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  1. The only thing at BJ that was worth the money was the bill for the Stage Lighting designer and installer. If you looked at that same car in the sunlight you would not recognize it.
  2. 1910 stoddard Dayton Town Car. Until now Belived to be the only Closed car Stoddard in exsistance.
  3. This is what the mystery Town car should look like.
  4. I am not going to be a lot of help with this post but here it is for what its worth. I bought one for a 1934 Packard twelve. it was about 2700 to 2800 USD. New casting, nice machining. I believe it was done by a guy in Spokane Washington. This was back in 2011. The guy i bought it from was talking about winding down his operation as he seemed to be in his mid 70's. If i find his contact information i will PM you.
  5. @edinmass I saw the car that @KLF just purchased. he fired it up for me. It caught and ran on first revolution of the crank. Ken has a great new purchase and knowing him will drive the wheels off it. If you ever make it up to my place i will take you over to Kens house, he has a great assortment of wonderful cars.
  6. you got it Ed, any request? Cohiba, Monty, Punch, H uppmann, Behike?
  7. Pm me your email address. I can possibly help. We have one apart for paint right now.
  8. If I would have known i would have had Bob bolt the Cord L29 Speedster body on it and ship it as a roller!
  9. Hi Peter, When did you get the Auburn? Kirk Stevenson
  10. I will take them. I am in Vancouver and can pick up.
  11. DO NOT use Mackie Transport! They hauled a 1933 Lincoln KA convertible couple for me. It was a complete horror show. The upper deck was about half inch off the windshield frame. Causing it to hammer up and down on the windshield frame for at least 400 or 500 miles. Bent the windshield frame, shattered the glass, bent the cowl and made a mess of the car! There offer of compensation was twelve grand. They self insure. I would recommend TFX international out of Ontario. I have used a fair number of Transporters over the years. For one that will cross over the border TFX was very professional and competent. Clean well maintained truck trailer combos.
  12. The broken piece has about 6 different crack lines in it. I am going to cut my loses and cast it out of ductile iron. I have used it before a few times. it machines like butter and has high tensile strength. I have had one gentleman from Australia contact me wanting a set. I will be making them. so if anyone is interested contact me asap. Kirk
  13. I have purchased from Rand Broadstreet. Excellent to deal with.
  14. Working on a Crane-Simplex model 5 right now and one of the muffler endcaps has cracked. We're thinking of casting a new one as this one has been repaired a few times but I have some questions that I was hoping someone could help with. I've included pictures of the parts in question. 1) Are these correct for a model 5? 2) If they are correct, would anyone else be interested in purchasing a set of reproduction endcaps like these? Thanks in advance.
  15. Cold fire is a Brand of organic fire extinguishers. it is the only thing i will use in my house, shop, and cars. It is non corrosive so if you have a engine or wiring fire in a car and need to extinguish it you will not contaminate or destroy paint or interior fabrics and leather. It is definitely more expensive, but what is the cost to repaint the front end of a car? http://coldfirecanada.com/features I have no ties to the company. I learned the hard way!
  16. I will fly out to be part of the first test drives. @alsancle I will even let you buy me lunch!
  17. Hi Greg, i suggest you contact Ken Findley in South Surrey. he is pretty well connected with Brass era cars on the west coast. You are also welcome to swing by the shop some time to talk about your project. I am big into ACD cars but have only played with the mid thirties cars. I am always interested what other guys are playing with. especially in my own back yard. Kirk
  18. I do not have a 1927 Moon Roadster. But i do have a 1926 Diana Roadster built by Moon. I am happy to send pics or measurements if that helps at all. Kirk Stevenson
  19. ooohhhh! me likey! Thanks Cookie Man for posting pictures!
  20. AJ NEVER EVER put them back! you have to buy them so no one else gets them.
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