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  1. I looked at CARS in NJ catalog and they show 63-64 as having 6 holes and the 65 as having 3 holes. I am really confused now? LOL as I said before the metal vents have 3 holes so I dont know why there are 6 large holes in the kick panels?
  2. :confused: Hi Gents Have a few questions about the kick panels for my car as they were in the trunk and not installed when I got the car. 1- Mine have 6 holes in them. Are these correct for a 64? Checked Clarks and I believe they are. 2- The metal fresh air vents have 3 holes. Are these correct? 3- Why do the panels have 6 holes and the fresh air vents only 3? 4- Do the panels get covered in carpet or painted just the way they are? It seems like the extra holes in the kick panels will be visible? 5- Could someone please provide pictures of installed kick panels and installation on a 64. Thankyou Kindly for all Responses Glenn McMahon ROA #12929
  3. Hi Ed Thanks for your reply. Its funny I had the same thoughts about using those bulldog clips as I call them. I will install the cardboard with them and see how it works until I come up with something else. I also thought of using those plastic christmas tree plug things on some of the pieces. You know the type that hold half the parts on a new car! The cardboard is very stiff as is. Does anyone know if it is best to slightly score the joints with a blade before trying to bend? Also has anyone tried to paint there cardboard? Regards Glenn ROA#12929
  4. Kevin Only the little jet twists out I believe. The whole nozzle piece is held by a clip from underneath. Check shop manual it may show it or check other threads on same subject as I know there are lots of them. Regards Glenn PS Let me know if you find any spare clips for trunk cardboard or 64 glove box book.
  5. Hi Gents, Anyone have an original extra owners manual for a 64 Riv? I know you can buy reproductions but an original would be nice. It is missing from my car. Regards Glenn McMahon
  6. Thank you kindly Chuck for your pictures etc as they are most helpful. Now to find all these things. I believe I am also missing the flat bent metal piece that goes on the tire shelf. So other than the jack and its base and the lug wrench and a new set of trunk cardboard and the threaded hooked bolt I am missing everything else. I am looking. Thanks Glenn Mc Mahon
  7. Hi Kevin I believe the little jets come out if thats what you mean. Regards Glenn
  8. Pete thanks for your reply. How many clips constitute a full set for the trunk and are they all the same? I have the rod for the spare just not the wing nut. The spring hold down I know I could make the problem is I dont have an example of one to use as a template. Does anyone know of a drawing or thread that show where the clips go? I will try to send CTC a message to see what they have. The problem up here in Canada is there are few parts cars around as the winter and salt have sent them all to the crusher. Glenn McMahon ROA#12929
  9. Hi All I have been away for some time and its full steam ahead now. I need to get my car ready for this summer to drive. I know this is an old question but does anyone have a set of the clips that hold the trunk cardboard in or know where I can try to get one? Also need the wingnut and jack hold down spring. I ordered a wingnut from CARS but they sent me the wrong size. To ship it back will probably cost more than it is worth. Any members with 63-65 cars in the Toronto GTA Ontario area please send me a PM. There our many questions I have that can be answered by examining an actual car. All help appreciated. Regards Glenn McMahon Toronto ON Canada
  10. Hi Kevin Sorry for delay but have been out of country for some time. Time to step on the gas so I can get into my Riv this spring. I ended up buying a new nozzle from CARS in NJ. Regards Glenn
  11. Hi Ed, Have been busy up at cottage and just saw this. I will Email you tomorrow. Thanks, Glenn
  12. Hi Ed, I have a 64 and need the front clear lenses that go behind the chrome pcs. Also need a reverse light passenger side I believe. Also wing nut for spare hold down in trunk. Also missing light in trunk and the spring to hold jack in place. Also the clips that hold the cardboard trunk pcs in place. Regards, Glenn
  13. I wonder if it comes in different colors? Looks good though.
  14. What a pleasure it would be to learn from a master like this! An absoulutely fantastic example of restoration work. Who would believe that car could be rebuilt. Regards, Glenn
  15. Looking good Don. I wish I had your weather! Cheers, Glenn:D
  16. Hi John, No luck as of yet. Have been busy lately and have to ramp up my parts search for my car before warm weather gets here. There were a few posts about guys parting out cars that I need to check. Let me know if you ever find a source for clips and I will do the same! Regards, Glenn
  17. Hi John, Will try this and let you know results. Regards, GM
  18. Let the journey begin my friend! Good Luck. Glenn:D
  19. Hello Everyone, My power windows have stopped woriking. They were ok till I pushed down switch on two windows at once and then they died. I looked in the manual and I dont seem to see a fuse for them. Also there is a circuit breaker somewhere? Any idea where breaker is and any other troubleshooting tips would be appreciated. Regards, Glenn McMahon ROA #12929:D
  20. Hi Everyone, Washer pump is not working on my 64 Riv. CARS lists two repair kits for this year with one showing straight tubes and one showing 90 degree tubes. Does anyone know what the correct one is or will either work. I would like to have the repair kit ready when I remove the hood etc to get at the pump. Regards, Glenn ROA #12929:D
  21. :DHi Everyone, Have new cardboard kit for my 64 Riv but the trunk has been stripped clean and I do not have the clips and or screws needed to install same. Please let me know if you have a set for sale or where I may get them. Also need the spring assembly that holds the jack in place. I have ordered the spare tire wing nut from CARS in NJ. Thanks, Glenn ROA #12929
  22. Hi Ed, Could you elaborate on the type and brand of oil that is best to use in a 64 425 nailhead? Thanks, Glenn
  23. :DHi Everyone, I was wondering how to detail my trunk? I have the new cardboard kit in the box and thats about it. I am missing the wing nut assembly for the spare (64) and also the spring that holds the jack in place. Has anyone got any advice and or pictures of how they finished off their trunk. I am not really that fond of the original type mat material but I would like to keep the trunk looking 60's carlike. Also I believe there are a certain clip to hold the cardboard kit in place? Any idea of where to get such a thing or a diagram of how the cardboard goes in? Has anyone painted the cardboard? Regards, Glenn ROA #12929
  24. Hi Everyone, Was there any kind of lining used on the recesses in the inside of the 64 Riv trunk lid? If yes where can you get it or what can you use? Thanks, Glenn ROA #12929:D