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  1. Hi I have a 1950 Chrysler Windsor and need a new shift knob because the original is disintegrating. Does anyone know the knob thread size for this vehicle? Appreciate anyone who will share this info. Thanks.
  2. Need recommendations for good company to buy wiring sets for my 1950 Chrysler Windsor. It is a 4 dr, flathead six. I want to rewire everything, inside and out , as the insulation of the original wiring is starting to crumble. Your suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Thanks Bob and Jack. I found it and have a replacement hose already. Love this forum and all the help I have received. I raise a glass for you today. Happy St. Patty's day!
  4. Thanks. I'll look for it above the glovebox. Really appreciate your photos and advice. David Berkham
  5. The metal pipe you describe is not on my vehicle. That's my problem. A picture will help identify it. I have not been able to locate that part through any mopar suppliers, including Andy Bernbaum. Might have to have it made. Thanks for your efforts. David Berkham
  6. Thanks C49er. Unfortunately these pics don't show the one area I need to know: where the hose coming off the blower attaches to the defroster vent. I appreciate your effort. Can you tell me if there is a part that connects the hose to the vent and if its plastic (like the vent) or if its fiberboard or some other material?
  7. Thanks C49er. Unfortunately these pics don't show the one area I need to know: where the hose coming off the blower attaches to the defroster vent. I appreciate your effort.
  8. My 50 chrysler's heater fan under the dash is not attached to the windshield vent. Regular flexible tubing will attach to blower end but there is nothing to attach it onto the vent. Can someone give me info on what goes on that windshield vent? Haven't been able to find much info on it. Is it plastic or something else? I've called around and no one has any part and I have been unable to find any pictures of the missing part. How does one attach the blower fan to the vent? Thanks.
  9. Looking for the center chrome piece for the split windshield for my 50 Chrysler Windsor. Anyone have any suggestions? Andy Bernbaum's site doesn't offer chrome trim. Thanks.
  10. Yes, mine do the same. I'm going to get some tire stem covers (saw them on eBay) that should take care of that.
  11. My Chrysler cruises fine until about 50 mph then it starts to shake. Alignment and wheel balance have been checked. btw, new Coker radial whitewall tires. I also have a sluggish clutch release. A delay of a few seconds before the clutch fully pops out. Any ideas on these problems? Thanks in advance.
  12. Temp near the sensor reads 190-a 20 degree difference from the front. Gauge reads cold on start up but soon the gauge needle goes all the way to hot. If i rev my motor at lights or coasting with clutch in, it does show a temporary, if slight, cool down. I'll let my mechanic know of your advice and go from there. Thanks.
  13. Thanks everyone. Mechanics figured it out. Now on to the temperature gauge problem!
  14. Good advice from both of you. That's what I love about this forum. I do have an infrared thermometer and will see if the block is hotter in the back. The gauge reads cold when first starting up but soon goes up to hot even though the radiator temp is between 160-170 degrees. Thermostat is new and functioning. Water pump has also been replaced. Don't know if the coolant tube was replaced but I will check with the mechanic who did the work. Thanks for the sage advice.
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