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  1. Here are engine pictures. The engine is a 1948 Continental Y400 engine which is all original. I was told this type of engine was used in farm machinery and forklifts of the day. I already took off the radiator and carburetor in the pictures.
  2. Here is a picture of the VIN tag. This car is known in the very small Playboy circles as car #31. I'll bet you'll never see another one of these VIN tags in your life. The trim # and paint # code options are unknown at this time. Some cars had heaters, some had spotlights, some had radios; the trim #'s may have had something to do with what options a car had.
  3. The method of the "restoration" is first to get the car running and driving, then get the body painted, then lastly the interior. I'm going to start documenting the engine and it's components first.
  4. A quick history of this car: Most of the history of this car is unknown, but I'm working on gathering information. I'll tell what little I know about the history of it so far. This car was originally delivered to a potential dealer in Maryland in 1948. The original color was beige with possibly a white roof and white and aqua colored vinyl seat and door/kick panels. It had a black rubber floor. Then from there it was spotted in Arizona with Arizona license plates sometime in the late 1960's. Then it went to southern Colorado where the doors and trunklid were removed and it was used as a golf ball retrieval car at a golf course. I'm thinking that the doors were removed for easy access into and out of the car when picking up balls; and the trunk lid was removed for ease of throwing the balls in the trunk. The use on the golf course also explains all the golf ball-sized dents and window cracks because the car was probably used as a target by pesky golfers. Then in the 1970's it was stored in the yard at a moving truck company. In 2000, someone bought the car from the moving truck company and sold it to another buyer in Colorado. A third buyer in Colorado bought it in 2013 and I ended up buying it from him in 2020. I then had it shipped from Colorado to upstate New York two weeks ago where it sits now. All those years, no effort was done to restore the car at all. It just pretty much went from outside storage to outside storage. The car has 30,000 miles on it and the engine still has the factory paint on all the nuts and bolts. Somewhere along the line someone patched some holes in the radiator, installed a radio (possibly in the 1950's), replaced the spark plug wires/points/condensor (1990's era) and radiator hoses (1970's era). Someone also disconnected the heater and cut some wires to run new wires to the ignition (looks like 1980's era). The body was also painted eight times, and I also see bondo (invented in 1955) in various places on the body.
  5. Hi All, I'm one of the fifty-five people in the world that own a 1948 Playboy Model A-48 car. This car company was in business in Buffalo New York for only one year, and made 97 cars before going out of business. Some of the cars were then junked, some seized to recoup investment losses, and some sat in limbo for thirty years in the back garages of potential auto dealerships until they eventually ended up in private hands. None of the cars were production cars to be sold to the public. They were all "prototypes", therefore have many differences from car to car. None of the cars were also sold to the public; they were all (except for a small few) sent to potential dealerships around the country to drum up interest in the sale of the cars. I'm a car guy, and a private car guy at that. I own very rare cars with names like Lotus, Ferrari, SC360, Maserati, Saleen, Shelby, Yenko, etc. and have preferred to keep them in obscurity, only for my own enjoyment. But this Playboy I'm going to do something different and document the makeup and components of it, so the general public can educate themselves on a very rare car. I hope that viewers may also find an entertainment value in looking at this thread. Regarding the restoration, I'm not really "restoring" the car, because when it comes to a restoration there's no ceiling to the distance you can go with a restoration. Instead, I'm going to keep it as original as possible and only repair the components that are needed to preserve the car from further deterioration. My goal is also to get the car running and driving, and to use it for local errands around my small town.
  6. Ok, maybe you're right. Peter Gariepy, I apologize. I was having a stressful day at work today and was angry in my last post. I guess I'll try the restoration forum. I do think though that there should be less policing on this website, which will make the website more enjoyable to visit.
  7. No thanks. Without it's own forum I'll just restore it in secrecy and keep the public in the dark about some unknown car that you only see the same old ten photos of on the internet. Thanks for singlehandedly erasing an important part of American automotive history.
  8. Heloooo moderator, can you put the forum back where it was? I'm beginning to document my car and want to educate the car community on how this car was made.
  9. Well can you put it back? My Playboy just got delivered to New York yesterday from Colorado and I'm about to start documenting the restoration process as well as documenting the way it was built, it's components, and design. There have been other Playboys restored but that was either before the internet started or they were restored in secrecy, so there is no public documentation of their restorations. So I'm the only person in the world who will be documenting every square inch of this car so interested readers can educate themselves on a very rare car. Also, about your comment of zero traffic, It has zero traffic because not too many people know about this car. That's exactly why I'm documenting the car, so more people will learn about it.
  10. Did some idiot remove the forum or is it hidden in this site somewhere?
  11. Wow, that would be a big resto project.
  12. And also this wheel and old license plate..
  13. Ok, thanks for the information. In that case I'm thinking these parts are from the same car. Thanks.
  14. I found this engine block today at my family dump. Can anyone tell what it's from?
  15. http://www.bellinghamautosales.com/playboy.htm
  16. Hmm, that's strange, I looked there last night and there was not a Playboy Forum. Thanks Moderators! Btw, cat videos are entertaining, and are not threatening at all.
  17. I'm ascertaining that this "forum support" forum doesn't work. I don't know why this is even a forum is no one answers the questions. I've looked at other questions in this forum and some are answered by the original poster, some are answered by other forum members, and a lot aren't answered at all. I'm not expecting an answer to this entry either from a moderator, I'm just thinking out loud, and am also trying to figure out a way to have my question looked at by someone who can facilitate my request. I'm beginning to think that there are no moderators on this forum. If that's the case then I guess I can feel free to post dirty jokes, nude pictures, and rediculous cat videos.
  18. Dam, it's all about the money.. Grandpa died yesterday so how much can we dump his car for today..... We need a new Lexus and a Carnival cruise....Very sad.... The Lexus will be in the junkyard in five years, the cruise will be nothing but a distant memory, and grandpas car of eighty years is no longer...
  19. Lowrider Magazine is also out of business. This March will be the last print issue. They've been around since 1977. I'm not Chicano, but am a car guy, and any car magazine intrigued me when I was a kid. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/story/2019-12-13/lowrider-magazine-ceases-print
  20. Dear Moderators, Can you make a new sub-forum under your header of "Domestic makes & models products" for "Playboy"? There is alot of interest in these cars (1948 Playboy, only manufactured for one year, in Buffalo NY before going bankrupt), as well as some websites dedicated to the car, but no forum or gathering place for Playboy owners and enthusiasts to converse. Playboy is not a micro- car or Crosley-like car, so doesn't fit within any sub-forum, except for a sub-forum of its own. After you make the sub-forum, i'm going to migrate the nationwide population of Playboy owners and enthusiasts to this forum, thanks.
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