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  1. A animal grows to the size of its cage. Thrust me I know. There was a time when i felt i would never run out of room. my shop would echo it was so large and empty. I now am so bursting at the seams that i am now filling up a third building.
  2. When your Car wears a nicer leather jacket than you do. :}
  3. I have used a few different car dollies over the years.the BEST one is Gojack. I have three sets in different locations. I wouldn't be able to get by with out them. I can put a 1933 Pierce Arrow twelve on them and push it around the shop by myself. the lift and lower mechanism is mechanical not hydraulic. so no leaky seals or cheap cylinders. http://www.zendextool.com/gojak-2/
  4. That truck has hydraulic brakes and only needs a standard license to drive. Some areas may need a heavy trailer endorsement.
  5. I am a firm believer in Duallys for towing. I use a 2005 GMC crew cab diesel Dually for my smaller trailer and flatbed. I decided after a uncomfortable trip with the dually and enclosed trailer where I was running through the mountains and had a scare with panic braking. There was a accident directly in front of me on a long down hill stretch where i had to slam the breaks. the trailer was heavily loaded. I managed to avoid the crash but left it thinking that even the Dually was not enough. I regularly tow large cars ie Full Classics. i did some shopping around and bought the truck pictured. A 2008 Frieghtliner M2 business class with a sportchassis conversion purchased new. it has a 8.3 cummins and more brakes than you could ever want. I can load the trailer to full weight capacity and drive for 12 hours and arrive feeling not tired or worn out. the bigger the truck the safer you are! my GMC dually is seen in the background. Also being a crewcab there is lots of room for the kids and all their junk.
  6. I saw that car at Pebble this year. it was very nicely done. A shame for the owners to have gone through the Restoration process and then now have to deal with this mess! I hope the Insurance will cover it. Kirk Stevenson
  7. Here are a couple Pictures of the car we bought in Monterey this year.
  8. Thanks @alsancle I have a copy of that one. which is amazing considering how young I am. :]
  9. That is a Beautiful car. congratulations and i hope you enjoy many trouble free miles.
  10. "Didn't know you were a Stutz Guy, vintagerodshop. Sorry it's past tense" That's ok, I have two other Stutz's that i haven't done anything with hence my selling the Derham car.
  11. That's a nice Car, AJ you said the car is currently for sale? what are they asking for it? As a side note I just sold and loaded onto a truck yesterday my 1932 Stutz Derham body car. it was hard to see it go!
  12. I have driven the 1242 a lot this summer. the 1931 i drove last summer and the 1915 I haven't had out yet. Can't change tires on everything. as it is my universal tire bill is hefty.
  13. geez @edinmass , give someone else a chance will ya?
  14. I will play along. I have three Pierce Arrows. A 1915 model 38 Town car, a 1931 Pierce arrow Model 43 Dual windshield and a 1933 1242 Convertible Coupe.
  15. Hey @alsancle I will make you a deal you can't refuse! :]
  16. I am not sure who that is. The only person i have spoken to that i would refer to as a sort of roster keeper was William Bell.
  17. So out of the blue a car friend sends me a link for a picture that showed up in his email inbox from a vintage picture blog he subscribes to. He forwarded it to me knowing i also have a Crane-Simplex. It was taken in San Fransisco in about 1919 to 1920. I was shocked to find out it was my car. The rear cowl always looked a little awkward to me with the placement of the cowl vs doors and the rear windshield being so far back. it is very difficult to raise the cowl with the top on. I always assumed the cowl was added when the car was restored in the 70's. I was very surprised to see it in this early picture. I still wonder if it was a afterthought. maybe by the original owner. if you look at the old picture the rear door handles are removed?
  18. Forgot to mention. I have since changed the tires to Lester Blackwalls In a attempt for @Alsancle 's approval. :]
  19. This is bar none my Favorite! car i own. 1932 8-100A ACD cert A-220
  20. I just asked this exact question on this same car on the ACD website. You have good taste in cars. i was told by another member that it sold for 187,000 hammer. I was also told it was not certified. I agree with Alsancle. You need to be very careful with speedsters. I am looking for a 1928 / 1929 to add to my garage. My 1932 8100A Boattail is lonely and wants a friend. :}
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