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  1. Thanks Jack. Good info. Unfortunately I don't have the parts that you are wanting. Dave
  2. I just purchased quite a few parts from a gent that had a late 47 Chrysler Traveler that was damaged beyond repair by a tree falling on it. Since I have a 48 Traveler that I am (slowly) restoring I bought all the bits and pieces he had left from it. I believe that the body parts and most other parts are the same as the standard 4 door sedans with the exception of badges, dash trim etc... specific to the Traveler. So if I have say a brake drum or the stainless trim or pot metal trim, bumpers etc... what years will those parts fit on? There are quite a few parts that I won't be needing so knowing what years they should fit will help me in selling the extras, Dave
  3. Thought that some here might have an interest in a Desoto Fire Dome V-Eight neon sign that I have listed on Ebay. It's a pretty darn nice piece. https://www.ebay.com/itm/192653814558
  4. I know a gentleman that has a hood he is looking to sell. Would anyone be able to give me an idea as to what it is for?
  5. Good advice on the ferrule. Mine fell out when I pulled my tank. Glad I saw it come out because it could have cause a lot of trouble not knowing it was supposed to be there. What was the reason for replacing your tank? I looked back through your posts but didn't notice the reason for replacing it.
  6. Still sounds as if you have air in the line(s) somewhere. When bleeding the brakes I started at the rear and did the fronts last. Don't really think that it matters though. Are you making sure that you are not allowing the brake fluid to get too low and allowing air back into the lines before topping it off during the bleeding process? Are you shutting the bleeder valves tight before allowing your helper lift their foot off the brake pedal? Could one or more of your brake shoes be too far away from a brake drum? Reaching on this one but... Is your brake pedal shaft cracked at the pivot point and flexing enough to not allow you to put sufficient pressure to the master cylinder?
  7. It has some pretty severe dents and lots of rust pits in the bottom. One has gone all the way through and several are threatening to. I'd feel okay with fixing it if they were not so spread out. Couple that with the dents and a different pan is looking like the better way to go.
  8. Got the email and now I see the red envelope. I had gotten emails before but had never noticed the envelope notification. Many thanks!! Hopefully someone has that oil pan I'm looking for
  9. I posted on the wanted forum earlier today. I asked that if someone had the item I needed to send me a pm. In the time that I have been a member I don't think that I have yet to receive a pm. So what type of notification does one get to alert them when one does get a pm? Dave
  10. I am in need of an oil pan for my 48 Traveler. Please p.m. me if you have one to sell. Thanks, Dave
  11. Today I was using a long wire to clean out some junk in the flywheel housing on my 48 Traveler via the aluminum screen on the passenger side of the housing. The flat piece of metal was laying on the bottom of the housing. It seems to be possibly a type of spring steel. Any idea as to what it is?