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  1. I received an email from Andy Beckman confirming he is searching the archives. I hope to hear back soon. With regard to decals: Both the speedometer in my running 37CE and the speedometer from my current 37CE restoration show 0 to 100. Perhaps it makes sense to make water-slide decals in both 0 to 80 and 0 to 100?
  2. Thank you all for the helpful feedback. Currently I have three 37 speedometers. All in various stages of deterioration and none good enough to use as is. It certainly seems the 3D printer could be a viable option. Gary has been very helpful with his attempt at 3D Cad. I'm heading to the shop now to take some better photos with a ruler and a true digital SLR camera. Here are some photos using my not so smart phone. Jim
  3. Greetings: Is there anyone out there restoring the white plastic speedometer face for the 1937 Dictator / Coupe Express?
  4. I have three 1937 Cpe Exp J5 trucks. Two are stock and in great shape, but the third was severely mistreated by previous owners and can only be considered a parts truck. I am thinking I want to use it as the foundation for a resto rod project. I want to keep the body and interior original, but update the front end and brakes. This thought prompts a few questions: Has anyone installed a Mustang II type front end on a 37 Cpe Exp frame? If yes, any lessons learned? Disc brakes imply clearance problems with original artillery wheels. Reproductions are available. Does anyone have experience with these? If I go with reproduction artillery wheels, I’m hoping I can adapt them to accept the hub caps Richard produced for the 37 Dictators? Any thoughts or recommendations are greatly appreciated. Jim This is NOT the parts truck!
  5. Thanks All. This is very helpful. My chassis is bare - no fenders, so I will have to re-use / modify the CE fenders. But, I think that will be less work than trying to swap front ends. The suspension is in useable condition and since I won't be hauling any heavy loads, should be adequate. Thanks again Jim
  6. Greetings I'm restoring a 1937 Coupe Express. I have a spare 1937 Dictator chassis with a planar front end. Can I install that planar front end on the Coupe Express frame? If not can I install the Coupe Express body on the Dictator chassis? Thought I'd ask before I start taking a bunch of measurements. Thanks Jim
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