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  1. Looks like a late model M G Different but I'd lose that grill
  2. Another example of to much time watching Barett Jackson !! No way would I buy any car from the northeast!!!
  3. I used Stutzman !! excellent work and only $200 a wheel. Honest people He made a mistake on the bill and sent money back to me.!! Highly recommended.
  4. The body was mostly gone when I got the car. ! two doors and the cowl. those parts are already sold as I didn't plan on using them. I would like to get a hold of the person from Michigan that bought the car as when he picked it up I couldn't find the head. My friend had the head in his machine shop and it appeared today. I am now in position of it .If you see this post by some chance get a hold of me. I have your address but no phone # .
  5. That's the reason I moved to Alabama. The only snow I want to see is on T V
  6. Making the trip from Alabama July . 5 . Looking forward to the usual good time
  7. Car is sold and will be headed to Michigan next week . Its been a lot of fun and a learning experience. I started work on a car I've been looking for for about 10 years on and off!! Finally found a decent body. SS 396 chevelle with a four speed!! I will be saving this one and putting it back on the road. That's what I do not a restorer, a car saver!!
  8. I had wheels done by Stutzmans in Ohio . Fast turnaround and fast service .Four wheels in four weeks Not expensive and honest. He over charged me $100 and sent the money back!! I would have never known.!!
  9. I like building more than driving! Its just taking up too much room in my shop. I want to move on and rescue another car. Your project looks good ! Good luck with it !!!!!
  10. While I'm here I'll let you all know this car is for sale. It runs and you can go back in my posts to see the build and what I started with. The price is $4000. Let me know if your interested.
  11. Yes but that didn't work out , I can't pay his price for a carb!! I have since I wrote gotten the engine running, was a problem with the float.
  12. That would work as a boat-tail. Wish it was closer the shipping would not make it worth it.
  13. Today I decided to make an adaptor and put a Rochester two barrel on my 49 Studebaker motor as no one has a used carter one barrel> The motor is in my 25 speedster. Should n't be a problem, I do have a milling machine. Hope this works
  14. Haven't been here for quite some time The car is pretty much done .I am just trying to picture how I'm going to finish the rear of the car. I stare at it for a while and think I may have a plan but I'm having trouble putting it to metal! I saw a show on tv where a shop used a 39 ford hood for the rear and built sides. Not sure I like that . I need to do something to cover fuel tank. I'm also having a problem with carbs, I have two but the car won't run with either one. Trying to find a decent one. It was running but way too rich. I changed carbs and now it won't run at all. I need to regroup and figure this out!! The shop is done and is working out great. Lots of room for my junk .I'm learning to use a English wheel and plannising hammer. So far so good.
  15. Fatman fabrications can provide a front stub with mustang suspention, And a place in cali called wheel smith can provide the wheels you will need That will clear disc brakes
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