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  1. Here is a 1933 Lincoln KA Convertible Coupe. I restored this car for a customer many years ago. I credit this car that made me see the light and caused me to fall in love with full Classics.
  2. @Davlet I did not win the car. They dropped the hammer before I could bid again. I was trying to talk to my customer on the phone and it was a mistake. He was watching on the computer and did not realize the delay. I did buy the CAB C that @Alsancle posted the video of. we are looking forward to receiving the car. It will go nicely with the Horch and the 1931 Mercedes 370K and the 1934 290.
  3. i was the runner up bidder for a client. Just did not move fast enough. I really liked that car. I did have a little more success at gooding today on a Cab C.
  4. Maybach sold for 975,000 plus buyers premium. nice car but a little tired.
  5. @540K I will be there. Staying at the Portola. 604 996 8801 regards Kirk Stevenson
  6. @James B. you have in your thread one of the very view people that have Hands on knowledge with the Ruxton and how they where built. He also has quoted from a conversation from the single largest Ruxton collector of not just cars but information and knowledge on the Ruxton. If it was me I would be listening to his responses.
  7. Hello, I am Looking to purchase a Model A Duesenberg to add to my collection. I would prefer a open car but will look at any. ACD Certification is a must! Thanks for your time. Kirk Stevenson
  8. I would totally steal that one, Take it home and enjoy it for my self in my private collection. :]
  9. If you pull the engine strip it and get it magnafluxed to see if you have more issues you can't see.
  10. I should also mention, take a close look at the rad. many people think the only thing that can go wrong with one is to leak. They get overlooked during a restoration and just coated with paint. Pull it and get it boiled out and flow tested installing a fan that pull more air will not help if the coolant does not flow. also have a look at the water pump impeller. they can corrode and the flow / pressure volume may be greatly affected.
  11. I agree with Ed. As you approach your repairs please try to do so with the mindset of returning the car to correcting previous repairs. It may take more time and you may have a car that now is on the road less, but in the long run you will protect your investment and create more value in the future. If not, over time with the addition of non correct parts masking bigger problems you will find the car will deteriorate and your ownership enjoyment will decrease. As a former hotroder i had no problem with using any part that fit the need and was convenient. As a "born again restorer" I have found a huge enjoyment in the challenge of being authentic and treating the car with respect. We are not only owners we are also custodians for future owners. I am 38 and own a number of prewar and brass era cars. some i will sell many i will keep for a very long time. If i own a car that was built in 1931 for 30 of 40 more years the next owner may find it completely impossible to make that car correct. Many of the "old guard" of prewar owners have a incredible amount of knowledge you should try to harvest and build upon for yourself. There are few younger people that are passionate about these cars and it is our responsibility to carry it forward. I am very sorry if i come across as being on a soap box. I have seen some pictures of your car and it is very nice Congratulations with the purchase and i wish you many trouble free miles. As much fun as it is to own and work on get out and drive it to share with the people that say Auburn? is that a European make? haha
  12. That looks like a Great car David. I am sure it will drive great. Nothing like a car that hasn't been totally taken apart for a "restoration" Keep us updated.
  13. Hi, Some of you may know me. I have a very strong interest in Prewar cars. I also am very passionate about Brass era large cars. I have heard about a group called the Friends of Ancient Road Transportation Society. This Group seems to enjoy serious Tours with unique early cars. I am wondering if this is just a East Coast thing or if they are spread all over. I know that the local Antique club does a couple of one and two day tours. I have not had a opportunity to Join them yet but plan to start getting out of the shop and get more active in driving some of my Brass era cars. I already daily drive my Auburn's Stutz's Cord and Caddilac. Put more miles on them than my modern pickup. Time to start getting more adventurous. Regards Kirk Stevenson
  14. Hi @1931CHRY I understand what you are talking about at 38 years old and a lover of Prewar Classics and Brass era cars there are not many others my age that are as involved as I am. I am not close to you living in south west British Columbia but i wish you good luck gathering a group of young like minded people. VintageRodShop
  15. While my car is not a Stutz, I have how ever taken some pictures of it for you. It is a 1913 H.A.Moyer. right hand drive original unrestored.
  16. Whats the matter @Alsancle ? You don't want it to steer like it has two flat tires in the front? Unfortunately the steering box is usually one that gets overlooked most people just fill with grease and hose it down with paint.
  17. The rebodied Cab A at Barrett was a fairly tired car. seems to have needed everything. I had a look under the car and under the hood. seems to have a lot of non correct parts. I think that the hammer price of 1.35 was strong for that car. The RM Special Roadster really surprised me. They seemed to really push that car through the block quickly. I am sure that the Auctioneer probably has a pretty good handle on who is a potential buyer for the car but they dropped the hammer with very little time spent for what was known to be a feature car or the high seller of the week.
  18. Can't wait to see it with all the Chrome. Are you going with painted wheels and chrome lock rings?
  19. @alsancle, The Royale looks Great. is that like a Packard blue? hard to tell from my screen.
  20. Try this. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6do-6Z5Kg-Fa0RxQ1hRTVNjcDQ&usp=sharing
  21. Here are a random collection of pics as we pulled apart the 1934 Packard 1107. like i said I also have a 1932 Packard 903 in the shop that has been disassembled for paint if you need something different. link did not work. Stay tuned.
  22. Hi Jeff, I am putting together a google drive with pics from the 1934 Packard we had in the shop. I will send you the link when it finishes uploading. I also have a 1932 Packard 903 convertible coupe of my own that i have stripped for body and paint. It is just sitting here. I would be happy to take any particular shots, measurements or templates needed. Kirk Stevenson
  23. Hello Jonas, I have just sent you a private message. Please contact me in the email given. I am very interested. Kirk Stevenson
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