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  1. I went to check it out yesterday, a nice gentleman with a large collection of many 1920's cars, the 1926 Buick is definitely worth the $6k he is asking for it, the body was in good shape as was the undercarriage of the vehicle, fires right up, but does need a little.
  2. I need a fuel tank cover, radiator splash apron, crank hole cover, tail light brackets, wheels (19") and bumpers for front and rear. Thank You
  3. Hi Chuck, I need a radiator splash apron which goes under the radiator and crank hole cover, both parts are for a 1931 Buick 91 series, I'm also looking for a gas tank cover. Thank You, Mike
  4. Hello, any pictures of the wheels and where are you located? Thank You
  5. Who ever did it did a very nice job of it, it is on my 31 and looks great.
  6. It's a aftermarket flying Goddess that goes on a 1930-1931 Buick, that particular flying lady goes on the big bodied Buicks, 1931 Buick 90 and 91 series cars. I have the same one on my 1931 Buick.
  7. Nice Buick, wheels are probably the correct size as it is a 50 Series Buick which have the smaller wheels, I have a 1931 91 series which is a bigger car and the wheels on mine are 19" with the lock rings, tires are 7.00x19 with the 4.75" white walls, I think the standard size wheel for the big bodied Buicks from 1930 and 1931 were 19".
  8. Hi Pete, Do You still have the these bumpers? Thank You, Michael Martins
  9. Beautiful Club Sedan, but a little high on price, I paid just under 25k for my 1931 Lasalle and with a restoration needed including needing all new glass, here are a few pics just as it sits when I purchased it, I haven't been able to find another one and still looking, the Cadillacs and Lasalles from this era are getting harder to find.
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