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  1. Hi Gents Does anyone know if Lee Sulis has started making the fiberglass package trays again or where to find one of similar quality and price??? Glenn
  2. Like most auctions people will overpay and in some cases big time.
  3. Anyone have a spare lying around? Also need only one of the clips that hold the trunk cardboard in place. Regards Glenn
  4. Try Russ Martin. Do search of his name and Nailhead Buick and you will find his shop and parts business. Good Luck GM
  5. That metal work is unbelievable! I always liked those fastback full size cars mainly from the Mopar stables. Glenn McMahon ROA #12929
  6. Hi Winston Would you recommend the STV update kit that Rivnut described? Also do you know of an easy check to tell if a car has been converted to 134a? When I bought my car I found the retrofit tag in the owners envelope but nothing was on the system. I don't know if I have R12 or 134a? Regards Glenn McMahon ROA #12929
  7. Hi David Believe it or not I am pretty sure they are stocked at Lowes in the hardware section. You will find parts in pull out drawers. I cant remember which drawer but they are there. Also there are lots of other hardware items such as grommets, screws, plugs, and speed nuts. A real goldmine! Let us know if you find them there. As I said I'm sure I saw them. Regards Glenn McMahon
  8. Hi Newbie Try a place called McMaster Carr. They carry many parts that can be retrofitted to our Rivs. For example the stainless steel cowl screen. They may have bulk sheathed cable in various sizes? Good Luck Glenn
  9. Thanks NTX for depressing me even more as I can't find one for a 1964 Riv. LOL! I have a basket case and am finding many reassembly issues as shop manuals are not the greatest. Regards Glenn
  10. Try a heat gun and a metal paint scraper. This will get off the bulk of it. Follow that up with a scrub with a green pad and contact cement cleaner. Be sure you are in a well ventilated area. Let us know how it comes out. Regards Glenn
  11. Hi Gents Has anyone ever seen one for our cars? Also do any of the copies I do see available for Impala Full Size Chevy have any value towards assembling a 63-65 Riviera? All answers appreciated. Regards Glenn McMahon
  12. Chas As far as know Winston is correct. Do a search as there are some good pictures around of the correct set up. I need the spring but one day I will find one to make a copy out of heavy wire hopefully. Glenn
  13. Hi Pete Would one of those graphic places be able to make you a decal and then get a piece of glass cut to fit? Just a thought.
  14. Hi Mitch I believe there is a pretty good exploded diagram of the console in the shop manual. One of the many assemblies on a Riviera that the manual actually has a decent diagram of. Good Luck Glenn #12929
  15. Hi Ed I found that if you soak the fan blower assembly a few days in paint thinner it will come out like new. All the rust and dried dirt just fell off mine. Thanks again for your wealth of Riv information. Regards, Glenn McMahon #12929
  16. Hi Gents, I have 3 and need 1. Anyone have one to spare? Regards Glenn McMahon #12929
  17. I second that. Excellent and informative information. My 64 body mount under the battery is rotted away due to 50 years of small acid leaks. Is the Steele mount described above the correct one for this location? All answers appreciated. Regards Glenn McMahon #12929
  18. Hi GentsNeed four of the clips that hold the trunk cardboard in place. These were also used on other Buick models of this era. Please let me know if you have four to spare. Also need the curved clear front signal lenses. Good shape not show quality are fine. Regards Glenn:)
  19. On my 64 oil dipstick is painted engine color and trans dipstick is natural. Hope this helps. Glenn
  20. Hello Sir Anything for 63-64-65 Buick Riviera I would be interested in. Need front clear signal lenses and Buick tachometer for starters. Let me know if you find anything. Also 63 64 or 65 assembly manual if found. Regards Glenn McMahon ROA
  21. Hi Gents The front drivers side body mount which is under the inner fender battery tray section is rotted away likely caused by battery acid over the past 50 years. I have seen different types etc on parts sites. Does anyone know what part # I would need or a description, size etc of the part needed? I had to cut the old one into pieces to get it out. All answers appreciated. Regards Glenn Mc Mahon
  22. Hi Pete As strange as it sounds I believe the jack etc is to be visible. There are some good trunk pictures of the jack etc if you do a search. Also you will find it much easier to work with if you bend the cardboard on a sheet metal brake or something like it. You can leave factory color or paint it as some like to do. The wild card is LOL the elusive clips that hold everything in place. I am still searching for a set for the new cardboard which I have. Good Luck Glenn ROA#12929
  23. Ordered wing nut for the spare 64 Riv and they sent wrong size.