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  1. My Dad was in WWIi in the European theater on the front lines keeping the equipment running and fighting at the same time he made it home in one piece except for having shell shock. My Grandpa when he saw my dad for the first time when he got home he told the family not to ask him any questions about the war because of deep seated problems and Dad did not talk much about it and in later life we had a friend the was in the German army but all his life and mind never knowing bought any Japanese products and still have problems with the wife understanding that. An it is to bad the way the world is going. Dallas Stratton
  2. I had a 1952 Buick 8 that would start fine cold but hot would not start until colded off an the problem was the dist. was 180 degrees out of phase. When that was corrected all was ok.
  3. Had that type of problem on a 1970 VW transporter had bought a new set of points from K Mart had a missing problem would run ok at speed of 45 and above but at slower speed would cut out an quit . It had a bad fiber board on the points. Cut a plastic lid of a coffee can to insulate to prove the point and it work ok so I could get to the next town with a auto parts store to buy a new set of points the best for sale .
  4. I drive a 2003 buick la sabre that the dashboard has misformed its self because of heat and dealer cannot provide a new replacement part. Any ideas on new old stock suppliers or any thing else that would help
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