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  1. Hi Gents The front drivers side body mount which is under the inner fender battery tray section is rotted away likely caused by battery acid over the past 50 years. I have seen different types etc on parts sites. Does anyone know what part # I would need or a description, size etc of the part needed? I had to cut the old one into pieces to get it out. All answers appreciated. Regards Glenn Mc Mahon
  2. Prices would be nice. Much easier to sell things that way!
  3. Hi Pete As strange as it sounds I believe the jack etc is to be visible. There are some good trunk pictures of the jack etc if you do a search. Also you will find it much easier to work with if you bend the cardboard on a sheet metal brake or something like it. You can leave factory color or paint it as some like to do. The wild card is LOL the elusive clips that hold everything in place. I am still searching for a set for the new cardboard which I have. Good Luck Glenn ROA#12929
  4. Ordered wing nut for the spare 64 Riv and they sent wrong size.
  5. As our certain illustrious member LOL has said in the past if you have the Money, the Time, and the Know How go for it! Good Luck.
  6. Hi Jason That sounds great! Thanks to all who put in the time to make it happen. Regards Glenn McMahon ROA 12929
  7. Hi Ed I am confused. Are you referring to the article by Bob Embry in the ROA tech section? Glenn
  8. Hi Ed My booster and master cyl both original I would like to replace to gain the dual mc safety advantage etc. Basically I need to order a 67 Riv MC and Booster for a dual drum brake car from anyone up here in Ontario. Is this correct? Is this a direct bolt in? As you stated at least the car still has Buick parts and would be far easier to find and cheaper also than the units you see on Ebay etc. Regards Glenn McMahon
  9. Thanks Kraig I may try this. Did some work on my pump and will test it when my garage warms up. Snow here again today after being in 70s on weekend. I did contact CARS in NJ and they said they have a rebuild kit for my pump with the 90 degree fittings. I will let you know how things work out. Regards Glenn ROA 12929
  10. Hi Kraig Would be interested in info and pictures. Does your new pump draw the washer fluid from the stock reservoir with the hose going in thru the cap? If yes I guess the pump has enough draw that it doesn't need to be primed if you know what I mean. Regards Glenn
  11. Hi Ed You can still get it done of course but like most places all the used chemicals etc must all be disposed of properly. In the phone book here I still see all types of plating still available. I have some stuff to get silver cad plated. The jack shaft, hood latch, trunk latch, and hood hinges. Are the hood hinge springs cad or semi gloss black? Any other cad parts that I have missed other than brake booster? Glenn
  12. Hi Gents Looking for a driver quality ps reverse light assembly. I have a good lens. Tab is broken off mine by gas cap. Has anyone ever had one of these chrome plated? Was wondering what an approximate cost would be. All answers appreciated. Glenn McMahon
  13. Hi Ed No unfortunately they are cracked. I am looking for some good used ones. Regards Glenn
  14. Hi Eric One is usable but small crack. Other is beyond help. Glenn
  15. Actually saw on Ebay the other day the kit to rebuild the booster. First time I have ever seen this. As most members have said in past they have never seen any rebuild kits available so I was surprised. Up here in Toronto the local NAPA store has told me a place to take mine for rebuilding. I will post later if they do and what cost was.
  16. Hi Jonly No not looking for show quality. Just solid no cracks and all tabs intact. Thanks Glenn
  17. Hi Gents Have wiper motor out which is working. Washer pump does not. Anyone know where to get one or a rebuild kit. Any I see online say they are for a single speed wiper. Of course are cars are two speed. Anyone rebuild there pump? Were you happy with the results? All answers appreciated. Thanks Glenn McMahon ROA #12929
  18. Hi Larry I know this is a late reply LOL but finally got back to working on the car as I was out of country on a job the past while. Do you have a pair of the clear curved lenses that go behind the signal lense grill things on front corner? Let me know Thanls Glenn
  19. I see that CARS is now carrying a cardboard type package tray which I believe is a newer addition to their product line? Has anyone bought one? Please let us know if you did and how the quality was. I forget the price but you can see it on the CARS catalogue site. Regards Glenn
  20. Hi Jan I always have thought the first gen experts said the shelf was made of cardboard. I have to redo mine also as it is covered by a poor looking vinyl cover. Once it warms up here I will pull it out. Hopefully under the vinyl what is there is salvageable. Regards Glenn
  21. Jason Thanks for you response. I saw an old post and Ed Raner told me gloss black. I have some rattle can one coat gloss black epoxy. When I stripped the air cleaner I couldnt tell if they primed it at the factory before painting or not? This paint I have says it doesn't require a primer. Didn't you restore a later year RIV and the story was in the Riview? Regards Glenn McMahon
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