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  1. There should be a vehicle ID tag, about 2-1/2" x 5-1/2" affixed to the inside of the cab wall just to the left of the clutch pedal. That will tell you a VIN as well as the engine, (213 green diamond), as well as the GVW.
  2. Mid- 1950's thru 1971. Model could be a R-180, R-190, R-200, R-210... Most likely a bullet proof 450 or 501 cubic inch 6 cylinder engine. Those engines are highly sought after in the export market...
  3. As the grill does not have the stainless steel strips, it would make this a 'K' series, from 1941-1945. Minimal numbers were built during the war. The 'KB' series started post WW2 and they all had stainless steel horizontal grill strips. Same drivetrain from 1938-1949. Marty
  4. as a note of interest, for the B&C company, that Chicago address is where the City of Chicago's McCormick Place convention center is now located....
  5. looking for an early Pierce-Arrow truck. thank you
  6. Seeing the photos of that car brings back fond memories. In Chi-Raq, my lifelong friend, Steve Van Maldegiam, had a gold 2 door equipped with a 383. That puppy was fast. How those cars were exercised in high school. A great back seat for double dates...
  7. Very old and odd oil fill canister. Flex spout. Works nicely. $37 plus shipping. Located in Chicago 773-four-nine-zero-9747
  8. Gents, there is also a very bad respiratory virus caused by dry mouse droppings. Be careful
  9. an original Orange Lubricant drum. Ultimate beer cooler / man cave trash can. 26-3/4" high x 14" in diameter. Has a lid. Located in Chi-Raq, ( Chicago). 773-four.nine.zero-9747
  10. Penzzoil Drum, nice condition. 26-3/4" high x 14" in diameter. Has a lid. Nicks & scratches- patina. A perfect beer cooler or trash can. Located in Chi-Raq, ( Chicago). $87. plus shipping. 773-four.nine.zero-9747.
  11. Hello RJP, I am very interested in purchasing your 1924 Franklin. Sincerely, Martin
  12. Congratulations on the completed transaction.
  13. I truly believe that the transportation costs will eat up all of your intended/ perceived profits. Then you're really underwater. Unless you've got a buyer with a healthy down payment, I don't believe that it is worth the risk. For what it's worth. Also, if the transport is not enclosed, you have risk of stone chips and vandalism enroute.
  14. Greetings, Yes, Most of his Diamond T trucks are still available. Give Bill a call in the early evenings. Tell him you talked to Marty. Bill's cell # 1-320-two-three-seven-3097.