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  1. Seen during the Trump era "My dog is smarter than the President"
  2. Mine drives to events and competes. Do not have a trailer.
  3. Talked to head judge Randy Stone today and was told that when You get 5 chips You get a special board with a red bird Your name and what kind of car on it .
  4. Want to thank General Green Chapter for a GREAT show today !
  5. 1st Place and Red Bird award 2014
  6. Burlington was Fun! 139 registered !1st place !
  7. Thinking about going. According to weather. Ken
  8. Couldn't stop the pollen...........Very True.....Great show though ! Ken
  9. Thanks Mark.........Exactly what I was looking for . 6.70's it is
  10. Are G78 x 15 tires suitable (for judging purposes) to replace 6.70 x 15 ?
  11. My neighbors Sons car ....Looks pretty good ! http://winstonsalem.craigslist.org/cto/4700944482.html
  12. Really good weather ! I also had a good time. 1st place and a Red Bird ! Ken
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