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  1. Unfortunately no luck with the two sources if anyone has a vintage British vacuum tank please contact me.
  2. Sorry those are the only pictures I could find of the engine for a Austin 12.
  3. Thank you very much for the information! I’ll send this off to the owner of the Austin right away I think your second source will have exactly what he needs! Thank you so much for your help.
  4. My opinion is you should restore the chassis find a period correct engine and then instead of making a body just make a truck out of it. If miraculously you find a original engine or a original body then switch it over if not then you have a really cool vintage truck. In the depression era they would make trucks out of anything they could find so it would seem authentic. It would be great if someone somewhere has parts for these cars then it would be great to restore them to original.
  5. I'm helping a friend locate a 1934 Austin 12 Taxi cab Vacuum tank. His is completely missing however I do have some pictures of what an original tank looks like. The tank does not need to be for sure for a Taxi Cab or even for a Austin but something that looks alike and is preferably British would be a huge help. We are trying to keep the Taxi as authentic as possible and get it back on the road again for hundreds of people to see. Suggestions on where to find an item like this would be a huge help! Any other Austin 12 parts would also be of interest depending on what it is.
  6. Late 1949 MG TC for sale. Car number TC 9586 with XPAG 10336 engine. Frame number and number on engine tag match those on the guarantee plate. Car has never been restored and has original (mostly) paint and seat upholstery. Engine turns over but is not running. Car is extremely solid and rust free with no evidence of wood or steel rot. Has been off the road and stored indoors since the early 70s. I've owned numerous TCs and have never had one as original and solid as this one. This car could be made into a decent driver with relatively little cost and effort OR it it could be restored relative
  7. This is a Arkley SS Body Possibly Brand New. I believe this is brand new based on the little amount of damage and the fact the head lights haven’t even been cut out. This body have few to no cracks in it from what I can see. This item does how ever have a small chip under one of the headlights but it’s not bad and can be repaired. The whole body is fiber glass but does have dust on it that makes it look rusted. This is exactly how I found the body it is a true garage find. This item includes the hinge as shown in pictures. Will not guarantee there is no damage but from what I can see there is
  8. I tried them and they want the whole water pumps to rebuild I’m just looking for the Impeller.
  9. I need a pair of metal running boards for a 1932 Packard Standard 8 Roadster. I also need a battery box for the same car. I don’t need the one that goes under the seat I’m looking for the one that goes between the spare tire and the engine compartment. Lastly I need a 1937 Packard super 8 water pump impeller. Please email me at brandonbutler360@gmail.com if you have some of these items.
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