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  1. will be in wisconsin this weekend will take pics of top bows and clamps at windshield
  2. nice pic even though, wanna go fishin with those girls
  3. That is a great picture post them all!!! send me this one larger version if u got will be my screen saver!!!
  4. my kinda girl, lets go fishin!! put the top down!! put on the waders !! whos gonna filet them probably me !! me and my father used to filet them put a fresh green stick thru the filet lengthwise and hold them over the wood embers until they started to fall apart off the stick then they were done , no dishes. shake some salt on them and eat them right off the stick, big fat walleye filet.
  5. also i think there is a grease fitting access hole side of body above running board
  6. stude spokes with bolts in rear drums thru spokes
  7. Spinnyhill, nice pic probably hard to find, ken
  8. here is a pic of what i am told is a 1919 big six touring, i got a 1923 big six touring the hub caps look to be the same as yours, also the wheels have the bolt thru spoke, the windshield looks diff, the ladies block some info
  9. `undisclosed liens offers some protection? also with bill of sale , no title , lien situations might arise anyone faced that I had someone tell me a guy had a car for 8 years and some bank showed up
  10. any old lienholders pop up? thats my concern.
  11. Hey to all please comment on purchasing car with bill of sale. I have been told some states this might be common, Illinois its a big problem bonded title mess, anyone know about Wisconsin? comments in general, have heard stories about buyers getting lien notices 8 years after buying. comments please Ken