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  1. The more you drive it the more things are going to need fixed or repaired.
  2. If it is not yours, why are advertising it and trying to sell it.
  3. I know they are aftermarket. I am hoping someone on this site has one or knows someone who has one.
  4. I am looking for a center cap like this. It is for a 1967 Skylark.. If you have one like it, I might be interested in buying it.
  5. T/A Performance sells a 4 barrel intake for the 225.
  6. You could probably buy one at NAPA auto parts.
  7. It is 1 of 894 built with the V-6 engine in 1967.
  8. I bought this car on Sept. 9th 2015. It is an unrestored 34,500 mile original condition car.
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