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  1. 89tc


    Very interesting site...
  2. http://www.bellinghamautosales.com/playboy.htm
  3. Hmm, that's strange, I looked there last night and there was not a Playboy Forum. Thanks Moderators! Btw, cat videos are entertaining, and are not threatening at all.
  4. I'm ascertaining that this "forum support" forum doesn't work. I don't know why this is even a forum is no one answers the questions. I've looked at other questions in this forum and some are answered by the original poster, some are answered by other forum members, and a lot aren't answered at all. I'm not expecting an answer to this entry either from a moderator, I'm just thinking out loud, and am also trying to figure out a way to have my question looked at by someone who can facilitate my request. I'm beginning to think that there are no moderators on this forum. If that's the case then I guess I can feel free to post dirty jokes, nude pictures, and rediculous cat videos.
  5. Dam, it's all about the money.. Grandpa died yesterday so how much can we dump his car for today..... We need a new Lexus and a Carnival cruise....Very sad.... The Lexus will be in the junkyard in five years, the cruise will be nothing but a distant memory, and grandpas car of eighty years is no longer...
  6. Lowrider Magazine is also out of business. This March will be the last print issue. They've been around since 1977. I'm not Chicano, but am a car guy, and any car magazine intrigued me when I was a kid. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/story/2019-12-13/lowrider-magazine-ceases-print
  7. Dear Moderators, Can you make a new sub-forum under your header of "Domestic makes & models products" for "Playboy"? There is alot of interest in these cars (1948 Playboy, only manufactured for one year, in Buffalo NY before going bankrupt), as well as some websites dedicated to the car, but no forum or gathering place for Playboy owners and enthusiasts to converse. Playboy is not a micro- car or Crosley-like car, so doesn't fit within any sub-forum, except for a sub-forum of its own. After you make the sub-forum, i'm going to migrate the nationwide population of Playboy owners and enthusiasts to this forum, thanks.
  8. 89tc

    What is it?

    I may have answered my own question, it looks like a 1929 or 1930 Whippet Model C101 with a grille from a newer vehicle.
  9. 89tc

    What is it?

    It's funny you say that, I was thinking the same thing too. I also can't identify the radiator badge, it's interesting how it overhangs the radiator frame...
  10. 89tc

    What is it?

    Can anyone identify this vehicle? I was told it was a 1927 truck, but not totally sure on that.
  11. Wow, that guy must have been rich to afford a car in those days...
  12. I was thinking that with all the ropes and pulleys, they were using it as the company tow truck...
  13. Here's 941 Genesee Street, today...
  14. I saw this car in the "Period Photo Thread" and was curious as to where the photo was taken, so I did a little research. It was taken in front of the "Soldiers and Sailors" monument, Washington Square, Rochester New York, some time after 1912. The picture below is of the same location today. The South Park Garage, 941 Genesee Street, was in business in 1912 as an auto repair shop with a detached garage. In 1938-1941 is became a gas station, and then as a dry cleaners from 1947-2003. The buildings were knocked down in 2009, and as of today is an empty lot with chemical contamination (brownfield), slated to be cleaned up and the property re-used for a new purpose....
  15. Wow, that's very interesting! So the gigantic factory in the pictures in your blog did exist? Or was that a lie too? With the history of the cars and their low production, one of those cars today must be worth a million...