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  1. I think i have a couple spares. I will try to get a pic tomorrow.
  2. Oops I didn't ever see this reply. I will get photos tomorrow and email you.
  3. I think the one on the 50 royal I am parting out is good. I will check tomorrow and get a pic.
  4. Nice car. We have two travelers we are restoring, 50 and 51. We didn't know a thing about them. I learn more each time I log on.
  5. Be sure to spray any mouse nests with 10:1 bleach water. I caught hantavirus in 99 cleaning a mouse nest out of my truck. Its not something to mess with. I actually shot the mouse and bragged to hubby how I watched his brains scatter on the grass behind it...then I cleaned up the nest and two weeks later I got sick. After a two week coma and the doctors telling my family I had an eight percent chance to survive...I woke up. Don't chance it. Its an airborne virus.
  6. A guy with a 53 new yorker wanted to know if the steering columns from any of our parts cars will work in his car. He needs it to be manual steering....which ours are. Will the column out of a 50 chrysler royal, 50 windsor or 55 dodge lancer work in a 53 new yorker?
  7. Greg, we need to keep the carb and etc until we get the traveler going. I will let you know when it come available. We need to be sure to have everything we need for it. Frank, no usable carpet. We would sell a transmission. Make us a fair offer. We can take down to a freight hauler and put on a pallet for you. Our zip is 99009....but we would take to spokane to ship freight.
  8. I just checked the royal and didnt see one but i will check the 3 windsors later on when it cools down. I think i have seen one around...now to find one, lol.
  9. Hey Greg, I keep meaning to ask if you found the baggie with the bolts. I figured if you didn't have the pulley you wouldnt have bolts so I just threw them in. Let me know if you find anything else you need. Off of any of these cars.
  10. Clever idea, John.... I hope i remember it if i ever need to figure out something like that.
  11. Thanks for the input. That is good to know. We would definitely be buying a used flashed motor/tranny from a crashed car and then building it up. Probably will cost under4 grand. That really sucks the experience you had. The price they charge I would think everything would be double checked. If they knew they had a bad batch they should have made it right with those who had problems. Customer satisfaction aint important like it used to be, I guess.
  12. Nope, we didnt buy it, darnit. As for it being lousy drag car...that is your opinion. ALL gassers are big and heavy. They just have hp. They are usually pretty slow...but its not always the funnest going quickest...I just love the look and sound of them. Plus, the class we will run in is sportsman, so quickness isn't important as consistency. Hubby is a retired manufacturing engineer (boeing) who has built drag cars from junk yard cars before....so I am confident he will figure out where all it needs braced....and where we can remove weight. Most fifties cars are big and heavy by today's standards. I mostly see tri-5 chevies turned into gassers...but they too have every nonessential part removed. We may change our mind but I doubt it. We are looking at the new hemi for running gear, though. Even in a gasser.
  13. Thanks for the info guys. I was figuring it would entail a lot to make a HT a convertible. I think it will make a fine gasser. they are slow...but look so fun. And I see fords and chevies but no mopars. Plus, since the car is a shell it seams best (ie cheapest and easiest) thing to do with it is make it a drag car and have a blast.
  14. Here is a pic of the seats from this past weekend's swap meet. Dont mind the camaro console layed on it...lol. the rear frame is standing up, wrapped in the bright orange tie strap.
  15. Brian, yes it looks like the body mount perches are good on both cars. Here are pics of the ones readily available for photographing. They are on the windsor. I prefer to take the body off the 50 royal first, though...because that is the one I am currently stripping. How would yousuggest removing them? I was thinking cutting torch the frame around tthem or maybe grind the welds...what do you think? Also, do you know how many there are? Do you need them all? These look rusty but are solid...all the rust is on surface. Greg, did you get my email and invoice? The pulley is packaged up ready to ship. You mentioned you need seats. If you want the front and rear frames i would take 230 plus shipping for it all...and i could tarp and pallet them (200 for seats 30 for tarp, pallet, and fuel to town to take to a freight shipper). We shipped a motor to texas and it was only 125 bucks. Anyhow, the front seat has the handles and ashtray on back. It is solid and I removed the rails with it. It needs redone. The back springs are rusty. Not sure on how easy to rebuild them but there is metal left, its just rusty. i am open to offers if the price seems high. Ipriced based on comparables on ebay.
  16. I saw this on ebay. Looks like a decent project. I see it says they were made with the top made separately to make easier to make into a convertible. Is this true? Why I ask is we purchased a 2 from the guy we got 5 mopars from. He calls it a highlander but I thought that was just an interior package. Anyhow he told us his dream was always to make it a vert.....but we thought that sounded crazy. After reading this ad...it may not be so crazy. The highlander is just a solid shell...so we are thinking of making it a drag car....maybe old school gasser style.....but ya never know. ..If the vert is possible we may want to do that. http://m.ebay.com/itm?itemId=231280553754
  17. Wow. Those are cool. I bet they were loud. I was born in 71...so a bit before my time. We do look in machinery for the flatheads. Around here there is a lot of old machinery, too. Our 265 has rivet marks but no tag or number. The junkyard owner we got it from said it was out of a 50 dodge big truck. Come fall we will be out searching for more flatheads. Right now it's too darn hot. Thanks for the pic. That siren looks so cool. I want one. When I was a kid my parents would honk the truck air horn when they wanted us home because we often played in the woods out of hollering capabilities....parents should have had one of those, lol.
  18. The 265 motor we are using for our traveler has no number. I think Rusty or somebody said it could have been a replacement engine. I don't have the numbers off the one in the 49 big truck...but I will be getting it when we go back...which will be soon.
  19. Yep...that's how it is on our 265 that we know is one. Hubby has a great pic of it. I really want that 49 big truck....and if it has 265 all the better. At least now we know we can check the bolts. Thanks.
  20. Rusty do all the 265 ' s have the machined bearing cap bolts? Maybe we could tell if the motor in that big truck at the junkyard is a 265 by that. It is frozen up so no way to check the stroke. The 265 we got is a runner. The guy said it was from a 50 big truck...With very low miles. Crazy we got it with everything for 350 bucks. If we come across another we will post it here since people are looking.
  21. Thanks 49er...I fixed it. Funny thing was I decided to organize my photobucket after I posted...and didn't even think about it effecting the pics...oops. Thanks again.
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