple of years ago, if this is the one, is this the Packard you had listed for a friend that was selling it? Thanks, Mike
  8. Beautiful, I have a 1931 Buick Model 91 Series Special Sedan I'm currently restoring, did you have the chrome done and if so, who did the chrome plating?
  9. Hi, would you have one like this in this pic?, it's for a 1931 Lasalle 345A with the v8 engine. Thank You
  10. I need 19" Buick split wheels, the ones I have are the spoke type with the lock ring, these came on the big bodied Buicks like the 90 and 91 series.
  11. Hi, I'm searching for a chrome cowl trim for my 1931 Buick 91 series.
  12. yep, that's for a 1933 buick.
  13. Hi, do you still have the door handles for the buick?
  14. Hi Pete, the 1931 Buick rear light brackets were mounted on the side of the gas tank.
  15. I have a 1931 Lasalle, this looks like a Franklin due to the size of the lights on the fenders and also the grill on this car looks a lot lower than the a grill from a Lasalle, the Lasalle has a much higher grill than the Franklin.
  16. Hi Jak, you still have the caddy hub cap?
  17. Thank You John, I will check them out.
  18. I came across Paul's chrome in Pa.
  19. RVMC

    1932 BUICK

    I have a 1931 4 door 91 series, the 90 and 91 series are beautiful cars.
  20. Does anyone know of a good chrome plater or chrome plating company in Massachusetts or close to New England?