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  1. Kevin Only the little jet twists out I believe. The whole nozzle piece is held by a clip from underneath. Check shop manual it may show it or check other threads on same subject as I know there are lots of them. Regards Glenn PS Let me know if you find any spare clips for trunk cardboard or 64 glove box book.
  2. Hi Kevin I believe the little jets come out if thats what you mean. Regards Glenn
  3. Hi Kevin Sorry for delay but have been out of country for some time. Time to step on the gas so I can get into my Riv this spring. I ended up buying a new nozzle from CARS in NJ. Regards Glenn
  4. Hello, Any aluminum valve covers for a 425 64 Riv? Thanks, GM
  5. Thanks Rex for this very useful information. I need a parcel shelf for my 64 so I also will look elsewhere. Glenn ROA #12929
  6. Hello Everyone, I need to replace the washer pump on my 64 Riv. Can anyone suggest where to get one that is correct and maybe a part #. I dont want to get everything apart only to find that the part is not the right one. I also need one winshield washer jet assembly if anyone has a spare. Regards, Glenn ROA #12929
  7. Thanks Ed, I think on my car the dash is black and the parcel shelf right now is covered in black vinyl. When it warms up here I will remove the shelf and see if it is silver or black underneath. I also imagine it will need to be replaced and I have seen suppliers on the Net. Once again thanks for your help! Glenn McMahon ROA #12929
  8. Hi Dan, As you will discover it is sometimes unbelievable what people do to cars. In most cases we collectors would be happy if they had left things alone. In time I hope everything will fall into place for you. You just persevere and eventually hope you get the car where you want it. As you have said drive it and have fun! Regards, Glenn M. ROA#12929
  9. Hi Chuck, I am in the process of detailing the trunk on my 64 also. I thought the cardboard goes in the colour it is which is a light grey. I also need the wing nut for the tire hold down and I dont know if there is any type of washer that goes with this. I also didn't realize that the jack had that spring loaded clip pc to hold it down. You will probably have to try and find one off a parts car. Lots of ads in Riview of guys parting out cars. Good luck and I will let you know when I find one. Regards, Glenn M. ROA#12929
  10. Hello, I need the windshield washer plastic tank and the chrome fluid nozzles. Also the pump or rebuild kit for the washers. Thanks, Glenn:D
  11. Hi All, A few questions. What color should the rear parcel shelf and the dash pad be if the interior color is silver? Does it show how to remove the parcel shelf in the Riv Body Manual? All answers are appreciated. Thanks, Glenn ROA #12929
  12. Hello All, Have purchased 1964 Riviera and have lots of detailing to do. I believe the correct hose clamps should be the "tower type". Does anyone have a list of what quantity and sizes are needed for a 425 -4 engine. Also any good source to buy them. Thanks, Glenn McMahon
  13. Hi All, Need complete steering wheel assembly for 64 Riv. Anyone have one or know where I can get one? Car is silver interior but I imagine I can paint one to match. Regards, Glenn
  14. :DHi Everyone, Just wondering if all parts for the jack and tire iron were painted semi gloss black? Also the post part of the jack was it painted or plated? What would the spare tire size be using todays modern numbers? Rim for spare semi gloss black also? Regards, Glenn ROA #12929
  15. Hello All, I have a 64 Riviera with a non stock steering wheel. I would like to reinstall a stock one. The interior is silver. Did the steering wheel come matched to the interior color? If I find another color can the wheel be painted to match? Regards, Glenn
  16. Hi Everyone, One of the chrome knobs where the windshield washer hoses connect to is missing the small jet piece that seems like it screws in and aims the spray on the windshield. Also to get at the wiper linkages and pump do you have to remove the whole cowl piece. Do the air intake grilles lift out after you undo the front three screws? Regards, Glenn
  17. Hello Everyone, I am currently looking for an early model Buick Riviera and was wondering what is needed to bring the car into Ontario, Canada. Step one of course is to find a car. When I do lets say the car is in Ohio. I meet the seller and pay for the car. I get a bill of sale and the signed ownership or title. After doing this do I have to do any transfer of ownership at the state licence office etc or pay any sales taxes or can I just load up the car and head for the border? Once at the border what do the Customs need to allow the car to cross? Also I believe you can get a car transport co
  18. Looking for good solid car in stock condtion and complete. No preference for options. Will buy car in good shape or the right car suitable for restoration. Rustfree and running if possible.
  19. Looking for solid car in stock condition and fairly complete. No real preference for any certain options. Will buy car in good running shape or the right car that is worth restoring.
  20. Try the online car parts sites. I'm sure you will have no problem finding parts for this former police cruiser favourite!
  21. Very nice! I love old panel trucks. Would be nice to have it in my garage. Best of luck my friend!
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