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  1. Thanks! You''re probably one of 200 people in the world who even know what this car is.. I've never even heard of them until this past March when I was walking past a vendor table at a local car parts swap meet. The "for sale" sign was taped to the front of the table with a small thumbnail picture. I had to do a double-take to figure out what kind of car this was...
  2. And now a quick break for something totally unrelated.... A 1948 gas station for sale in a Colorado architectural scrap yard...
  3. Autolite spark plugs... They look newer but the auto parts store doesn't sell them, so they may not be original but they are old.
  4. D & M Radiator Co. radiator. I was told this company was in Buffalo and went out of business many years ago. The radiator repair man said this was a tractor radiator. It leaks in four places but he said he could re-core it for $600...
  5. Cloth covered wiring. I'm going to have to make a new wiring harness. It's nice to see you can buy antique-look cloth covered wiring nowadays..
  6. Firestone under dash heater, and its two pipes through the firewall; also the engine block connection pipe...
  7. Newer starter solenoid with some newer white wiring and connectors. It looks like someone ran new wires to bypass old/rusty parts just to see if they could get it running.
  8. Thanks! Me too; I'm getting alot of ridiculing from people that have seen it because it looks like a junker. But because of it's rarity, this car is definitely worth saving. I have no doubt that the next caretaker after me will be a museum or a collector of very rare cars.
  9. Auto Lite distributor, complete with spring loaded oil cup. The spark plug wires look to be 1990's (silicone), and the dist cap and rotor look to be 1990's..
  10. Unit Parts Company generator (alternator?).... It has the metal strap hiding the brushes /commutator. I may have to rebuild and lube it.
  11. Auto Lite starter.. It has the metal strap that conceals the brushes, commutator. I may have to rebuild and lube it.
  12. Thermostat housing... Very strange, the thermostat retaining ring was in the housing, and the factory paint is on the nuts and gasket, but there's no thermostat in there..
  13. Rust in the water jacket of the head. I don't want to rebuild the engine unless it's a last resort. I've read on the internet that old timers just put their wives' stocking in the return hose to the radiator to catch all internal metal flakes and then replace the stocking every 50 miles until the flakes are gone. I'm going to vacuum out what I can and try the stocking trick. My wife doesn't wear stockings, so I hope she or other people don't see me buying stockings at the store.
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