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  1. I dont understand why everyone is replying to my post from MAY!!!! if I would have known this in may, I would have bought YOURS!!! that is for sure....I just bought a white/tan V6 with 50kmiles in June...worked on it for 20 days straight, 8-12 hours a day...then took it to a shop where its been sitting 10 days! for struts, tie rods, ball joints...for too much money....and today, I finished it - everything is installed and I drove it the first time....
  2. update: went for the polybushings...even after confirming 3 times, he send the wrong ones...shop needed to burn the old bushings out ( they were unable to just press them out) resulting in unbelievable labor cost...polybushings send replacement overnight, that took from thursday to monday afternoon. now I know why replacing the entire control arm is easier when doing it yourself and I would never have all things seperatly done again, resulting in more downtime and exceeded cost. never again... as for performance: yes, nicer handling, more direct steering...but the price and the trouble is not worth it...
  3. that is exactly what I had before....that is why I have a white one now again!...I cant do yellow...no way
  4. Hey there...I got a few parts that I dont need anymore and some parts that I need to exchange... bought my beautiful TC from Matt...he modified the trunk to his liking...I also think its cool but I'd rather have a flawless, pure, original trunk lid...So...if someone wants to trade my version for his...or..if someone has a white trunk for sale, let me know...got some 49980 mile original spark plug wires and some interior parts...I am also looking for an entire black interior carpet, possibly with the rear compartment in black. have the old front calipers ( need to be rebuild but overall in good shape ) have original radiator ( no leaks) and if I am able to find either a front rubber seal for my black softtop or an entire softtop - I can also sell the almost perfect tan top!
  5. in your partslist, it shows up as 4490822 HARDTOP FRONT W/STRIP U5253588 1989-91 Q 6 ATA2 350.00 ...... I need the rubber seal for the soft top!....( I read the note on your page about the october return)
  6. does anyone know if the front rubber seal is easily replaceable?
  7. looks like APDI has some good reviews.. ( even though their advertised model is damaged in this pic on the lower right side...) any other suggestions?
  8. anyone ever tried an aluminum performance radiator? if so, which model? I had plastic with aluminum replacements before but they sucked... this one looks ok to me...unless you have a different suggestion.
  9. about to switch out the 30y. old EGR Valve....but..both nuts holding it in are ROUND!..so I need to split them and get 2 new nuts....whats the exact size of them? do I have to get specific ones ( heat resistant etc) ?
  10. Hey Mark! I know! thats why I wanted to know if there is a cheaper equivalent!
  11. here's a good question....in order to find a lift support for the deck lid: AMS AUTOMOTIVE 6440 or 9.65'' STABILUS SG414013 LIFT SUPPORT ?! I was not able to find a cheaper alternative to the $33.75 EACH Stabilus...except for this one on rockauto.. STABILUS 4B8303xy
  12. thanks Reaper! I am still not sure which of the bushings I need...( I always thought my TC has cast control arms...) I ordere MOOG Balljoints, now need bushings.. look: https://polybushings.com/pages/moparfwdaarm.html I do not have these:
  13. Oh Boy,.....here we go again...the piston of my rear right caliper only pushes back an inch or so ( with applied pressure by c clamp) then is stuck! called EVERY imaginable place - noone has it...and now I'm stuck... any help?
  14. Hey Reaper! last time I did this, it all went south...3 different kind of balljoints from rockauto did not really fit, so I bought control arms with integrated balljoints...unfortunately from dorman..they lasted not even 2 years!! so...I am very hesitant when it comes to standalone balljoints... Hemi told me, that the ones for the lebaron would fit!
  15. anyone has an idea where to purchase lower control arms that are NOT made by Dorman? ( had them once, they last about a year...)
  16. hey there! anyone selling a clean BLACK interior carpet ( complete with rear compartment lid) ? also need a perfect white trunk lid ( ATL area) thanks
  17. just answered my own question...still interested in a used one.... check this link! https://www.topsonline.com/model/Convertible_Tops_And_Accessories/Chrysler/1987_thru_1991_Chrysler_Maserati_TC.html
  18. I am debating on either buying a triple black TC or a black/beige one - this one needs the top replaced and I'd prefer a black top....anyone?!
  19. and here are 2 89's that need a new home...as far as the owner is concerned - they are both running...( whatever that may mean in this particular case) He approached me a couple of weeks ago and said, he has 2 TC's...and if I would be interested...well, I need to sell MY 91 and that is enough trouble as is... I told him, I will put up some picks in the forum for him since he is not at all in the digital world.... His name is Roland and you can call him! ( he does not even receive texts!!!!)818-4480696..He is located in Valley Village, CA. He said he is open for offers!
  20. here we go! ( need to sell it asap!!!! meaning, in the next 8 days!) 82kmiles! the usual seat damage, otherwise, the int. leather is in great shape! little door dings here and there and some more visible but small dents - not from me! tried to repair the pulldown motor with new parts, still does not work..so thats something to figure out by the new owner..no leaks at all, shifts as it should, ac was converted but needs a refill.brandnew front tires..new fuel pressure regulator, radiator, map sensor, idle air sensor, speed sensor, .clean title in hand. come pick it up and drive it home with no issues from valley village, california! make me a good offer!
  21. just inspected the pics again...now I see even more flaws...so it has 160something kmiles...original radiator and accumulator...and the muffler also looks like it's gonna fall off by the time I arrive in CA....the white one is actually flawless and everything works....zero zero zero rust! on nothing...was always parked in a climate controlled garage... 14k for the black is a moonprice - should be more like 4.8 for the status of it...I'd prefer black...but white with black interior is something I love as well...but then again 12k....is also a chunk of money for a TC..
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