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  1. Sold for $335k.....I've got a bridge to sell in Brooklyn...
  2. With the Lycoming engine it is a SD or SL model produced from 1923-ish to 1928+. The Lycoming engines have an oil pump made from pot metal. These oil pumps are the achilles heel of the truck. The early to mid-1960's Chevy Iron-Duke 4 cylinder oil pump can be mildly modified to replace the original oil pump. If interested, I have a Waukesha, 4 cylinder available - model XOH, that was used in the IH trucks from 1927-1931. Similar displacement & HP. Marty
  3. In Chicago, for many years these big Mercurys were known as the "Dutchman's Lincoln", similar features as a Lincoln, but without the Lincoln price tag...
  4. Wanted: a complete 1976 Olds Cutlass dashboard w/ guages, etc. Thank you. marty
  5. A PERFECT car for driving in Chicago - you'll NEVER get car-jacked....
  6. Hello Nick, I'm interested in the Kaiser Darrin. Please send me contact details. THANK YOU. Marty 773-four-nine-zero-9747.
  7. How can it be "all original" & "restored" at the same time???? WTF???
  8. I think it is very rude to ask over the phone, " what is your best price", without actually even seeing the car in person. That's a red flag as to the type of dolt that you're dealing with....
  9. The Ford 360 V-8 had a habit of stretching the timing chain....Been there done that...and a running 360 can't pass a gas station....
  10. Elmer's Auto, Inc. W877 Elmers Road, Fountain City, Wi. over 1500 old cars. Most cars & trucks are post WW2. Plus modern car parts. ALSO a bunch of muscle cars. They will ship your parts. Great place. See Brad. Great customer service. elmersautograveyard@gmail.com 608-687-9211, ext. 225. F-Book: Elmer's Auto Graveyard www.elmersautosalvage.com
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