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  1. Hello Lance, I have been following this thread from the beginning, missed that you had put it on ebay. Is the '57 still available? If so please PM me with your contact information as I would like to discuss it with you, Thanks, Rich Kahnberg BCA# 45757
  2. Yes, the car in post 2382 is a beautiful 1957 Buick Roadmaster 2 door hardtop. I believe the color is called Bittersweet, a early '57 color. It is owned by a member of our BCA Chapter, "Buick Club of the Redwoods". The young lady is one of the owners granddaughters. The picture was taken at the annual Peggy Sue Car Show cruise. The grandkids get a kick out of riding in grandpa's car during the cruises. Rich
  3. Hi Pete, I will take the manual. Shipping will be to 95404. Will PM with shipping address, etc. Thanks and best regards, Rich
  4. Hi All, I bought the '66 Riviera in post #185 about 6 years ago on eBay and sold it in early 2016. Jason's post #187 and Tom's post #189 are correct. I rarely drove the car at night but the Guidematic worked, although I was more comfortable using the dimmer switch on the floor. For those ROA members, the car was featured in the Riview - Jan/Feb 2014. Rich
  5. Hi Jason, I would like 4 of either the 12oz or 14oz cans if still available. Shipping to Santa Rosa, Ca 95404. Let me know the total with shipping. I can pay through PayPal or check. Best regards, Rich Kahnberg ROA# 13420
  6. I will take one also, email to follow Rich Kahnberg BCA #. 45757
  7. Hi Pete, Not coming to the MO meet, sent PM regarding possible shipping. Maybe I did not enter it properly and you cannot see it? Rich
  8. Hello Pete, My first time responding on this forum. Any chance you have a set of valve covers for the 430 you are parting out? Thanks, Rich Kahnberg BCA 45757 ROA 13420