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  1. Sorry. Should have made myself clear. Thought I was posting to a specific board; the Buick Riviera board. Sorry guys. Figured that it was easier to access the back of the speedometer by removing the fuse panel and box. It worked. (ppphhheeww, one guy recommend taking the dash pad off) Thanks for your help everyone.
  2. Just changed out the driven gear on the transmission output shaft. Have the replacement cable in hand. How do I gain access to the rear of the speedo? Do I have to remove the entire cluster? Or is there a way i can get through the access port in the firewall?
  3. PWB, Certainly looks like mine. Found a used one from Gene (from ABANG: Riview). Should be here soon. He said that its very clean, so hopefully i wont have to rebuild it. Gene seemed like a trustworthy guy, so i'm sure it will be. Thanks for the the "heads-up" on the bushings. I'll steer clear of the ATP stuff. As a matter of fact, just bought the Dorman bushing for $5 Thank you.
  4. Rodney, You and Kongaman are probably correct. Thing is, car is there now and in pieces now. Anyway, your advice on not throwing anything away for a car this old is well taken. I've learned the hard way how expensive used parts are, if i am able to find them are. Thanks for your input, and Merry Christmas to you there in South Australia.
  5. This is a great resource for beginners. Thanks to all who responded! Merry Christmas!
  6. Thanks Randy, I will try this number. Oh and get to "test drive" my subscription to the Riview. Thanks again.
  7. Telriv, thought about that, but car is being completely rewired and im sure the tech doing it didn't save any springs. But if I can find a P/N, I can search further. Unfortunately, as you can see in this picture, none is stamped on either side. Different topic: i bought the service / chassis manual (CD), but none lists part numbers. Is there a manual that lists part numbers?
  8. Exhausted other options. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get my hands on a park/neutral safety switch? Or at least the correctl P/N (so I can search further)?
  9. Sorry Bernie. Just now seeing your post. Thanks for the detailed response. Sage advice. Think I will follow up your advice.
  10. You looking for 65 401 manifolds?
  11. Loren, thank you for your detailed explanation and suggestion. It is appreciated. I also was thinking along those lines that any wire exposed to the repeated heating and cooling in the engine bay would definitely need replacing, but the guy at YNZ said that the dash harnesses would most likely be just as bad kinda shot that theory down. Thinking that i may just thoroughly check the wires in the entire car and of course if they look brittle or cracked, then replace them; while buying the four complete harnesses under the dash and enging/lamp harnesses. Thanks again.
  12. Bernie, you're not too concerned about the age of the harness in place? I just assumed that it was so old, it may be a good idea to replace it all. However, if the thinking is, that if its not broken, then don't fix it, i can definitely place those $2,300 bucks into something else on her.
  13. Thanks Steve. I'll check them out. your opinion on replacing all harnesses, or just the ones exposed to heat, ie.. engine, firewall that would be extra susceptible to degradation?
  14. Thanks Konga. I'll have to search the site for the thread. Definitely interested.
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