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  1. When I was 16 in 1986 I dropped my buddy off from high school in my 1978 firebird. When I pulled into his driveway I saw the front of a car peeping through the bushes beside his garage. It was a 1969 carousel red gto judge with hideaway headlights. I told him to ask his mother how much she wanted for it and she said $1500. At 16 years old, $1500 was too much for me. Two years later I saw it on the back of a trailer with New Jersey plates going down the highway.
  2. So Hudson and Essex were the same company at that time? We're they alot more expensive than a Chevy or Ford?
  3. I found this sedan in the woods near my house. I'm thinking the dashboard configuration is the give-away as to what kind of car it is. The geographic area of the woods is surrounded by old farms and primitive homesteads from the early 1900's, so I'm thinking it's a Ford or Chevy, as opposed to a luxury car.
  4. I'm calling b.s. on it but if it's real then the OP can expect relatives knocking on his door that he's never met, looking for their $$. A situation like this is sad because the end result is going to be all about the $$ no matter how broken up the family gets with arguments and lawsuits. That's why I'm glad that my family has no clue about cars, so when I die they'll bequeath my million dollar collection to the junk man, and go about living their lives without interruption.
  5. Frame off restoration done, has taken 1st place in many car shows, needs the current restoration to be finished. I'm listing this car for the family of the deceased owner. Located in North Carolina. Price is $30,000 or best offer. Email for more information and pictures, contact Dianna Milne at shots85@gmail.com
  6. I'm wondering if anyone who lives nearby Tampa Florida can pick up two small doors for me and drop them off at a shipping company (like Fedex, Dhl, or one of those private local owner companies that pack and ship items for you). The person selling them to me has no car transportation and their house was sold, so they have to be out of the house at a specific date. I keep contacting the seller but the seller has alot of other things going on that take priority (as to be expected when moving out of a house to another). So if anyone in the old car community can do that it would help alot.
  7. Lowrider magazine stopped printing its magazines in April. It helped to shape a specific genre of car culture since 1977.
  8. Wow, I wish I was rich like that when I just graduated HS.. My driver out of high school in 1987 was a $400 1969 Firebird p.o.s. with no floors. The high school auto shop teacher put it up on the lift and the car twisted 30 degrees because the unibody-subframe bolts were all gone. To start it in the winter I had to dig a hole in the snow and lay under the car and bang on the starter with a tire iron...
  9. I'm trying to find the ownership history of one of my cars and wanted to know if anyone here knew how to go about it. A search on the internet turns up carfax-like sites, which is useless for a 1970 car. Back before computers you could send some money and car info and get a bunch of papers stapled together with the car's history but I don't know if states do that anymore. I'm looking for recent info to attain history reports for New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan because I think my car may have been in one of those states. The only info I have so far is that it was sold new at a dealership in western PA in 1970 and ended up in Michigan where I bought it in 2015. So I'm trying to fill in the missing 45 years of ownership...
  10. I agree. Nothing burns me up more than seeing a pile of parts for sale for astronomical $$ and the seller writes: "all the hard work is done", or "just drop in an engine and go"...
  11. Or do like I do and restore it barely enough to be street legal, and then have fun driving the hell out of it while you finish restoring it. I've seen "projects" that were up on blocks for thirty years... that's thirty years of time wasted that they could have been driving it while working on it too.. Back in 2012, my 1965 Corvair was so beat up that the shredded convertible top canvas was blowing in the wind, the back seat crumbled when you touched it, and the gas came from a red plastic gas can bungeed in the trunk. But boy I had a hell of alot of fun driving it all over the city, putting it in car shows, bar hopping, meeting with the Corvair club, and going on first dates with it. That beat up $500 p.o.s. gathered admirers and picture takers wherever it went. I bought it out of someone's back yard in very bad shape, got it legal, and then eventually sold it to someone who restored it. I'd say I got my money's worth.
  12. I hate car flippers. I call them vultures. They're only into this hobby for the $$$$.... If some idiot buys a car at auction for more than twice what the seller paid then I don't have any sympathy if they realize they'd gotten ripped off.... The same goes with real estate. I'm shopping for a house and there are people who have the guts to buy a house and list it for sale a few months later, for three times what they paid (with no work done to the house). I wouldn't buy from that person, but eventually some idiot will. If that idiot feels that he got a good deal then that's great.
  13. Funny that identical red convertible SS was in the junkyard near my house a while back. and right beside it was the identical red car but with black stripes...
  14. No, I just bought my Playboy this past March. The ongoing story about it is shown in the restoration sub-forum. I'm also facilitating the sale of another Playboy in the cars for sale sub-Forum.
  15. Well Snyder's sells whole seats (minus the fabric) for $500, so I'm thinking that redoing a seat back or bottom might cost around that.
  16. Hmm, I've looked it up online. You were right about the name and address. Too bad the internet said the place is permanently closed. If it was restored it may have been one of the more well known playboys.
  17. I wonder whatever happened to the "Hustler" pool table car. It looks like it was located somewhere near Binghamtom/ Cortland in the 1970's- early '80's. I'll bet it's under some furniture in someone's dark, dank garage in upstate New York with flat tires...
  18. I'd contacted Snyders and they called me and said to send them some pictures and they'll send a quote. In looking at springs and seat parts on the internet, the seat parts do look like typically found seat parts of the era.
  19. I'm in upstate New York, Sullivan County. If anyone on this forum is old, I live 10 minutes from where a concert called Woodstock was in 1969.
  20. Wow, that is cheap for a car in that condition. I've never been a fan of bringatrailer though, because if they don't like the car you're trying to sell then they won't even respond to your email. Also, I'm not a big fan of how they describe the colors of every car, it's dumb (white over cream, black over red, blue over navy, etc...). I'll bet whomever words the colors that way also wears driving gloves when he drives his Hyundai to work.
  21. What's one of those worth (to sell) that needs work or a restoration? I'm thinking it would be impossible to find parts if they were needed. Also, did someone say "wooden axle"??
  22. Hi all, thanks very much for the replies. The components of an old 1948 seat are pretty basic but I think it would be hard to match the spring stiffness/rate and also the properties of the parts of the metal frame that will need to be replaced. For example, if I replaced only the damaged springs then the finished product maybe have a different feel where the springs were replaced. Also, the frame seems to be of a special flexible but stiff metal that you don't typically see in other parts of the car. I'd hate to put all the work into it to find that it had high or low spots when I sat on it. I've just contacted Snyders, it looks like they'll either sell you a seat back or bottom for about $500 each (only for Chevy or Ford), or they'll rebuild yours for probably around the same price. I've sent them an email, well see what they say.
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