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  1. hey man, I'd sure appreciate the help, but I'm in Australia... I'm in LA every year or 2 i'll hafta check your ride in person if ever up Ventura way !
  2. loving this thread - thanks for sharing. it'll be handy for reference ... if I ever get my build going again...
  3. hmmmm. thanks for that info. other option is to tidy mine. it works great. just splits in the Bakelite (?) at various points around the radius. i love the look of mine - just need it repaired...
  4. what's a steering wheel like that worth? I don't have a drama with my column, but my blue steering wheel is cracked to buggery... i dig those wooden steering wheels...
  5. check Schmiddy's article in the Riview. Great job mate !
  6. that blog post is really interesting Ed. Agree with the theory that about the loss of the true Riv styling. Some cars are just right. I toyed with the idea of buying a convertible '70 Challenger but found that as much as I'd love a convertible, the hardtop was the only way to go. so that's what I got...
  7. sounds like Raiders of the Lost Ark.... have fun !
  8. yeah - i noticed that one. it's been for sale for a while I seem to remember... unless I'm mistaking it for another. just thought you might be in the SF area...
  9. Going to be in SF and LA in a coupla months, so would love to see a car and buy, drive then ship home... Or if it can be sorted before I get there, have the car sent to LA in time for arrival... Where are you based, Chimera?
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