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  1. 1928 standard dodge sedan
  2. .What was the shop in Australia so i can send them a email .many thanks
  3. Hi i have this size plug CHAMPION W89D .would like some advice on these as wrong plugs could do damage .....Regards John
  4. Would like to purchess a set of plugs for my 1928 dodge .Look forward to here from some one .Kind regards John
  5. Would like to purchess 6 or less plugs for my 1928 Standard 6 sedan .Look forward to hraring from you .Kind regards John
  6. Could some on put me onto a supplyer that sells the rear bumper rubbers for a 1939 plymouth or maybe some has a pair to sell Regards John
  7. Would you hve a radiator for a 1737 dodge D5 sedan.Kind regards John
  8. Would like the firing order on a 1928 dodge please what thou on the points ....John
  9. these ball joints for the 1937 dodge on the carb linkage
  10. Looking for a couple of the small linkages that attach to the longer rod as the ballin the end is attached to a small barrell i could snd a photo .....John
  11. hi is your dodge 1928 the same as this if you like i can send a badge photo send me a email .Kind regards John Schicker from nz mine is right hand drive as we drive on the left side iof the highway and roads
  12. many thanks for helping me here in new zealnd .Most appreciated .John Schicker from new zealand
  13. Just a note thanking you all getting broken stud removed and welded up that small hole . John
  14. Would somone be able to tell me is it ok to leave the little hole open when assembling the manifold to the block ..i was freeing the rod on the side and i heard a pop and a small hole apeared but looking inside i noted a small channel so i ges it is there for a reason . also a stud broke off i would asume it would be ok with three studs .Kind regards John
  15. Looking for drawings or if you know of some one that has one working on there vehicle would like to get in touch .im sure there is a few in the usa being used .Regards John
  16. sorry as regards the head cold a good wiskey will fix that yes the sender comes with the unit once it is placed into hot water you will see the gauge working .John
  17. Hi folks not sure if im in the correct section .Would lke to obtain a set of drawings or would like to contact some one with one on a vehicle that is a wood fired burner to power a vehicle .or are there a few still operating in the usa .Kind regards John
  18. would like the gauge working please......John