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  1. I might have some of that trim kicking around. what kind of lengths do you need. I did a 1933 KA Convertible Coupe about 12 years ago.
  2. Clive is a Great man I was able to meet and visit with him two years ago in Scottsdale. I got the impression that he would write the car into his books and when the book sold use that money to buy the car in the book. Everyone has a different angle to finance their cars. Kirk
  3. also try 40-0095-65 You can also buy the fabric to cover it as would be correct for a 1933 Lincoln. Is your car a KA?
  4. Steele Rubber carries it. same profile used on Packards. There website lists it incorrectly. try part number 70-0251-65
  5. Some times only fixing the problem will fix your problem.
  6. @Buffalowed BillThere was some local interest in the collection. I Met with Jim on more than once. I also know that there was a second person talking to him other than me. I was in the postion to take the entire collection as is where is. He had about 12 to 15 cars in various stages of dissassembly or reassembly. about 113 to 120 cars in total.. @pontiac1953 I find it interesting how people are very quick to question the lack of buyers. Remeber that the seller was a second or third generation car dealer. He is a very schrewd business man. If i sent you a list of all the cars on the list and placed the asking price number next to them you might have a clearer understanding. The Ratsoy collection was NOT a fire sale. Also remember that the concept of value is subjective. For instance in BC every one that is local or has lived here a long time is complaining about property cost unless they are selling. But buyers are coming from overseas that do not have a cash flow problem and see our high prices as a bargin. The same was this collection. the oportunity to lump sum a large instant collection was percieved as a value that most local people could not visualize. I could take the same asking price and put togeather a larger collection with a higher quality of car both in rarity of models and condition. Kirk Stevenson
  7. I spoke with Don Plumb about the USL starter Generators a couple of days ago. I have one in my original unrestored 1913 H.A.Moyer.
  8. I am sure the real reason that @edinmass waited because he mistook the brake for the clutch again and it momentarly confused him. He does not seem to get the opertunity to drive nice big cars very much since he moved to Florida to retire and eat at the early bird buffet"s. The pictures look great @alsancle Is that Tom's 903?
  9. I spoke at length with the owner/ builder at Monterey this last August. The level of detail and work gone into this car to make it period correct and accurate to the photos was outstanding. A great car Kirk
  10. Hi @Billorn, I had posted this car for sale back in april on the main forum buy and sell. So it may be this car you are rembering. Tom Lester was a very well known engine builder that when he was done had a motor that ran smother and put out more power than when the factory Built them. This particular car has held up extremly well as is evident when you view it and drive it. Regards Kirk
  11. Up for your consideration is my ex Thomas Lester Car. A 1931 Pierce Arrow Model 43 Phaeton, with accesory dual windshield. Asking $115,000.00 USD. This car was just entered into our local concours and won best in class {CCCA full Classics} and Best of Show overall. The car was restored and painted by Dale Adams in the early 80's. Engine built by Thomas Lester himself. Perfect side curtains. A wonderful tour car. Pm For Details and Pictures.
  12. Bump to the top. This Beautiful Pierce Arrow is still for sale. I Just entered it into a the Crescent Beach Concours in Surrey British Columbia. The Pierce won Best in class and Best of Show. Recent work and repairs include Carb repair Complete Concours detailing and prep. engine Oil and Transmission change and new Battery. Asking $115,000.00 USD
  13. I currently own a 36 foot Wells Cargo and a 38 foot Pace. They are both enclosed gooseneck trailers. The wells cargo is a 2002 year and the Pace is a 2007. I custom ordered the pace to be exactly to my specifications. Over height and custom tie downs with particular options. I was wanting to replace the Pace with a new trailer as I was wearing it out. The Pace is a steel frame with a scoreless exterior. Never had a problem with it. My new trailer I currently have a order is a all aluminum Intech trailer. I looked for three years at big shows, events, and auctions at trailer vendors and sales guys. The Intech is the best built trailer I could find for the dollar. New trailer is a 44 foot gooseneck enclosed with a 96 inch door and head height inside. Custom tie downs, in floor winch. The works. What I am trying to say is buy exactly what you want, pay a little extra to get the best quality you can. You will never regret it. Kirk Stevenson
  14. Car looks good in the sun light @Roger Morrow. Kirk
  15. I own one and have a friend about 20 min away that owns one. Send me a pm for more info if you like. Kirk
  16. Don't worry Ed, before to long you will be back in huggies too.
  17. Hi, Please see the Pierce Arrow I have for sale. Model 43, dual windshield, ex Thomas Lester car. Painted By Dale Adams in the early 80's. Beautiful condition. Wonderful driver. excellent side curtains. Owned for last for years. Need to thin out the herd. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Cq0mTtgnqFBfe0VUDaGOESIiQ941yRLy?usp=sharin Asking Price $115,00.00 USD
  18. I was just about to offer to walk out and look at my 1931 Royale to see how it was wired. but it seems you have the information. Please send me a PM if you have any questions what so ever. a whil back i took some pictures for Victor in Mexico. I will copy and past the google drive link for you. It may help with assembly. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B6do-6Z5Kg-FaS1CbUZLNkNmYlE?usp=sharing
  19. Here are two pictures of mine. I have since changed the tires to Blackwalls under the preasure of @alsancle.
  20. @ckowner, i live in South West British Columbia. I order from mcmaster carr all the time. we usually recieve our orders 23 hours after placing them. it is crazy fast and efficient. it has become not even worth while to drive to town to pick up basic shop supplies.
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